Applied and Industrial Mathematics, Venice-2, 1998: Selected Papers from the 'Venice-2/Symposium on Applied and Industrial Mathematics', June 11-16, 1998, Venice, Italy

Applied and Industrial Mathematics, Venice-2, 1998: Selected Papers from the 'Venice-2/Symposium on Applied and Industrial Mathematics', June 11-16, 1998, Venice, Italy

by Renato Spigler (Editor)


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In this volume, I have collected several papers which were presented at the international conference called "Venice-2/Symposium on Applied and In­ dustrial Mathematics". Such a conference was held in Venice, Italy, between June 11 and 16,1998, and was intended as the follow-up of the very successful similar event (called "Venice-1/Symposium on Applied and Industrial Math­ ematics"), that was also organized in Venice in October 1989. The Venice-1 conference ended up with a Kluwer volume like this one. I am grateful to Kluwer for having accepted to publish the present volume, the aim of which is to update somehow the state-of-the-art in the field of Ap­ plied Mathematics as well as in that of the nowadays rather more developed area of Industrial Mathematics. The most of the invited (key-note) speakers contributed to this volume with a paper related to their talk. There are, in addition·, a few significant contributed papers, selected on the basis of their quality and relevance to the present-time research activities. The topics considered in the conference range from rather general sub­ jects in applied and numerical analysis, to more specialized subjects such as polymers and disordered media, granular flow, semiconductor mathematics, superconductors, elasticity, tomography and other inverse problems, financial modeling, photographic sciences, etc. The papers collected in this volume provide a selection of them. It is clear from the previous list that some attention has been paid to relatively new and emerging fields.

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Invited Papers. Weighted Monte Carlo: A New Technique for Calibrating Asset-Pricing Models; M. Avellaneda, et al. Nonlocal Models of Shear Banding; J. Bebernes. Stabilization Techniques for the Finite Element Method; F. Brezzi, A. Russo. Moving point interactions; G. Dell'Antonio. A Mathematical Model for the Analysis of Polymers P-V-T Diagrams; A. Fasano, A. Mancini. Asymptotic Properties of Reaction-Diffusion Systems Modelling Chemotaxis; M.A. Herrero. Two Integral Geometry Problems of Volterra Type on a Plane; M.M. Lavrent'ev. Shallow water & the diffeomorphism group; H.P. McKean. Island Dynamics and Level Set Methods for Continuum Modeling of Epitaxial Growth; B. Merriman, et al. On a Heuristic Expansion Method in the Strong Localization Regime of the Theory of Disordered Systems; L. Pastur. Studying the Asymptotics of Selberg-Type Integrals; D. Reed, S. Venakides. Contributed Selected Papers. Inverse problem of electromagnetoelasticity: Simultaneous Determination of Elastic and Electromagnetic Parameters; A.V. Avdeev, et al. Wave Propagation and Oscillations in a Semiconductor Nanostructure; M. Moscoso, et al. Pile-up Solutions for a Mixed System of Conservation Laws Modelling Dislocation Interaction in Crystals; A. Carpio, et al. Vortex Stretching by a Simple Hyperbolic Saddle; D. Cordoba. On the Solution of the Whitham Equations: an Estimate of the Genus; T. Grava. Non-Generic Twinning Concentrations for a Class of Active Alloys; M. Pitteri, G. Zanzotto. Infiltration of a Polymerizing Resin in a Deformable Preform for Fiber Reinforced Composites; L. Preziosi. Relaxed Picard-like Methods for Nonlinear Integral Equations Arising in Transport Theory; A. Sommariva, et al. Computerized X-ray Tomography Algorithms on Base Distributions With Power Singularity; O.E. Trofimov. Iterative Space-Marching Method for Compressible Flows at all Speeds; N.K. Yamaleev, J. Ballmann.

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