Applied Evolutionary Psychology

Applied Evolutionary Psychology

by S. Craig Roberts

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Human behaviour is marvellous in its complexity, variability and unpredictability. Understanding it, however, is not solely the role of psychologists: everyone has a vested interest in it, from individuals to organisations and industry. Recently, biologists and psychologists have had considerable success incorporating insights from evolutionary theory to help them understand some fundamental psychological issues, in a discipline now known as evolutionary psychology. However, to date, these useful insights have not been widely applied to tackle specific practical problems or issues in society. This innovative new book kick-starts this process. It provides a foundation for an incipient focus on applications of evolutionary research. It draws together a collection of renowned academics from a disparate set of fields, whose common interest lies in using evolutionary thinking to inform their research. Topics range from reviews of evolutionary perspectives on adult and family relationships, insights into business, economics and marketing, health and interactions with technology and the media, through to major global and societal issues such as promoting green behaviour, cooperation, and public health, and tackling crime, terrorism, and prejudice. No other book has focused as specifically and with such broad scope on the applications of modern evolutionary psychology. While the rapidly growing number of books on evolutionary psychology succeed in describing current theoretical thinking, illustrated and supported by empirical studies, this book uses this established basis as a backdrop and starting point for a more focused exploration of practical application. This groundbreaking book will be valuable for students and researchers in evolutionary and applied psychology, as well as biology and anthropology.

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ISBN-13: 9780191625701
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Publication date: 11/24/2011
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Table of Contents

1. Applying evolutionary psychology, S. Craig Roberts
2. The evolutionary psychology of economics, Paul H. Rubin and C. Monica Capra
3. The evolution of business and management, Paul H. Rubin and C. Monica Capra
4. The social animal within organizations, Abraham P. Buunk and Pieternel Dijkstra
5. The evolved child: adapted to family life, David F. Bjorklund & Patrick Douglas Sellers II
6. Application of evolutionary psychology to academic learning, David C. Geary
7. Serial monogamy and clandestine adultery: evolution and consequences of the dual human reproductive strategy, Helen E. Fisher
8. The evolutionary psychology of mass politics, Michael Bang Petersen
9. Gender equity issues in evolutionary perspective, Bobbi S. Low
10. The evolution of charitable behaviour and the power of reputation, Pat Barclay
11. Altruism as showing off: a signaling perspective on promoting green behaviour and acts of kindness, Wendy Iredale and Mark van Vugt
12. Evolutionary perspectives on intergroup prejudice: implications for promoting tolerance, Justin H. Park
13. The evolutionary psychology of criminal behaviour, Aurelio Figueredo, Paul Robert Gladden, and Zachary Hohman
14. War, martyrdom, and terror: evolutionary underpinnings of the moral imperative to extreme group violence, Scott Atran
15. Evolutionary theory and behavioural biology research: implications for law, David J Herring
16. Motivational mismatch: evolved motives as the source of - and solution to - global public health problems, Valerie Curtis and Robert Aunger
17. Mental health and wellbeing: clinical applications of Darwinian psychiatry, Alfonso Troisi
18. Evolutionary perspectives on sport and competition, Diana Wiedemann, Robert A. Barton, and Russell A. Hill
Marketing and Communication
19. Why we buy: evolution, marketing, and consumer behaviour, Vladas Griskevicius, Joshua M. Ackerman, and Joseph P. Redden
20. Evolutionary psychology and perfume design, S Craig Roberts and Jan Havlicek
21. Television programming and the audience, Charlotte De Backer
22. News as reality-inducing, survival-relevant, and gender-specific stimuli, Maria Elizabeth Grabe
23. Media naturalness theory: human evolution and behaviour toward electronic communication technologies, Ned Kock
24. Evolutionary psychology, demography and driver safety research: a theoretical synthesis, David L. Wiesenthal and Deanna M. Singhal
25. Evolutionary robotics, Dylan Evans and Walter de Back

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