Aramaic Light on the Gospel of John: Aramaic New Testament Series

Aramaic Light on the Gospel of John: Aramaic New Testament Series

by Rocco A. Errico, George M. Lamsa


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Aramaic Light on the Gospel of John, like its predecessors Aramaic Light on the Gospel of Matthew and Aramaic Light on the Gospels of Mark and Luke, carries you back into the Near Eastern, Semitic times of Jesus of Nazareth. It is unique in that it provides insight into the Aramaic language and Semitic customs of almost two thousand years ago. If you instinctively shy away from "commentaries"-This one will surprise you. No dull theological seminary textbook, the approach is simple, informative, and scholarly, without using specialized theological terminology. This inimitable commentary acts a Near Eastern guide, revealing to the Western mind a more intimate picture of the socio-religious and psychological environment of the period. It offers an understanding of the character and behavior of Near Eastern Semites. This is the field of Dr. Errico's and Dr. Lamsa's research and expertise. They bring clarification to many misunderstood passages and sayings of Jesus. Learn the Semitic meanings behind such terms as "the Word," "Light," "Life," "Christ." Understand what Jesus meant when he said "No man comes to the Father except through me" and many other sayings that appear to be sectarian and exclusive. This volume is more than a revision of Dr. Lamsa's commentaries, Gospel Light, 1936, and More Light on the Gospel, 1968. Dr. Errico has edited, expanded and annotated these previous works in the new format that Dr. Lamsa desired. In addition, this book contains unpublished material that the two of them outlined just before Dr. Lamsa died in 1975. Dr. Errico completed these comments and has added information derived from his continual research in Near Eastern Semitic studies.

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ISBN-13: 9780963129284
Publisher: Noohra Foundation
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

DR. ROCCO A. ERRICO, Ph.D., D.D., is an ordained minister, author and lecturer and one of the nations's leading biblical scholars working from the original Aramaic texts. Dr. Errico is the recipient of numerous awards and academic degrees, including a doctorate in Letters from the College of Seminarians, The Apostolic Succession of Antioch and the Church of the East-American See, a doctorate in Divinity from St. Ephrem's Institute in Sweden, and a doctorate in Philosophy from the School of Christianity in Los Angeles. For ten years he studied intensively with Dr. George M. Lamsa, world-renowned native Assyrian scholar of the Scriptures. In 1970 Dr. Errico established the Noohra Foundation, which is dedicated to helping people of all faiths to understand the Near Eastern background and Aramaic interpretation of the Bible.

GEORGE M. LAMSA, Th.D. (1892-1975) was born in a civilization with customs, manners and language almost identical to those in the time of Jesus. His native tongue was full of similar idioms and parables, untouched by the outside world in 1900 years. Dr. Lamsa's formal education began under the priests and deacons of the ancient Church of the East and he later graduated with the highest honors ever bestowed from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Colleges in Iran and Turkey. After arriving in the United States, he devoted his life to translating the Holy Bible from the Ancient Eastern Text and also authored numerous biblical commentaries.

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