by Lacy Sheridan


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ISBN-13: 9781541250468
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/14/2018
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Lacy Sheridan has been telling stories for as long as she can remember and firmly believes that a life without them would be unbearable. She completed her first novel at the age of 12 but never pursued publishing it, and at 17 wrote the original draft of her first published novel, Dreams of Otherworld, as a part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge. When not lost in the fantastical recesses of her imagination, Lacy resides in Meridian, Idaho and dedicates her free time to painting, attending conventions dressed as fictional characters, and being a loyal servant to her multitude of pets.

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Arcatraissa 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Arcatraissa by Lacy Sheridan is a standalone young adult novel that demonstrates how limitations in life are directly related to the depth of one’s curiosity. Arcatraissa by Lacy Sheridan features Cassie, a quiet yet determined young woman with a love for reading. While visiting her dying estranged aunt, Cassie unearths an eccentric leather-bound book written in an indecipherable language. From her initial observations, it appears to be a well-loved fantasy novel, complete with unusual illustrations and handwritten comments. Unable to quiet her overactive imagination, Cassie questions her aunt about the distinctive manuscript; fearing it is nothing more than the ramblings of a delusional woman. Instead, to her disbelief, Cassie’s aunt relays an extraordinary tale of Arcatraissa, an elusive underground kingdom that governs the world’s population of faeries. While the very existence of faeries has long been considered legend, only existing in children’s fairy tales, the mythological creatures that reside in Arcatraissa are not what their famous fictional counterparts would lead you to believe. Rather than embrace human kind, these faeries fear human beings for their notorious prejudice and violence towards the unknown. They avoid human contact at all costs, even forcing the human realm to be considered off-limits to all faery citizens. However, among this frightened faery population, there lives a faery prince who does not conform to his people’s principles; a prince that believes the human population is rather intriguing, not dangerous. As an open-minded outcast among this rather close-minded society, this faery prince evades punishment by secretly visiting the human realm and its inhabitants; preferring to risk everything to admire the human world’s natural beauty rather than safely observing the unchanging scenery of his kingdom. Through these various unsanctioned trips to the human world, the faery prince and Cassie’s aunt form an unlikely friendship; a relationship of knowledge and trust that later involves the prince giving Cassie’s aunt the strange volume detailing the history of his faery kingdom. To read the rest of my review, visit the blog A New Look On Books
DarqueDreamer 4 months ago
Arcatraissa is full of beauty and wonder. It's a perfect story book faerie tale. For those who love enchantment and faeries, you will adore this one. This one was so magical. It was short and sweet and such a wonderous read. I adored the elegance of the writing and the enchanting world Lacy created. Arcatraissa was definitely a faerie tale of its own. It involved a mysterious, fae, story book, a charming fae prince, and a beautiful faerie tale world. It had magic, danger, passion, a moral lesson, and a somewhat happy ending. It was a textbook faerie tale.. I loved the magic behind the book that Cassie's aunt possessed. I loved that the story boasted about not forgetting your inner child when you grow up. And I adored the characters and their journey. I finished this one in one sitting because it was just so good. My only complaint was that there was no real separation between the switching of POV's, and that it was very predictable. But, it still had several unpredictable moments that made up for that fact. I could have lived in the world of Arcatraissa. It was like a dream. There was magic and faeries everywhere. And, I just really loved how the book made me feel like it's okay to be a kid still sometimes. Stories like these are why I love faerie tales.
WordForward 6 months ago
3.5 stars This book was so different from any story I have read. It was a great mix of fantasy and mystery. I loved that the author had two worlds in this book – the real world and the Fae world. This story kept me guessing from the start and it threw in a couple of twists to keep me on my toes. The author did an amazing job bringing the Fae world to life from the characters to their home. There were a few parts I found a little slow but still an overall great story!! One hint – in the back, there is a Fae dictionary as well as definitions of some of the Fae words/language used. This is a great addition especially when you know you’re saying a word wrong in your head.