Applications of Linguistics

Applications of Linguistics


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ISBN-13: 9780521080880
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 08/31/1971
Pages: 516
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Foreword; Editors' introduction; Part I. Papers from Plenary Sessions: 1. Applications of linguistics; 2. The uses of sociolinguistics; 3. Technological development for language learning; 4. Applied computational linguistics; 5. La neurolinguistique; 6. Linguistic factors in communications engineering; Part II. Papers from Specialist Sections: 7. Language and attitudes of the Spanish-speaking youth of the Southwestern United States; 8. Some comparative descriptions of children's language; 9. Cross-level interference: the influence of L1 syllable structure on L2 morphological error; 10. Some psycholinquistic considerations involved in a language-testing project; 11. A suggested rationale for the treatment of developmental disorders of language; 12. Language testing in the primary school; 13. The Radio Brighton pilot project: an experiment in teaching languages by radio and telephone; 14. The reliability of the essay subtest in a university entrance test in English for non-native speakers of English; 15. Tensions of television course-writing; 16. Aptitude for and proficiency in French in the first year of the UK secondary school; 17. Linguistic observations on the heroic couplet in English poetry; 18. The use of the Dvanagari script as a phonemic notation for the teaching of English pronounciation in North India; 19. Analyse électronique de textes litteraires appliquée ... la lexicographie en Italie; 20. Bruit et perception auditive (étude experimentale); 21. Applications of behavioural technology: from conventional lab teaching to technological total self-instruction; 22. Distinctive features and phonetic dimensions; 23. Learning and re-learning articulartory skills; 24. Grammaires d'enfants agrammatiques; 25. An error analysis in German of first-year university students; 26. Analysis of decoding impairments in dysaphasic subjects; 27. Three experiments in the use of VTR in language teaching; 28. Children's use of categorisation in remembering verbal material; 29. Teaching syntactic maturity; 30. Preliminary recommendations of the Swedish research project on language laboratories in university teaching: an interim report; 31. Some temporal factors in the listening behaviour of second language students; 32. Static and dynamic lexical systems; 33. A quantitative theory of cardinal vowels and the teaching of pronounciation; 34. L'apport de la radio dans l'enseignement du français ... l'école primaire sénégalaise; 35. Contrastive analysis of the Hungarian and Serbocroation noun phrase; 36. Semantic components in translation theory; 37. Language varieties along the US-Mexican border; 38. Talking to some purpose (choosing the language-teaching points of the Nuffield/Schools Council German course; 39. Limites des applications de la linguistique ... la lexicographie; 40. A new concept of the language laboratory and its application to research and the development of proficiency in language learning; 41. Reduced redundancy as a language testing tool; 42. A recent development in English language educaiton in Japan: materials analysis; 43. Where has all the money gone? The need for cost-effectiveness studies in the teaching of foreign langauge; 44. Language development programs for Southern American Negroes; Un cours de français télévisé et son évaluation; 46. Teaching standard English to speakers of other dialects; 47. CARLOS: computer-assisted instructions in Spanish; 48. Productive communication testing: progress report; 49. Lexical density and register differentiation; 50. Une solution au problème des homographes du français moderne; 51. Research in applied linguistics and its impact upon foreign language teaching materials; 52. Language deprivation and remedial teaching techniques; Appendices.

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