Apocalypse's Orphan: Book One of the Fractured Earth Saga

Apocalypse's Orphan: Book One of the Fractured Earth Saga

by Timothy Ford Allen


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ISBN-13: 9781475982671
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/03/2013
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.75(d)

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Book One of The Fractured Earth Saga

By Timothy Ford Allen

iUniverse Inc.

Copyright © 2013 Timothy Ford Allen
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4759-8265-7


Date: January 31st 2025

The early morning light was brilliant, illuminating the heavens in a way most humans will never see. The sky devoid of an atmosphere yielded a vision that was so clear it seemed it could shatter like fragile glass. In this crystal-like moment, Commander Orlando Iron Wolf was hovering over the Earth between two hundred and two hundred and fifty five miles on the International Space Station. NASA had placed Wolf here to see to the safety of some scientists. These research scientists were on the ISS to complete their assignments for NASA. He sat peering out the thick window as he finished off his shift. The final orbits of the day were about to be completed. The ISS completes 15.7 orbits per day. This day started just like all the rest. They were floating through the heavens observing the miniature Earth and doing mundane chores to keep themselves busy. The six-crew members that Wolf was babysitting were finishing off their day's activities. They had just left Earth two weeks ago on The Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) Capsule from Cape Canaveral. The rocket belonged to a private company. NASA leased the spacecraft from them to deliver new workers and supplies to the station. NASA had found that it was cheaper to let someone else do the dirty work of moving people from Earth to the station. No ships, no maintenance, no fuel and most of all the expenses for NASA were reduced by half. This allowed for other project funding, which made many NASA scientists exceedingly happy.

A few days ago, the crew had been busy looking at a certain area in deep space. The computers showed what appeared to be a large comet or asteroid moving at a high rate of speed through our known Solar system. Wolf was gazing out of the window, and thought he imagined that he could see with his naked eye a pinpoint of light that seemed to sparkle. He went to the optical telescope aboard the ISS (International Space Station) that the crewmembers used. He looked through the lens and yes, there it was. He looked away and looked back over the same area again. The item was still there. It was remarkable that something so far away could be viewed with such a low powered telescope. It must be enormous. He had used this telescope many times in the past week trying to spot what the computers told him was out there.

He got on the horn to NASA and asked, "Wolf to command, do you read me?"

A bored male voice came over the radio, "Yes Wolf we read you. What's up?"

"I want you to look at grid fifteen. We have been seeing a blinking light that seems to be moving. The computers up here keep chirping every few minutes about this anomaly. Can we have them turn the Hubble?"

"Turn the Hubble?" A long pause, then, "That's a little extreme, don't you think Wolf?"

"I'm telling you something is out there, and it is getting bigger and brighter, you can almost track it by eye!"

Charlie laughed. "OOOH little green men coming to get you! Hey Wolf, you got a gun in space?"

"Charlie I'm serious. Get someone to turn the Hubble or get the WISE back to operational status. Whatever it is, is coming fast!"

"Ok, ok I'll get someone on it."

As Wolf held the small medicine bag in his hand that hung from a leather thong around his neck he muttered, "You better hurry. I've got a very bad feeling about this." The man who sat pensively watching the blinking lights on the computer was of American Indian decent. He stood 6 feet 5 inches tall, and was built like a Greek statue. His skin was an incredible 'copper like' color and his eyes were a light hazel. His hair was long, well past regulation length, and the deep dimples and straight white teeth only added to his masculinity. He was very unaware of how he appeared to the opposite sex, and this only added to the man's personality.

Wolf had been watching the light for the last two hours and reminiscing about his past and how he got here. He was top of his class at the reservation, which was not saying much; he went to college free on the American Indian scholarships and excelled in sports, and did ok in engineering and mechanical design. He later designed a lunar rover and won NASA's Great Moon Buggy Race, and that had somehow put him on NASA's radar. Later after college, he was approached by an air force recruiter and was persuaded to join. After several years playing football and wrestling at the Air Force Academy, he wound up flying jets in every minor skirmish America had during his tour of duty. When NASA approached him and asked would he consider being an astronaut, how could he possibly refuse? Mechanical problems he could handle, the Astrophysics and all the other learning just would not stick.

Suddenly an excited Charlie came back on the radio sounding alarmed. "Wolf! This is cap com do you read?"

"Yes," Wolf said going to the window to look out. "What do you have?"

"You are not going to believe this, but a comet has come out of a heliocentric orbit! It is an unknown rogue! History does not mention it anywhere."

"A Helia what orbit?"

"It's an orbit around the Sun! How in the hell did you get out there? Everything in space is practically in that orbit."

"Oh ok, so what's the deal on it, anything we need to be worried about?"

"We are running simulations at this time; early predictions on the Torino scale say it is a seven, and its mass is being calculated now. It is on a hyperbolic trajectory with Earth. It might just use us to slingshot back out into space. At least that is what we are all hoping. Its speed is incredible though, what we think so far is that this is a longer-period comet thought to originate in the Oort cloud. This one is unique though because we have never seen anything that moves this fast before. Wolf we want you to tow the WISE further out into space. You are to take the Shuttle that is docked to the ISS."

"That things a piece of shit, it has been sitting up here for months! Hell it is so beat up it can't even land back on the planet."

"We know, but you are not landing back on Earth. We have prepped the ship so you can tow the satellite to its new coordinates. It is going to be a ten-day mission. The satellite cannot take itself where we want it, so it is up to you."

"Ok, ok I'll get to the ship. Send me the coordinates and I'll be gone in the next few hours."

"They have been forwarded to the computer, and you will leave within the hour. This is important."

"Ok, I'll get myself ready."

"We will let you know as soon as we get the final data. Cap com out."

Wolf looked out the window and tried to visualize the comet. Where had it been all these years? What incredible wonders had this comet observed, as it drifted on its long lonely journey through time and space? Wow, the history of the thing was astounding. Well I had better call everyone forward to let them know what is going on. He flipped a switch and said, "All personnel this is a priority one alert. Please report to the mess area immediately!" He flipped the switch back off and then went towards the kitchen area to fill his colleagues in on what was going on.

Everyone was assembling and grabbing a snack. The people were from different backgrounds, but of all the scientists on the ISS Ron White was the most educated and the next in command. "Well I have some news from NASA. We have found a comet. That is nothing unusual in itself, but this one is coming fast. It is some rogue from the Oat cloud."

"Oort commander," Ron said smiling. "It's the Oort Cloud, Not the Oat cloud. How did you get up here?"

"Whatever, Oat, Oort, anyway it is a seven on the Totino scale. It could hit Earth."

Ron smiled and then suddenly laughed aloud, "Torino scale. Not Totino scale, wow! My friend did you ever pay any attention in school at all?"

Wolf ignored him and continued, "This is only a projection until more information is gathered. They have the Hubble getting into position and some other telescopes looking at it at this time. Therefore, until, we get some more info on the thing I want all your efforts to turn towards this comet. All research on your projects is to stop, and the new word of the day will be trajectory. Even though NASA is turning the Hubble and using the other satellites I want any information you can glean. This thing is moving too fast, and something is not right about it. I am taking the shuttle Endeavor out to reposition the WISE satellite within the hour; I will be gone for a little over a week. Ron will be in charge here."

"Gee thanks Wolf, it's what I always wanted, a command of my own. Come on Captain America, I'll help you get ready."

They all left the mess area as Wolf and Ron walked to the air lock on the ISS. Wolf stopped to remove a flight suit from a locker and started to put it on his body. Ron checked the auxiliary breathing apparatus and the seams of the suit as Wolf donned the bulky thing. "These things are as old as that shuttle out there. I cannot believe there sending someone out in that thing. It barely made it up here," Ron, said angrily.

"I know, I said the same thing. NASA thinks this comet is terrible news, and I feel about the same. I can't wait to get back here."

Ron helped Wolf on with his boots and fastened his suit then helped Wolf to stand. He pushed him towards the air lock and Shut the door after Wolf walked into the small tunnel leading to the shuttles interior. He pressed the speaker button and said, "See yah soon Wolf." Then he waved goodbye.

Wolf waved goodbye then turned and walked into the antiquated shuttle. It was prepped and ready to go. NASA wasn't playing when they said leave immediately. Something was going on, and it just did not seem right. He sat in the pilots chair, detached the locking clamps, and used his port Retros to gently 'push' himself away from the ISS.

He patched into the coordinates for the WISE and headed towards the satellite. It would be less than an hour before he could get to the rendezvous point. Wolf prepped the arm and looked at the repositioning assignment for the WISE satellite. He was to fly the WISE out into space and place the satellite into the projected path of the comet. Sometime later he said, "Endeavour to cap com; I'm coming up on the WISE."

"Roger, Endeavour, we have shut the WISE down. You should be able to grab it remotely with the robotic arm."

"Copy cap com, I will be within range in sixty seconds, cap com from Wolf."

"Go ahead Wolf."

"I am noticing more debris on the radar than normal. We better keep our eyes open to make sure nothing slips by unexpectedly." Wolf rendezvoused with the satellite, used the arm to grab the bulky thing, and placed it in the hull. As the massive doors banged shut, he radioed, "WISE is on board and I am activating the new coordinates for redeployment."

"Roger that Wolf, get it placed and then get back."

"Endeavour out." Wolf activated the shuttle and headed towards the comet. He wished he could hold his medicine bag. It seemed that his ancestors were crying out in fear. He used the remote telescope on the shuttle to look out towards the area of the comet, there it was. You could see the pinpoint moving across the heavens like a harbinger of doom. It was pushing smaller meteors and asteroids before it like a tug boat in a harbor. "I don't like this ship. I don't like this assignment, and I've got a terrible feeling about this."


It was several days later, and Wolf had placed the satellite and returned to the ISS. NASA had turned it on after going through the system start up procedures. The WISE (Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer) satellite had been moved to a better position to see the oncoming object. The WISE used an infrared sensitive digital camera, which will take a picture every 11 seconds. It was set to view the sky in the area of the unknown object. Pictures were pouring into NASA. With the Hubble and WISE images it was determined that what we had was a comet. It was the biggest that was ever recorded. Days and weeks of projections and trajectory simulations determined that it was going to pass close to the Earth, so close that it could do some damage whether it hit or not. Small meteor showers were reported worldwide, and several large meteors were recorded striking Jupiter. Its massive gravitational field pulled them to their death sparing the inner planets.

Charlie Richards was NASA's mission director. He was placed in charge of this new comet and tasked to come up with strategies to prepare the Earth. The comet was designated NOMAD. This mission was to be called Nomad 1. It had been six months since the initial discovery of the comet and from all scientific information gleaned from the telescopes and satellites it was projected that the comet was the size of Rhea, one of Saturn's moons. Rhea is about as wide as the state of California is long, with a width of 1000 miles. It was moving at 100 miles per second. No other object had ever been measured moving that fast. The grim news that had accompanied this mission is that this comet was going to hit the Earth far to the south. It was going to hit the South Pole at a one hundred thirty-five degree angle. Some scientists insisted that the comet was going to just 'skip' off the South Pole without doing much damage. They were laughed out of the scientific community. There was no hiding that this comet was coming, people were informed of all steps that the governments of the world were taking to try to stop it. Amateur astronomers were seeing it as clear as day two months after the initial discovery.

The Earth was being hit by smaller meteorites weekly as their orbits were affected by Nomads gravity. It was moving towards Earth majestically and no amounts of nuclear weapons were going to stop it. We had two years to get ready. Everything from the Mayan Calendar to King Tut's revenge, to revelations was being bandied about by the people of the world.

The major players for Earths rescue were the USA, Russia, UK, China, Japan and both Koreas. The reason we let North Korea in was because that was where we were building the Savior spacecraft. The border defense posts were already in place and easily reinforced by the allied nations. Savior One, Two and Three were enormous spaceships capable of carrying twenty thousand people each. These mammoth ships had nuclear generators in them the size of professional football stadiums. The power in just one of the ships was enough to light the planet for a year. Never were engines made that could match these modern marvels. The ships were a multi-trip type carrier. They were being made to take off and land repeatedly, to transport people and supplies to the moon. The other nations mentioned were busy building large bunkers underground in all the capital cities of the Earth.

The USA and Japan were busy on the moon, excavating for the massive permanent structures that were planned to house the world's refugees. We had placed multiple temporary glass domes to house the people of the Earth who were starting the construction process.

It had been decided to set up a thick glass domed city on the moon that would house the world's greatest minds. Men, women and children with certain IQ levels were taken. No adult person who scored less than an 90 was even considered. A vast outcry erupted when the various government officials, entertainers, religious leaders and the extremely wealthy found out that they were not automatically included in the Earths evacuation plans. Money didn't matter anymore, where could you possibly spend it at now? The only guaranteed people who were allowed were the immediate families of the major world leaders. No countries secret service agency was included, the UN military coalition was in charge and would be providing all protection services. Catholic, Jewish and Muslim clerics, as well as clergy from numerous Christian denominations and those of the Bahai and Hindu faiths, met to decide the role of religion in the coming disaster. Who would go? What religion would endure? The discussions turned to arguments then they turned deadly with riots erupting around the world. There were only so many spots available. The medical and psychological testing was severe, many people were excluded because of them. The people who were 'lucky' enough to be chosen were told that they could not take their families. It was only 'themselves' who were chosen. Hard choices had to be made. Many of the specialty workers who were to build the stations and domes declined to go, they refused to leave their wives and kids on the planet to face certain death while they risked their lives on the moon to save a world. It was agreed that we could not face the future by committing constant acts of evil in our past. The workers families would be allowed to accompany their mothers and fathers, there was a catch though ... any of the family members who had a genetic defect or debilitating illness would be sterilized, they would not be allowed to breed to possibly pass on the disease, we were rebuilding a civilization, we didn't need sickness in any form 'gumming' up the works. It would also take breeding stock of all kinds, including man off the planet during the horrible days to come. Family histories were looked at closely, people who had a history of twins or multiple births and from unusually large families were chosen. We would need them to repopulate the Earth.

Excerpted from APOCALYPSE'S ORPHAN by Timothy Ford Allen. Copyright © 2013 Timothy Ford Allen. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Part 1: Nomad....................     1     

Chapter One....................     3     

Chapter Two....................     9     

Chapter Three....................     22     

Part 2: The New World....................     27     

Chapter Four....................     29     

Chapter Five....................     39     

Chapter Six....................     49     

Chapter Seven....................     58     

Chapter Eight....................     64     

Part 3: Super Human....................     73     

Chapter Nine....................     75     

Chapter Ten....................     81     

Chapter Eleven....................     86     

Chapter Twelve....................     93     

Part 4: The Silver Knight....................     103     

Chapter Thirteen....................     105     

Chapter Fourteen....................     115     

Chapter Fifteen....................     124     

Chapter Sixteen....................     131     

Chapter Seventeen....................     143     

Chapter Eighteen....................     150     

Chapter Nineteen....................     156     

Chapter Twenty....................     166     

Chapter Twenty-One....................     174     

Chapter Twenty-Two....................     184     

Chapter Twenty-Three....................     201     

Part 5: Loves Triangle....................     211     

Chapter Twenty-Four....................     213     

Chapter Twenty Five....................     220     

Chapter Twenty-Six....................     230     

Chapter Twenty-Seven....................     239     

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Apocalypse's Orphan: Book One of The Fractured Earth Saga 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such an intriguing book! Can't wait for the next one!
Steffie More than 1 year ago
While the premise of the book is rather interesting, the writing itself leaves much to be desired. I only read the free sample that was available, and I could barely get through that. The author switches between tenses making it rather difficult to follow along, along with speaking in first person one moment, then in third person next. This story has potential to be rather gripping...but it is in serious need of an editor and some rewriting.