Apis, the Baboon God: The Histories of Isis the Cruel

Apis, the Baboon God: The Histories of Isis the Cruel

by Jerome Brooke




These histories were recorded by Imperial decree. SO ORDERED. ... .

The holy women of the Temple of Apis entered the courtyard as the sun set on the horizon. They were skyclad, each with a graceful form and figure. One of their number would be offered to the Baboon God.

Thus it was in the days of the Dark Empire. ... .

Eons ago men of Sol III sailed to the stars. The men of this Elder Race seeded many worlds with life, and fostered many civilizations. These new worlds of the multiverse were ruled by the Divine Astarte.

Long life and victory to her ! ... .

This collection of Histories includes the Ruler of Time - Maiden of the Sun - Baboon God - Lance of Power.

Partial contents: The Maiden of the Moon - The Lance of Power - City of the Mirage.

Also published as Apion the Beastman.

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ISBN-13: 9781481206617
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/09/2012
Series: Divine Isis Series
Pages: 174
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