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Birkh�user Boston
Applications of Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering / Edition 1

Applications of Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780817642679
Publisher: Birkh�user Boston
Publication date: 03/08/2002
Edition description: 2002
Pages: 478
Product dimensions: 6.26(w) x 9.48(h) x 1.02(d)

Table of Contents

Preface Contributors Part I. Algebra and Geometry Point Groups and Space Groups in Geometric Algebra (D. Hestenes) The Inner Products of Geometric Algebra (L. Dorst) Unification of Grassmann's Progressive and Regressive Products using the Principle of Duality (S. Blake) From Unoriented Subspaces to Blade Operators (T.A. Bouma) Automated Theorem Proving in the Homogeneous Model with Clifford Bracket Algebra (H. Li) Rotations in n Dimensions as Spherical Vectors (W.E. Baylis/S. Hadi) Geometric and Algebraic Canonical Forms (N. Gordon) Functions of Clifford Numbers or Square Matrices (J. Snygg) Compound Matrices and Pfaffians: A Representation of Geometric Algebra (U. Prells/M.I. Friswell/S.D. Garvey) Analysis Using Abstract Vector Variables (F. Sommen) A Multivector Data Structure for Differential Forms and Equations (J.A. Chard/V. Shapiro) Jet Bundles and the Formal Theory of Partial Differential Equations (R. Baker/C. Doran) Imaginary Eigenvalues and Complex Eigenvectors Explained by Real Geometry (E.M.S. Hitzer) Symbolic Processing of Clifford Numbers in C++ (J.P. Fletcher) Clifford Numbers and their Inverses Calculated using the Matrix Representation (J.P. Fletcher) A Toy Vector Field Based on Geometric Algebra (A. Rockwood/S. Binderwala) Quadratic Transformations in the Projective Plane (G. Georgiev) Annihilators of Principal Ideals in the Grassmann Algebra (C. Koc/S. Esin) Part II. Applications to Physics Homogeneous Rigid Body Mechanics with Elastic Coupling (D. Hestenes/E.D. Fasse) Analysis of One and Two Particle Quantum Systems using Geometric Algebra (R. Parker/C. Doran) Interaction and Entanglement in the Multiparticle Spacetime Algebra (T.F. Havel/C.J.L. Doran) Laws of Reflection from Two or More Plane Mirrors in Succession (M. Derome) Exact Kinetic Energy Operators for Polyatomic Molecules (J. Pesonen) Geometry of Quantum Computing by Hamiltonian Dynamics of Spin Ensembles (T. Schulte-Herbruggen/K. Huper/U. Helmke/S.J. Glaser) Is the Brain a 'Clifford Algebra Quantum Computer'? (V. Labunets/E. Rundblad/J. Astola) A Hestenes Spacetime Algebra Approach to Light Polarization (Q.M. Sugon/D. McNamara) Quaternions, Clifford Algebra and Symmetry Groups (P.R. Girard) Part III. Computer Vision and Robotics A Generic Framework for Image Geometry (J.J. Koenderink) Color Edge Detection Using Rotors (E. Bayro-Corrochano/S. Flores) Numerical Evaluation of Versors with Clifford Algebra (C.B.U. Perwass/G. Sommer) The Role of Clifford Algebra in Structure-Preserving Transformations for Second-Order Systems (S.D. Garvey/M.I. Friswell/U. Prells) Applications of Algebra of Incidence in Visually Guided Robotics (E. Bayro-Corrochano/P. Lounesto/L.R. Lozano) Monocular Pose Estimation of Kinematic Chains (B. Rosenhahn/O. Granert/G. Sommer) Stabilization of 3D Pose Estimation (W. Neddermeyer/M. Schnell/W. Winkler/A. Lilienthal) Inferring Dynamical Information from 3D Position Data using Geometric Algebra (H. Udugama/G.S. Sajeewa/J. Lasenby) Clifford Algebra Space Singularities of Inline Planar Platforms (M.A. Baswell/R. Ablamowicz/J.N. Anderson) Part IV. Signal Processing and Other Applications Fast Quantum Fourier--Heisenberg--Weyl Transforms (V. Labunets/E. Rundblad/J. Astola) The Structure Multivector (M. Felsberg/G. Sommer) The Application of Clifford Algebra to Calculations of Multicomponent Chemical Composition (J.P. Fletcher) An Algorithm to Solve the Inverse IFS-Problem (E. Hocevar) Fast Quantum n-D Fourier and Radon Transforms (V. Labunets/E. Rundblad/J. Astola)

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