Applied Exercise Science

Applied Exercise Science

by Jay Horn


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When it comes to purchasing a book on exercise, it can be a very daunting and exhausting decision as to which book to place your trust in and buy. There are hundreds of books on the subject to choose from, so what makes this book any different from the rest? The majority of books typically offer only one of two things, A) theoretical material without practical application (academia texts), or B)applicable material without theoretical scientific backing (books by practitioners). Unfortunately, most of the books on the market do not combine the two, and this is where Applied Exercise Science stands triumphant. This book elucidates the application of exercise and nutrition, whereby bridging the gap between theory and practice on a comprehensive level where you–the reader–can understand and apply the sciences. Applied Exercise Science is broken into five sections: foundations, unified exercise theory, research, application, and nutrition.

Part I – Foundations: This section discusses important information, such as: the history of exercise and its evolution to what it is today; philosophy, which segues into definitions, the proper use of them and why they are important; and the primary sciences which constitutes exercise science as a whole.

Part II – Unified Exercise Theory™: This section discusses the tenets of exercise, which is combined together, creating the Unified Exercise Theory™. It is imperative that you have a basic knowledge on what makes up exercise theory as a whole. Once you understand the fundamentals then you will be able to make better decisions in how to go about program design, and further your education with more complex information. Unified exercise theory is comprised of general principles which apply to everyone, despite what the objective of exercise is; therefore, the fundamentals are recurrent in every exercise program.

Part III – Research: This section discusses the scientific literature in exercise–it’s just the basics. However, there is enough material to have a sound understanding of the human body and how it works in conjunction with exercise. This is important knowledge so you have a grasp of how things work from a physiological and biomechanical standpoint.

Part IV – Application: This section discusses the essence of application. Knowing the fundamentals of exercise is important, but if you don’t know how to apply this in a real world setting–where you can be specific in your approach–then none of it matters.

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About the Author

Jay Horn is a successful personal trainer and natural contest prep coach based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. His methods defy what is mainstream and popular, making it truly unique. His background comes from an exercise philosophy where science and rationale take precedence over what's trending in the industry. The abundant amount of drug-free transformations he has helped others achieve through the years is ample evidence that his methods work very effectively.

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