Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems

Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems


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Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems covers high academic quality papers on the following topics: natural language interfaces to databases, information retrieval, use of linguistic tools and electronic dictionaries, conceptual modelling, paraphrasing and validating information system models, the use of natural language as a specification interface for the design of information systems, linguistic aspects of database view integration and hypertext facilities for database querying. Furthermore the typical applications of natural language, are addressed, presented both from a scientific as well as an industrial perspective by Peter Chen, the inventor of the ER model, and Gerald Kristen, the founder of the KISS company. Other topics: - Natural Language Specification; - Natural Language Paraphrasing; - Linguistic Tools and Electronic Dictionaries; - Database Hypertext Facilities; - Information Retrieval; - Natural Language Database Interfaces; - Conceptual Modeling with Linguistic Knowledge; - Linguistic Aspects of Database View Integration.

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ISBN-13: 9789051992731
Publisher: IOS Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/28/1996
Pages: 300
Age Range: 17 Years

Table of Contents

Preface     v
Workshop Committees   vii
Invited Speeches     1
English, Chinese, and ER Diagrams     1
Understanding Business Language     3
Natural Language Specification     5
Natural and Formal Languages in the Development of Information Systems     5
Analyzing Informal Requirements   15
Specifications: A First Step towards Conceptual Modeling Natural Language Paraphrasing   28
Paraphrasing as a Technique to Support Object-Oriented Analysis   28
Exploring Fact Verbalisations for Conceptual Query Formulation   40
Linguistic Tools and Electronic Dictionaries   52
An Information Retrieval Approach to Locating Information in Large Scale Federated Database Systems   52
Metalinguistic Formulas and Semantic Representation of Knowledge in Training   65
Simulators Database Hypertext Facilities   77
HypER: An Extended E/R Model with Hypertext Facilities   77
Audio Facilities for Hypermedia Consultation   91
Hyper-Text Generation from Databases on the Internet 102
Information Retrieval 115
Retrieving Conceptual Models on the Basis of Word Semantics 115
Conceptual Modelling, Indexing and Retrieval for Textual Corporate Knowledge Bases 127
The Fact Extraction Using the Keyfact 139
Natural Language Database Interfaces 151
Structured Data Entry for Medical Records and Reports 151
Natural Language Interpretation for Public Administration 163
Database Querying in the TAMIC Demonstrator Natural Language Interfaces for Environmental Data Bases                               175
Conceptual Modeling with Linguistic Knowledge 185
Capturing Information on Behaviour with the RADD-NLI: A Linguistic and Knowledge Based Approach 185
NL Structures and Conceptual Modelling: The KISS Case 197
A Basis for Natural Language Analysis of Part-Whole Relationships in Fact-Based Conceptual Modelling 210
NTS-Based Derivation of KCPM Cardinalities: From Natural Language to Conceptual Predesign 222
Linguistic Aspects of Database View Integration 234
Linguistic Tool Based Information Elicitation in Large Heterogeneous Database Networks 234
Correspondence Analysis of Dynamic Schema Constructs Using Case Grammar 247
Implementation of a Third Generation View Integration Tool 260
Author Index 277

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