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Taylor & Francis
Applied Public Relations: Cases in Stakeholder Management / Edition 1

Applied Public Relations: Cases in Stakeholder Management / Edition 1


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780805846072
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/12/2004
Series: Routledge Communication Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

List of Casesxi
1Public Relations: Maintaining Mutually Beneficial Systems of Stakeholder Relationships1
Practicing Public Relations1
Public Relations Processes Within Systems2
Ethical and Legal Perspectives3
Case-Study Analysis4
Additional Readings5
2Stakeholders: Employees7
Employee Satisfaction Pays Measurable Returns8
Effective Leaders Inspire Trust and Confidence9
Source of Satisfaction: Open and Honest Communication9
Media Channels for Employees10
Additional Readings11
Case 1.A New Kind of Car, a New Kind of Team: Saturn Comes to Tennessee12
Case 2.Freddie Mac Employees Get Prompt Report on Sweeping Changes16
Case 3.Southwest Airlines Finds a Payoff in Avoiding Employee Layoffs21
Case 4.Teamsters Deliver Public Support During the UPS Strike26
Case 5.Handling a Crisis: The U.S. Postal Service Responds to Anthrax Attacks30
Professional Insights: The Management Champion of Social Responsibility, by James E. Grunig, professor of public relations, University of Maryland34
3Stakeholders: Community36
Community Relationships May Fluctuate36
Changing Definitions of Community37
Results of Community Relations37
Communicating With Community Publics39
Additional Readings39
Case 6.The Company for Women Pledges Support40
Case 7.CharitaBulls Help Others Win at Life44
Case 8.When It Comes to Your Lawn, Do It Naturally48
Case 9.Habitat for Humanity: Building Corporate Bridges and Affordable Houses52
Case 10.Community Service Constitutes Core Competency of Timberland56
4Stakeholders: Consumers61
The Contemporary Consumer61
Key Objectives62
Integrated Communication62
Business-to-Business Communication63
Additional Readings64
Case 11."Would You Like Your Taco With or Without Pesticide Today?"65
Case 12.A Change in Name--A Change in Image? From Prunes to Dried Plums70
Case 13.Tire Tread Troubles Drive Firestone Into Crisis of Confidence73
Case 14.A New Look for Work? Dockers Promotes Business Casual79
Case 15.Warner Bros. (and Others) Are Wild About Harry82
Professional Insights: Forming Effective Relationships With Journalists, by Lee Duffey, president and founder, Duffey Communications86
5Stakeholders: Media88
Media Stakeholders Serve Intervening Publics88
Purposes of Media Relations88
The Self-Interests of the Media89
Time Pressures in Media Relations89
Electronic Media Relations90
Up to Date and Easy to Use91
No Substitute for Human Contact91
Additional Readings92
Case 16.Media Interest in Transplant Drama Stokes Anxiety in Health Care Professionals93
Case 17.Phony News Release Leads to Losses for Investors and a Prison Term for Former College Student100
Case 18.Sheik's Leisure Resort Project Gets Royal Treatment105
Case 19.Bishops, Priests, and Reporters: The Catholic Church and Media Coverage of Sex-Abuse Scandals110
Case 20.Bowling for Columbine Strikes Ammunition Sales at Kmart Corp.115
6Stakeholders: Investors118
An Attractive Investment118
Investment Bankers119
Quiet Period Not Defined120
SEC Goals121
Institutional and Individual Investors121
Paying Attention to Individuals122
Additional Readings122
Case 21.The Communications Company That Didn't Communicate: WorldCom Faces a World-Record Bankruptcy and Leadership Scandal123
Case 22.Appearances or Substance: Which Is More Important?127
Case 23.Consulting Company Gets New Name and New Owners133
Case 24.Case of the Misfired Memo137
Professional Insights: It's What We Do in Investor Relations That Matters, by Louis M. Thompson, Jr., president and CEO, National Investor Relations Institute140
7Stakeholders: Members and Volunteers141
Communicating With Volunteers and Members142
Special Concerns143
Additional Readings144
Case 25.Designated Donations? The American Red Cross and the Liberty Fund145
Case 26."Only in Saskatchewan": Government Campaign Solicits Youth Testimonials About Local Opportunities151
Case 27.Colossal Fossil Dominates Chicago's Field Museum156
Case 28.For Every Girl, Everywhere--Girl Scouts Prepare for the 21st Century161
Case 29.A New Way for the United Way of the National Capital Area?164
8Stakeholders: Governments and Regulators168
The Roles of Practitioners168
Regulatory Complexities169
Critics of Regulation169
Protecting the Powerless170
Additional Readings173
Case 30.New Internet Cookie Recipe Gives Heartburn to DoubleClick174
Case 31."Working Together To Bring Peace": Saudi Arabia Seeks to Improve Its U.S. Image179
Case 32.Kick Ash Bash Sets Stage for Antismoking Campaign182
Case 33."Powerful" Campaign Seeks to Promote Healthy Bones188
Professional Insights: A Higher Ethical Standard for Nonprofits, by James E. Moody, executive director, Georgia Society of Association Executives190
9Stakeholders: Activists192
Activists Against SUVs192
SUV Owners Organize193
Purposes of Activism193
Focusing on Social Problems194
Framing a Message194
An Underexamined Role195
Additional Readings195
Case 34.Passionate About Policies to Protect Poultry196
Case 35.Greenpeace Pressures Chemical Producers to Reduce Risks of Chlorine Gas202
Case 36.Activist Campaign in India Examines Soft Drinks206
Case 37.Activists Keep Nike on the Run211
Case 38."Walking the Talk"--DuPont's Land Legacy Program Donates 16,000 Acres to the Conservation Fund218
10Stakeholders: Global Citizens222
Practitioners' Role in a Global Market223
Cultural Differences223
Get Local Help224
Overcoming Language Barriers224
Paralysis or Hubris225
Critics of Globalization225
Adjust to Global Threats226
Additional Readings226

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