by Patricia Bragg, Paul C. Bragg


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ISBN-13: 9780877901006
Publisher: Bragg Health Sciences
Publication date: 03/25/2008
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 136
Sales rank: 92,516
Product dimensions: 6.15(w) x 9.09(h) x 0.38(d)
Age Range: 12 Years

Table of Contents

Paul C. Bragg, Leading Healthy Lifestyle Authority     iii
Keep Healthy and Youthful with Exercise and Nutrition     iv
Do You Show Signs of Premature Ageing?     v
Bragg Health Crusades for the 21st Century     vi
Table of Contents     vii
ACV (apple cider vinegar) - Mother Nature's Perfect Miracle Food     2
Why Has Natural ACV Almost Disappeared?     2
Powerful Health Qualities Removed     2
ACV Kills Germs, Viruses, Mold & Bacteria     3
ACV Has Powerful Health Qualities     3
Commercial Vinegars are Real Tragedies     4
Apples Rich in Potassium and Enzymes     5
Millions Suffer From Potassium Deficiency     6
Refined Foods and Flours Remove Vital Potassium     7
Bad Nutrition - #1 Cause of Sickness     7
The Body Has the Seed of Eternal Life     8
Exercise Helps Keep You More Youthful, Flexible and Trim     9
Dr. Alexis Carrel's Great Life Extension Experiment     10
Mentally Handicapped Suffer from Potassium Deficiency     11
Potassium Deficiency Produces Senility     11
Miracles with Potassium     12
ACV Relieves Chronic Fatigue     13
Unhealthy Diet Brings Sickness     14
Body Signs of Potassium Deficiency     15
Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle for Overweight     16
Combating Underweight     17
Purify Your Cells by Ridding Body of Dangerous Wastes     17
Apple Cider Vinegar for Body Purification     18
Apple Cider Vinegar Relieves Headaches     18
ACV for Feet - Combating Corns, Callouses and Warts     20
Apple Cider Vinegar Zaps Sore Throat and Laryngitis     20
Apple Cider Vinegar for Healthy Skin     21
Apple Cider Vinegar for Sunburns     22
Younger Looking Skin in Minutes with ACV Facial     23
Skin Problems and ACV Treatments     24
ACV For Insect Stings, Bites, Ear Infections, Yeast & Fungus     25
ACV for Dandruff, Itchy Scalp, Dry and Thinning Hair, Baldness     26
For Muscle Soreness and Aching Joints     26
For Arrhythmia and Strengthening Heart     27
Low Fat Meals Cut Heart Disease Risk     27
How to Improve Digestion     27
Chewing Gum Habit Causes Stomach Problems     28
Fight Kidney and Bladder Problems     28
Apple Cider Vinegar Combats Gallstones     29
Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Shrink Prostate     30
Apple Cider Vinegar for Female Troubles     30
Fight Arthritis with Apple Cider Vinegar     30
Apple Cider Vinegar Combats Mucus     31
For Nosebleeds     32
Apple Cider Vinegar and Constipation     32
What Becomes of the Acid Crystals Precipitated in the Body     33
Rearing Healthy Children     34
Miracles with Apple Cider Vinegar     34
Apple Cider Vinegar Cures Burns     35
All Through Life You Must Fight Acid Crystals     36
Keep Your Joints and Tissues Youthful     36
ACV Helps Stiffness Vanish From Body     37
Questions About Apple Cider Vinegar     37
ACV Helps Normalize Blood Pressure     38
The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Promotes Super Health     39
Five Generations of Healthy Braggs All Use ACV     39
Apple Cider Vinegar and Arthritis     40
Apple Cider Vinegar Relieves Muscle Cramps     40
Acid Crystals Cause Premature Ageing     40
Take This 48 Hour Test     41
Potassium - the Master Mineral     41
The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Blueprint for Health     43
It's Never Too Late to Seek and Build Radiant Health!     45
Millions Suffer from Premature Ageing      46
Wise Prevention Keeps You Healthy, Youthful and Vigorous!     47
Your Energy is Your Body's Spark Plug     48
Allergies are Often the Body Cleansing     49
Vegetarians are Healthier and Live Longer     51
Eliminating Meat is Safer and Healthier     52
Vegetable Protein Percentage Chart     53
Miracle of Fasting - Master Key to Internal Purification     54
Fasting Cleanses, Renews and Rejuvenates     54
Fasting Removes Sludge from Your Pipes     55
Fasting Brings Miracle Results     55
The Trail to Perfect Health     56
Internal Cleanliness is the Secret of Health     57
Benefits from the Joys of Fasting (list)     58
Spiritual Bible Reasons Why We Should Fast     58
Avoid Refined, Processed, Unhealthy Foods!     59
The Miracle Powers of Fruits     60
Avocado is Mother Nature's Miracle Food     61
Juice Fast - Introduction to Water Fast     63
Powerful Juice Combinations (list)     65
Liquefied and Fresh Juiced Foods     66
Pure Water is Important for Health     66
Be Safe-Drink Purified Distilled Water     67
Showers, Toxic Chemicals & Chlorine     70
Bragg's Vinegar Eye Wash for Cataracts     71
Comparison of Water Treatment Methods (chart)     72
Enjoy a Tireless - Ageless - Painless Body     73
Health Suggestions for Your Daily Program     75
Oxygen - The Invisible Staff of Life     75
To Rest is to Rust and Rust is Destruction!     77
Exercises Help Keep You Youthful, Healthy, Flexible and Fit     77
Keep Spine Flexible and Youthful     78
Your Waistline is Your Life-Line, Date-Line and Health-Line!     78
Large Waistlines Lead to Shorter Lifespans     79
Maintain Youthful Posture for Super-Health     79
The Bragg Posture Exercise     80
Posture Chart     81
Enjoy Mother Nature's and God's Foods     83
Food and Product Summary (list)     84
Avoid These Processed, Refined, Harmful Foods (list)     86
Healthy Heart Habits for a Long, Vital Life (program)     87
Recommended Blood Chemistry Values (chart)     87
Iron-Pumping Oldsters Triple Their Muscle Strength     88
Alternative Healing Therapies and Massage Techniques     91
Healthy Beverages, Salads (recipes)     96
Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for a Lifetime of Super Health     99
Enjoy Healthy Fiber for Super Health (list)     100
Allergies, Daily Journal & Dr. Coca's Pulse Test     101
Household Cleaning Hints with Vinegar     103
Index     107

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APPLE CIDER VINEGAR MIRACLE HEALTH SYSTEM 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
JH_Allen_TX More than 1 year ago
I would like to recommend this book. The book explains the advantages to Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV) and gives you instructions for curing all sorts of health issues such as body weight, sinus/mucus, yeast infections, UTI's, memory, arthritis, soar throats and many other health problems, plus it fights germs, bacteria, mold and viruses. It can also be used as a household cleaner/disinfectant. I had read on the internet about giving your dog a tsp. of Apple Cidar Vinegar in her water every day to prevent Urinary Tract Infection's and so far it has worked. Our English Bulldog was geting UTI's every 6 months for the past couple of years. The vet kept putting her on antibotics and requiring us to do xrays to check for stones and we were really tired of not finding an answer. I can say since I started giving it to her in her water she has not had a urinary infection. I have started drinking two glasses a day to help with digestion and memory (2 tsps in a glass of water). The book contains all sorts of testimonies and tells you all the numerous ways ACV can help improve your health. I highly recommend the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You would never believe how many amazing things that plain old apple cider vinegar is good for. If you're interested in "going green" in as many ways as possible, and you want to save a lot of money on over the counter meds as well as cleaning products, you should do yourself, your home, your health a favor, BUY THIS BOOK!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found it easy to read,and still follow their system today.I have recommended it to all my family members.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Bragg's were definitely into a providing the public with healthful info about the need to protect your precious health even if it was a little uneven and heavy handed. This book is full of different methods to use apple cider vinegar(acv)to keep our bodies in optimal shape. I think what was surprising for me is the book has info on a healthy lifestyle in general. They definitely support a raw food diet with periodic fasting and acv to keep everything running optimally. There is also quite a bit of info to support the drinking of distilled water. They go to some lengths to explain all the chemicals currently found in our drinking water. There are also pages devoted to fasting and the benefits of trying this as a detox methodology. I found all this info very useful. Had I been familiar with the Braggs I might not have bought the book because they are also quite religious. There are numerous references to religious practices thrown in amongst the info they impart on acv. I believe everyone has a right to their religious beliefs, nothing wrong with that, just not expecting to be preached at.... while trying to pick up health tips. It catches you off guard and becomes annoying. The book does have lots of info on the practical benefits of daily use of acv in our diet. I especially liked what they said about using it to help strengthen your hair and to help restore your skin to a smooth clear appearance. I don't want to forget one of the main reasons I picked this book up at the health food store. The table of contents is very very detailed. You can scan for exactly the topics you want and go directly to that page. That's good so you can go directly to what ails you. So understand when you pick up this slim volume you get more than just acv recipes.
KittenOnTheKeys More than 1 year ago
Although the organization of the book made it a bit confusing to follow at times, it is a short book and written in easy laymen's language. The entire book can be read in one sitting, which is a plus for those who can't keep interested in a long book. A great deal of the information was very eye-opening and seemed well-researched. I personally started drinking the health drink recipe in the book, and although I couldn't believe it would help, doing so has completely relieved the terrible acid stomach I've battled with for almost two years now. I have recommended to book to several of my family members and friends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book! My sister bought it after looking through it at a health food store. Pretty soon, I had my own copy. It has some of the best tips inside! I now use white vinegar for the final rinse in my clothes. Even as a child, I used apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse. I keep a small amount here at work to add to water before lunch. I was prediabetic, and started drinking the drink every morning, first thing. Now my blood sugar levels are down to normal. I am ordering another copy as I think someone 'borrowed' my first one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am giving this book a '5' STAR rating mostly for what the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (or for short ACV) does to help you and that the BRAGG FAMILY brought this information to the public by writing about it. First and foremost ACV has been over looked by many for what it can help you with, example: ACID STOMACH / BURNS / SUNBURNS / HEALING / CLEANSING FACIAL...just to name a few. I will tell you now that if you ever have a stomach ache or acid reflux (and I am speaking from personal experience) just by taking a SIP of ACV (even if your stomach says 'oh no please don't') do it. In 10 minutes I got complete relieve as did both of my daughters when they had upset stomachs. I have had friends in the Medical field look at me funny when I tell them it worked but it does. Try IT. Now aside from that I was amazed at all the other uses for ACV. It has healing properties too, as I found out they use it on animals to help heal sores. After reading the book, I was wondering why I had not heard about the miracle of ACV. I am now adding it to my diet, dare I tell you I am attempting to lower my blood pressure with it and it seems to be working. (with healthy eating and walking). My hat is off to the BRAGGS for putting a book out that let's the rest of know some really simple remedies. I am sure there are skeptics, as I hear from my own circle of friends. But when something works and works for you personally, the WORD of the critic does not RING OUT as the stomach that settles so you can SLEEP. Good Job to the Braggs. Read all of their books. Paul Bragg, the Father was a person that Jack LeLane (the jumping jack guru) looked up to and he seems to be doing just fine. Thank You to the Braggs. Read FASTING, by Paul Bragg too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago