Apocalypse Of The Soul

Apocalypse Of The Soul

by Jean Amata


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Apocalypse Of The Soul by Jean Amata

Where is your solace when you have lived a life without religion or faith, only to find out nearing the hour of your death you have nothing to trust. Even a life of constant faith can end with fear of the damnation threatened by your minister. What if you are gay, or lesbian, locked away in prison, or hopelessly addicted to drugs or alcohol? When the fear of death occupies your mind, what can you turn to? Where is the truth? What happens when I die? Which church is the right one? Will there be rapture? Is God on our side? Can I really get into heaven for an adequate donation?

Thousands are in prison, thousands are gay, and thousands have no religious affiliations at all. Yet in every heart lies the fear of damnation and the uncertainty of what may await us on the other side. Gays are called abominations by churches and good Christians; sentenced to exclusion and damned forever. Prisoners are for the most part condemned to hell for their crimes. The everyday average person does not go to church at all. I offer these untold thousands a new answer, a plausible alternative to sackcloth and ashes. I offer a faith in the absolute "understanding" that awaits us after death.

I ask readers to look past the ranting and threats of all religions. You need to see that they are selling heaven. There is no Bible thumping or condemnation in chapter and verse. This is a religious, anti-religious book. I offer piece of mind, even hope for your personal end times. It is not deep nor psychologically steeped in conjecture. Free yourself from bondage and fear. Share the story.

The End Times may be here! This book can help you prepare.

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ISBN-13: 9781449064440
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/02/2010
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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Apocalypse of the Soul

Facing the End of Your Days and Maybe, The End of the World
By Jean Amata


Copyright © 2010 Jean Amata
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-6444-0

Chapter One


There was a beginning. There will be an ending. Our lives are all entwined in one book. It is one great book among many others. Just as in a play, a game, or a book, the beginning is where all the trouble starts. The past is where the memories are born. In the memories are the grudges and the feelings of disparagement. These grudges and hatreds are like all things that live. They feed and grow and are nurtured by the soils about them, and the additives, for good or bad, that are forced or sprinkled upon them.

Once upon a time, for instance, the blessed Abraham tossed Ishmael out of his family and left him and his mother in the desert to live or to die. Up to that time, Ishmael had been doted upon and loved by his father. Now it was left up to God to decide and as it was now in God's hands, Abraham could forget his true elder son. This supposedly wonderful man made a grave error in judgment. It was the beginning of perhaps the oldest blood feud in the history of man.

This child of the desert never forgot; the children of Ishmael never forgave the cruelty shown the child and the mother.

The troubles of man all began "in the past." That past might be five thousand years ago or maybe fifty thousand. Yet we cherish the past and regard it with reverence. We hold it dear, celebrate its accomplishments and look past the very serious mistakes. It would be better if we could all sit down now and acknowledge the facts, and admit the truth. Abraham would have been arrested if he had tried that stunt today. He should have been punished then and time has not diminished the crime. In fact, he is responsible for countless deaths throughout history. If anyone is to blame for the trouble in the Middle East as well as any area on earth, it is the Blessed Abraham. If not for this hatred of the Jews, and the nations that support them, there would not have been a bombing of the World Trade Center. There would not have been the invasion of Iraq, or the War in Afghanistan. There would not have been a holocaust.

All these years, every child born has been subjected to the daily opinions of their parents, uncles, grandparent's etc. Every child, though born clean and unsullied, is filled with the same ideas that were forced on the parents when they were brought up. The hatreds and prejudices are thus carried on through the millennia. It is an unbroken chain of one mistake after another that destroys one life after another. Not once, did anyone say, "Stop! Let bygones be bygones! What is done is done! Forget it and let's move on." The Jewish people never admitted the wrong done by their venerated Abraham. Somewhere near the beginning an apology, even reparations, might have healed the wound. But that never happened. No, Islam had to teach it to the children, plow it into the soil they grew in, nurture it, harp on it, keep the wounds festering and open. It does not matter the crime; we still keep the files open. The Jews chalk it up to God's Will and let it be. They bottle up their own resentments with an equal eye open for a justice to eventually arrive.

There are a lot of examples to choose from today. In the USA, we have the KKK. The "clan" was composed, of course, of righteous Christians, doing the work of God. Burning, killing and terrorizing blacks and again, Jews. These hooded- folk were most likely composed of the insecure little men that fear more than anything that they won't succeed in life. They wanted to keep "them colored" in their place. They used the color white as the mark of their superiority since in every other way the little men were shaking in their boots, while standing in a little yellow pool of their own inferiority and insecurity. After a good night of putting the fear of their white god into the black families they singled out, they could, at least for awhile, feel like successful men, powerful men, true to their leaders, and back in church on Sunday. There they sat, and prayed to the same Jesus the black family prayed to just down the street. Halleluiah!

Just carrying on the family tradition. And the beat goes on ...

It would appear that the majority of our international problems as well as our racial problems and even some family problems, started in the past. Our concern should be what could we do now to stop the chaos and end the constant fighting? It would be perfect if we could come up with a drug to induce amnesia in all the peoples of the world. A worldwide effort could be started to spare all children the opinions of the parents. Sure, dads not going to tell his boy that the Jews are getting all the good jobs.

The past is past. The sins of the past are being paid for today. Worldwide the hatred is escalating and the 'here and now' is in great danger. The present and what we do now is all that matters. A world of peace and acceptance is needed right now in order for the earth to continue, for mankind to continue. Our actions of the 'here and right now' will manifest themselves into life or death, hunger or plenty, struggle or peace.

I am here to tell you that a day is approaching when all of mankind will see the past for what it was. There we will all stand, looking into the past, and feeling it all come down upon us. It will happen "in the twinkling of an eye." Our eyes will open and the entire family of man will be overcome with the one single thing missing today in this troubled world, understanding.

Understanding is the first step to the forgiveness we need. It is not the forgiveness for our sins already given to us by The Christ. In the stories of the early church, it is not the forgiveness given in the confessional, and it is not the forgiveness for sin awarded to suicide bombers. It is the forgiveness of each of us for what we have done to each other and to ourselves.

It will happen very soon. The timing of this event is following more on the lines of "getting to the end of the rope we were given" than the timeline laid down in many of the Bible's or early man's prophesies. The irony is that those prophesies were more likely for a past people, not us The dire earth changes that we see today are vaguely like the ones described in the Bible. But I am sure worldwide earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes have made the peoples of the last two thousand years feel too that the end was near. The tsunamis of Krakatau killed untold thousands and even the great potato famine in Ireland proved to be a tortuous end of the world for thousands. This time far too many anticipated events are occurring all over the world to be ignored out of hand.

We need more than ever to pull together as the earth its' self is pulled apart. When the so named "Apocalypse" does arrive it is going to be more surprise than disaster.

For those of you hoping for the escape promised by "The Rapture," there will be no "rapture" of the righteous. There are no righteous. Man created the rapture story. It was created out of a very thin piece of evidence, a Bible scripture vaguely talking about being caught up in the air. The rest of the dogma was created by the imagination of plain old men. These very imaginative visionaries are now holding it out like a carrot; a way to avoid the end of the world and all the suffering. A chosen few whisked away to heaven if you followed "the rules" these men of God used to control their flocks. These lies and stories passed down through the ages will be exposed. At the same time the "understanding" will kick in and we will know the truth. At the same time as we get the feeling that we were betrayed ... we will see the need for the stories. That is the understanding part. The stories were just suppositions created by men to explain the unknown; to ease the fear and give hope to the masses. (Please leave a dollar on your way out.) If man did not have the religion, the rabbi, the priest, the fear of God, and someone to put that fear into us, we would all have run amuck. How do you keep your child from getting into trouble? Scare the hell out of him. Perfectly sound reasoning.

The Inquisition took it too far. There are zealots in every group. Churches always meant well, the power they had over the people just carried them away. Once it started, someone decided he was just too very special and infallible to boot. Thankfully, the Catholic Church lost its control over the governments after the middle ages. It is too bad that the children of Muhammad have leaders today who not only have control over the mosques, but the governments as well. They control every part of the citizens' lives. They direct day to day life, from the church to the bedroom. They dictate to hate and to kill and the people follow, out of fear of death and damnation. Too much power over a group takes away the freedom to choose good over evil. The people chose this subjugation, only the people can change it.

The "big" end for us all will be more like the end of a game. It will be shocking. God, and there is only one God persona, will be delighted in seeing our faces. He will surely bellow the words throughout the universe ... "Boy, bet you never saw that coming!" Sounds a bit trite, doesn't it? The fact is that the joke is on us and the answer has always been right in front of us. That is why the last laugh will be on us.

Chapter Two


The facts that we can pin down are a bit unnerving. We hold a lot of our truths and beliefs to be facts, somehow sanctioned by an all-knowing God. Closer examination of actual history indicates most of our rules and beliefs were created for us by an assortment of knowledgeable men. These men were in high office of some kind, either in the church or in the ranks of the most powerful governments of their times. It would appear that the "conclusions of faith" that these individuals arrived at were at best the heartfelt beliefs that they held after their own personal study of stories at the time. Most of the inspirations of these "blessed men" came many, even hundreds of years after the death of The Christ. Revelations was written six hundred and eighty odd years later! The stories, Epistles, if you wish, they studied were again written by men who in truth, got their information very second hand. It may have been for the good of the people that some of these legends and folk stories were selected as gospel and other equally entertaining and very believable stories were not. It may have been to please the state leader who was paying for the creation of a written account of the new religion; or it was most likely for the good of the church leaders and their coffers.

Some possible first hand accounts, like the Gospel of Mary, or the Gospel of Judas were left out of the dogmas and even destroyed whenever possible. That act, in and of its- self, indicates deception and bias from the very early days. An entire group of Christian religions and faiths was very possibly based on a collection of manipulated stories. In a modern court that "leaves a shadow of a doubt" on all the actions of the churches from then to now. It was not enough to just ignore the other versions of the stories; they had to "demonize" them to boot. To read these unaccepted versions of the past was to be in league with the devil and condemned to hell; another very convincing story created by men, from the minds of men, to scare all men into getting in line and doing what they were told to do.

What they were told to do would undoubtedly allow the "men of god" to flourish not only in those troubled years but also in years throughout the rest of history. All the gold and silver in Rome came from many poor and maybe hungry people who gave all they could just to be assured that special place in heaven where they too would be rich and well fed. Again with the carrot, always just out of reach, but guaranteed to be there when we die. This was not a new practice. In the Old Testament it was the same. It was no doubt a fact from the very beginning; men started to worship something that gave them a sense of being in a special presence. Someone else figured out a way to capitalize on the submission, become a translator of sorts to this new found power, and Small Bang! Religion was born. Have faith! Even unto death.

It was a case of gathering up a plausible account of the history of the faith that would serve the leaders of the church first and foremost. You, the uninspired, were expected to believe the "created" religious facts because the men who formalized the articles of faith were somehow learned and gifted with a divine knowledge that a mere man should not question.

If there was an objection to this new set of rules, it was quickly quashed by a swift denunciation of the complainant's faith and the bony finger of heresy was pointed at any who dared question these self-named and self-appointed "Men of God". The burning at the stake of just a few outspoken free thinkers was enough to get the rest of the ducks in a row, following the leader and not asking any more questions.

These early church leaders created a great business. It had a product to sell that never had to be delivered. It created wealth from day one. It did not have to provide warrantees or guarantees to anyone! Governments cannot question the faith. Best of all, no one can audit the books. Now, you have to admit that this business has got it made. Humankind and governments can fall, but the words man decided God said, the rules man decided God made, are good forever. Any government that denounces "The Faith" is proclaimed sacrilegious and heretical. The Crusades ring a bell? Do you think the United States of America would have invaded a Christian Iraq? Our leaders can get away with saying things like "God told me to." That makes it all better. Any man or group of men that might question or deny the articles of faith we have been assigned is again, in league with the devil. The religious leaders of all the sects of personalized Christianity unite to chastise and condemn the blasphemers.

One great-in-his-own-eyes televangelist was so empowered by the will of God that he called for the killing of an out-spoken leader of a South American government! What part of "Thou Shall Not Kill" did he forget? Thank heaven, {do not even go there.} that saintly and prayerful man was not elected president of the U.S. Perhaps when he heard God say unto him that he should run, God just meant RUN!

The many churches may each insist that they are the one true faith, that all others are false prophets, but they sure get together to denounce any one who might endanger those profits.

It may appear to you that I am condemning Christianity out of hand. You might believe I am an agnostic, or just a plain hater of organized religion. I have not waxed demonic on all faiths. There are far too many. I cannot even spell some of them. Just the fact that there are so many different faiths is in of itself a good thing. We are all searching for answers. We are all different. There have to be different faiths to provide the different answers we need. My point is simply that man has corrupted the message of our creator from day one. Man has used his own imagination to create a web, a controlling snare for the hoards of milling and confused peoples from the beginning. These men were sales clerks, and very good at what they did. They were educated men. They inspired awe and admiration. Some of them were themselves great sinners who finally found salvation, or saw the Light. In their zeal they created names for the sins that were inspiring, Sins of omission, fornication, blasphemy, were scary words, and truly horrific in the eyes of God. Surely the punishment would also be horrendous. It is that fear created by churches and faiths to control their flocks that bothers me. It is the absolute belief in the religion demanded by the priests, and the threats of damnation or excommunication for independent thinking that bothers me. It is the failure of church leaders to admit the truths about how the faith evolved. They cannot admit that religion is a creation of a mortal and fallible man. They cannot admit that basically, religion is a valuable and very profitable product, packaged to entice the buyer, and the directions are printed in many languages. They cannot admit that the primary occupation of any consecrated minister of any faith is first and foremost, salesman.


Excerpted from Apocalypse of the Soul by Jean Amata Copyright © 2010 by Jean Amata. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


The Preface Story....................xv
Chapter One In The Beginning....................1
Chapter Two Death Of The Salesmen....................7
Chapter Three About Face....................15
Chapter Four Prayers, Is Anybody Listening?....................21
Chapter Five False Prophets, Falsehoods....................29
Chapter Six To Be Or Not To Be....................37
Chapter Seven Metaphorically Speaking....................45
Chapter Eight Eternal Good And Evil....................55
Chapter Nine Things That Go Bump In The Night....................65
Chapter Ten All Good Dogs Go To Heaven....................73
Chapter Eleven Now, Here's The Thing....................79
Chapter Twelve Apocalypse, The Unveiling....................91
Chapter Thirteen The End Really Is Near....................95
Chapter Fourteen Saints Preserve Us....................103
Chapter Fifteen Two Minute Drill....................109
Chapter Sixteen Absolute Devotion Is Not A Bad Thing....................121
Chapter Seventeen Too Many Rats In The Cage....................131
Chapter Eighteen The Final Chapter....................139

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