Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water

Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water


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He's lost his memory. And his kingdom. Can Arthur Curry find the hero within in order to reclaim his throne?

He's lost his kingdom. He's lost his memory. He may even have lost his mind. He is Arthur Curry, the Lord of Atlantis, a founding member of the Justice League...and he has no idea where he is, how he got there...or how to escape.

The maritime monarch has washed up on the shore of a remote island where nothing is as it seems. In the mysterious town of Unspoken Water, the people fear the wrathful sea. Aquaman befriends an enigmatic young villager named Caille—but he dreams of a redheaded woman with whom he shares an unbreakable bond.

But even as his queen Mera attempts to locate the amnesiac Arthur, a new enemy is rising out of the depths...

A new era for the Sea King begins in Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water! Join the all-star creative team of Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly) and Robson Rocha (Supergirl, Teen Titans) as they take Aquaman deep into uncharted waters!

Collects Aquaman #43-47 and dozens of behind-the-scenes skeches!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781401292478
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication date: 08/13/2019
Pages: 152
Sales rank: 250,447
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 10.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Kelly Sue DeConnick is the Eisner Award-nominated writer of Bitch Planet (Image), Pretty Deadly (Image), Captain Marvel (Marvel), Osborn (Marvel) and got her start in the comic industry adapting Japanese and Korean comics into English. Five years and more than ten thousand pages of adaptation later, she transitioned to American comics with 30 Days of Night: Eben and Stella, for Steve Niles and IDW. Work for Image, Boom, Oni, Humanoids, Dark Horse, DC, Vertigo and Marvel soon followed. Today, DeConnick is best known for surprise hits like Carol Danvers' rebranding as Captain Marvel and the Eisner-nominated mythological western, Pretty Deadly; the latter was co-created with artist Emma Ríos. DeConnick's most recent venture, the sci-fi kidney-punch called Bitch Planet, co-created with Valentine De Landro, launched to rave reviews in December 2014. DeConnick lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Matt Fraction, and their two children.

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Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous 2 days ago
A new direction for Aquaman. Completely clean slate. Aquaman loses his memory and ends up in a strange village on an island. The story is more mythical - a fantasy, not a super-hero tale. And quite accessibe for new readers. The art is beatiful and nuanced. The story fast, original . Higly reccomended.
Craig1954 2 days ago
Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and give an honest review. Wonderful graphics but confusing story-line. I have not kept up with the Aquaman story so this did not make much sense to me. The name 'Aquaman' did not even show up here. These was too much jumping around to keep track of who was doing what. Who were the good guys and who were the bad guys?
DSAReboot 5 days ago
Following the events of Drowned Earth, this graphic novel combining Aquaman comics #43-47 opens with the hero of the sea washing ashore of the strange community of Unspoken Water - a small village of older adults barely surviving via what they can catch in their fishing nets - with absolutely no memory of who he is, or his past. Donned with the nickname "Andy" by the villagers, Arthur Curry - the Lord of Atlantis - befriends a young woman named Caille who seems obsessed with the sea, otherwise seeking help from the villagers to find out who he is and why he's there (the villagers are sure the sea gave him to them for a reason) ... while at the same time there seems something hidden, almost wrong, with the very people Andy is trying to befriend. Remaining spoiler-free, that's about as much as can be said here ... except that Unspoken Water just might be the most sumptuous, beautifully-illustrated graphic novel this reader has ever read. DeConnick's story, as well, doesn't miss a trick, the mystery of the village and what's really going on building suspense perfectly - as well as playing in a big way into the mythology of Aquaman and his history - before an enemy comes forward and some pretty hard battle lines are drawn (and fought). The strong story and characters only help the reader buy into what's going on, emotional investment in the characters guaranteed - but truly, beautifully, nearly every page of this lush graphic novel is a sensational work or art, doing Arthur Curry's alter ego total justice; whenever water/the sea appears on the page, it's as if it's a separate character of its own, fully come to live. I can't even remember how many times I must have said "Wow" under my breath, turning the pages of this gem, and with a brilliant story and plenty of action and a major super-villain to back it up, Aquaman Vol. 1: Unspoken Water may well be the best DC graphic novel I've ever read. 5/5 stars