Approaching Second: Second Position Clitic and Related Phenomena

Approaching Second: Second Position Clitic and Related Phenomena




This book focuses on a special type of pronouns and auxiliary verbs, known as clitics, which have a unique grammar. The goal of the book is to compare several different languages to see how they are similar and how they are different. The book is unique in providing a comparison of several scientific theories of grammar as applied to clitics. Each paper deals in some depth with clitics from a particular language or group of languages, including Sanscrit and Hittite, Old Spanish, Balkan Slavic, Old and Modern Germanic, and native Australian languages. Second Position Clitic and Related Phenomena is noteworthy to linguists concerned with the study of universal grammar and others with an established interest in clitics.

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ISBN-13: 9781575860145
Publisher: Center for the Study of Language and Inf
Publication date: 06/28/1996
Series: Lecture Notes Series , #61
Pages: 629
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

1. Clitic placement in old Romance and European Portuguese and the null subject parameter Pilar Barbosa; 2. Phonology and syntax in the interpretation of the Tobler-Mussafia law Joseph M. Fontana; 3. Wackernagel's law and unaccusativity in Hittite Andrew Garrett; 4. Object clitics in West Flemish and the identification of A/A' positions Liliane Haegeman; 5. Deriving Wackernagel's law: prosodic and syntactic factors determining clitic placement in the language of the Rigveda Mark Hale; 6. Who's on first? toward a prosodic account of P2 clitics Hans H. Hock; 7. Definiteness and second position clitics in straits Salish Eloise Jelinek; 8. The functions of split-Wackernagel clitic systems: pronominal clitics in the Ngumpin languages Patrick McConvell; 9. Second position clitic pronouns in Old Spanish and categorial grammar Chiyo Nishida; 10. Cliticization in Old English Susan Pintzuk; 11. Clitics in Serbian/Croatian: comp as the second position Liljiana Progovac; 12. The placement of Serbo-Croatian clitics: a prosodic approach Vesna Radanovic-Kocic; 13. Now that we're all here, where do we sit?; 14. Phonological ordering in the Vedic clause-initial string Steven Schaufele; 15. A prosodic account of clitic position in Ancient Greek Ann Taylor; 16. A note on clitics and prosody Jindv{r}ich Toman; 17. The Balkan slavic nominal clitics Olga Miv{s}eska Tomic; 18. Second position clitics in medieval Romance Dieter Wanner; 19. Notes on clitics in Dutch C. Jan-Wouter Zwart.

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