Apuntes Historicos Sobre La Historia De Cuba - Volumen I

Apuntes Historicos Sobre La Historia De Cuba - Volumen I

by Jorge Navarro Custin


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This book details various historical episodes of Cuban history providing little known facts about what truly happened during the Wars of Independence. It provides insight on some of the key figures of the conflict with Spain and the United States. Some of these figures had been totally ignored by other historians.

It shows the critical contributions of Horacio Rubens, Leoncio Prado, Francisco Aguilera, Bernabé Varona, William Cushing, Johnnie O'Brien, Federico Blume, Emeterio Betances, William Astor Chanler, Bartolomé Masó and many others previously ignored or unknown.

The book also analyzes and describes the true facts behind the sinking of the battleship "Maine" in Havana's harbor showing how and who perpetrated this incident that led to the war between Spain, Cuba, and the United States.

Early expeditions against Cuba, and political conflicts between well known figures of our history like Tomás Estrada Palma clearly show that divisionism is not new to the history of our country.

The efforts of the Government of the United States to suppress the insurrection against Spain and persecute the Cubans that fought for the freedom of their land show a remarkable parallel with the policies of today's Government showing that history repeats itself.

This book presents an overall view of Cuba's history in a narrative easy to read style by one of the best historians of our time.

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