Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy: A Supplementary Volume to The Arcane Teaching

Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy: A Supplementary Volume to The Arcane Teaching

by William Walker Atkinson, Mel Waller (Editor)


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Lesson I. Egohood 5
Lesson II. Establishing the Ego (I) 11
Lesson III. Establishing the Ego (II) 17
Lesson IV. Establishing the Ego (III) 23
Lesson V. Will Focalization 30
Lesson VI. The Excluded Middle 36
Lesson VII. Mastering the Opposite. 45
Lesson VIII. Neutralizing Rhythm 49
Lesson IX. Cyclicity and Balance 55
Lesson X. Mentalism in a Nutshell 60
Formula for Positivity 61
Will Atmosphere 62
Personal Positivity 64
Visualization 64
Statements 65
Denials 66
Mental Alchemy 66
Mental Vibration 67
Thought Waves and Currents 67
Thought Forms 68
Practical Methods 68
Concentration 69
Mental Imaging 70
Materialization of Thought 73
Aids to Mental Imaging 74
General Application 74
The Arcane Formula 76



Let the Neophyte place himself in a position and condition of calm, restful repose. Then let him meditate upon his own identity, as distinguished from the outside objective world. Let him reach mentally into the very centre of his being --- the inner recesses of his soul, until he meets his Real Self face-to-face. Let him, in this meditation, repeat softly to himself his own name --- that is, the name which he applies to himself at times when he thinks of himself in the third person. Or, else, his favorite "short name" or familiar "nickname," such as "Jim," or "Will," or "Jack," etc. --- in short, the name which he most familiarly identifies with himself. Let him repeat this name over and over again, softly, to himself, throwing into it his earnest attention as if in that name, or word, were contained the Secret of His Existence. In many cases the Neophyte will find that he is lifted up to a higher plane of being or consciousness, in which he sees more clearly the Light Within, and hears a few strains from the great Song of Life. If the experiment succeeds, he will realize, as never before, the reality of the "I" --- the Secret of the Ego.

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