Archangel Alchemy Healing: The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe

Archangel Alchemy Healing: The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe

by Alexandra Wenman
Archangel Alchemy Healing: The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe

Archangel Alchemy Healing: The Celestial Science in the Vibration of the Universe

by Alexandra Wenman


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Restore your divine blueprint with the cutting-edge celestial science of archangel healing

• Details the practice of Archangel Alchemy, an angelic energy healing therapy, including its protocols, invocations, and hands-on techniques

• Looks at how and why the science of Archangel Alchemy works as a healing modality, backed up by scientific research

• Provides channeled guidance, meditations, attunements, and healing practices to connect you with your true angelic nature for healing, harmonizing, and connecting with your soul purpose

Channeled directly through the Archangels, primarily Gabriel and Metatron, Archangel Alchemy is an angelic energy healing system that aligns you with the angelic kingdom and allows you to connect with your purest divine blueprint.

Providing meditations, invocations, channeled guidance, and healing practices, Alexandra Wenman shows you how to tap into your own magical and healing gifts by experiencing and embodying angelic qualities and vibrations. Learn about key concepts such as the holographic nature of the soul; light language and its symbols; how to establish the pillar of light and the diamond shield; and how to open the gateway to the multidimensional self. You will find attunements to Ascended Masters, the new Elohim Angels, and the great cosmic heart. Presenting evidence to support the existence of the angelic kingdom, and of life and the myriad of dimensions beyond our physical reality, Alexandra draws on scientific research from quantum physics and the sacred geometry of nature, as well as psychology and metaphysics, to show how and why Archangel Alchemy healing works.

With numerous practical applications, this comprehensive guide enables anyone to harness the power of angelic energies to heal, harmonize, and fully align with your soul purpose.

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ISBN-13: 9781644115626
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 11/08/2022
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 458,923
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Alexandra Wenman is a gifted angel communicator, spiritual alchemist, channel, healer, poet, and presenter. The former editor of Prediction Magazine, she is the founder of Precious Wisdom Alchemy and the creator of The Alexandra Wenman Show on YouTube. She lives in London.

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From CHAPTER 1: The Purpose of Archangel Alchemy

How Does Archangel Alchemy Work?

Archangel Alchemy is different from most other forms of healing, in that it sparks an alchemical process. In this healing system, we use the symbolism of the diamond to refer to the multifaceted divine soul. Ancient alchemists knew that the soul was the Philosopher’s Stone, and the closer one got to their own soul, the closer they got to the uncovering the fabled “elixir of youth” and attaining the secrets of life itself.

The ancient science of alchemy is said to be a process of transmutation, whereby an original substance is separated into its greater and lesser elements. Both elements are purified and then reunified into a more refined substance. The process is repeated until, eventually, the greater absorbs the lesser and the purification of the original substance is complete. For example, it is said that alchemists were once able to transform lead into gold via this method. The Philosopher’s Stone was said to be the key magical ingredient needed to perform this function.

Alchemists worked with symbols to describe each aspect of the alchemical process. In terms of spiritual alchemy, symbolism takes you out of the logical mind and opens your imagination. When we think of the difference between a sign and a symbol, as Carl Jung pointed out, a sign represents something we already know the meaning of, such as a stop sign. However, symbols tend to refer to the unknown or something we may not already know the meaning of.2

Symbols, such as Egyptian hieroglyphs and our modern-day emojis, can also contain multiple meanings. They are not a linear language, with just one explanation for each image. Working with symbols can, thus, help to stretch your mind and get you thinking outside the box. Symbols compel you to wonder what they might mean and that, in turn, forces you to open your imagination to search for the answer or meaning. Your ability to imagine is exactly what you need to be able to step beyond the confines of 3D physical reality and into your true multidimensional magnificence. This is why I like to think of symbols as doorways or gateways that can help you connect more easily with your higher self.

In terms of alchemy as a spiritual process, the Archangels want to help us purify our lower or human self, so that it can be reunited with our higher or divine self. It is our human programming, with all of its hurts, traumas, judgements, and misconceptions, that prevents us from living our highest potential. We can think of the Philosopher’s Stone as the essence of our own soul, which is unconditional love. If we embrace our hardships, misunderstandings, issues, and blocks with more and more love, and do it repeatedly, we move ever closer to the goal of oneness via enlightenment, and thus, move closer to achieving lasting harmony and peace for ourselves and our planet.

The attunements gifted you by each of the Archangels within this book aim to initiate a powerful alchemical process within you. Symbolism and visualization add a key element to the healing process as it helps you to witness your own metamorphosis. As you blaze with the holy diamond fire of the archangels, you embody their gifts and qualities and begin to shed all that is no longer serving you. Through working with Archangel Alchemy and performing the self-healing process regularly, you may find that old habits begin to shift and your preferences and tastes for certain things may change seemingly overnight.


Angelic Choirs Meditation and Attunement

Every time we go through a personal challenge, it heralds a time of rebirth and resurrection, so what better time to acknowledge the end—or death—of the idea of separation and allow ourselves to be reborn in the unity of God/Goddess/Source/Divine?

There is nothing more empowering than allowing yourself to really feel at one with the God/Goddess within. In this way, you discover that everything comes from within and everything exists within the space and existence we occupy presently, here in the “now”.

When you discover this incredible knowledge, you come to realize that all things, even Angels and Ascended Masters, are part of you. They exist both inside and outside you, and it is, in fact, you who invokes their energy and creates the bridge in consciousness between Heaven and Earth.

This meditation shows you how to invoke the angelic hierarchy in order to bring healing to our planet on both a personal and universal level. For the very reason we exist in the physical world is to embody spirit in matter—in short, to live Heaven on Earth.

◊ Close your eyes, and take two deep, cleansing breaths. Let go of cares and worries, and feel yourself at peace.

◊ Imagine your entire body now filled with pure white light, and see yourself surrounded by angels. Feel your connection to your physical body, and maintain that connection throughout this meditation.

◊ Now start to expand your consciousness, like a bubble growing in size from the very core of you, and stretch it out in every direction to infinity.

◊ Feel your limitlessness and, as you expand, realize that you are travelling in consciousness out into the universe, past the planets and stars, yet you are still connected to your physical body but have grown in consciousness.

◊ Allow your energy to now travel farther up and out until you come to a glorious golden dimension of light. This is the Angelic Kingdom.

◊ As you connect to this space, you feel thousands of Angels around you, singing above you, and you are filled with pure love.

◊ The Angels tell you that you are to receive a special blessing from each of the angelic choirs on behalf of the whole of humanity.

◊ Firstly, your Guardian Angel steps forward and kisses you on both cheeks. They hand you a gift to symbolize your transformation into an Earth Angel. Take note of this gift, as you will see it in the physical world in a few days.

◊ Next, the Archangels surround you and give you a blessing to strengthen your own connection to God/Goddess and embody your own leadership qualities.

◊ The next group of Angels to surround you are the Principalities. They ask you to accept their blessing on behalf of any groups you belong to, such as your place of work, your city, or your country. They work to protect human rights and thus ask you to be a champion for this cause by standing up for your own rights.

◊ The Powers now bring forward a blessing of divine justice and protection for you and the whole world.

◊ The Virtues gift you with miracles, both on a personal level and to increase the awareness of magic for the whole population of Earth.

◊ Divine wisdom is gifted to you by the Dominions, and they remind you of the laws of cause and effect. “As above, so below” is their message.

◊ The Thrones govern all relationships, from human interaction right through to how the planets affect each other. They gift you with positive energy to become a global mediator for peace.

◊ The Cherubim are guardians of the light and the stars. They bless your light body, allowing you to connect more easily with the light and to help you embody the boundless love of the divine on Earth.

◊ The next highest order of God’s Angels are known as the Seraphim. As these mighty Angels now surround you, their light is so bright you can barely see them. No negative energy can permeate their light, so they offer the ultimate in divine protection.

◊ Finally, the Elohim gift you a blessing for the divinity you represent and chant over you, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God of Hosts.” The “hosts” they speak of are we mere humans. For we have no idea of our own true power. The “Lord God of Hosts” refers to divine spirit that exists within our physical matter. It is the marriage of above and below. And, as we come to realize that we are vessels of the divine, we take responsibility for our lives and embody Heaven on Earth.
◊ Spend a moment bathing in your Source light, and send pure love out across the cosmos. Then connect back to your physical body and open your eyes.

Table of Contents

Foreword Colm Holland 15

Channelled Message from the Angelic Hierarchies of Light 17

Living with Angels - A Prologue 21

Part 1 How to Become an Archangel Messenger

Chapter 1 The Purpose of Archangel Alchemy 29

Our Evolution and Becoming Human Angels 29

How Does Archangel Alchemy Work? 31

How Archangel Alchemy Can Help in Your Daily Life 33

Chapter 2 The Beginnings of Archangel Alchemy 35

How Angels Can Exist Both within and around Us 35

Channelling Archangelic Technology 40

Embodying the Angelic Presence 44

Chapter 3 Angelic Prophecy - 2020 and Beyond 47

The Birth of Archangel Alchemy 50

What Is the Angelic Kingdom of Light? 52

The Angelic Choirs 52

Chapter 4 Communicating with the Archangels 57

How Angels and Archangels Communicate 57

Angelic Messengers and Walk-Ins 58

Are You an Angelic Dream Walker? 60

Chapter 5 Opening to Channel 64

Why Channel? 65

Activating Your Psychic Senses and Developing the "Clairs" 66

The Main Clairs 67

Exercises to Strengthen the Clairs 68

Chapter 6 Grounding and Preparation 73

The Angelic Consciousness within the Human Body 73

Communicating with the Body Angel 74

Receiving Guidance through Dowsing and Muscle Testing 75

Muscle-Testing Exercises 76

Chapter 7 How to Align with the Angelic Vibration 83

How to Channel an Archangel 86

Part 2 Guardians of the Non-physical Worlds

Chapter 8 The Main Archangels, Ancestors, and Guides Overlighting This System 93

Archangel Gabriel 93

The Diamond as the Gateway to Infinite Consciousness 94

The Seed of Creation within the Flower of Life 95

Archangel Alchemy and Harnessing Unconditional Love 98

The Nature of the Multiverse and Living Consciousness 99

The Guardians of Diamond Earth 100

The Guardians of the 13 Dimensions 101

Chapter 9 The Archangels as the Bridge to Unity Consciousness 103

A Story about Integrity and the Mirror 105

Channelled Message from Archangel Gabriel: The Power of Uncovering Our Truth 108

The One Flame - Reuniting of the Councils of Light on Earth 113

Androgynous Angels and Our Original Blueprint 114

Channelled Message from Archangel Gabriel: What Is the One Flame? 117

Chapter 10 Archangels as Bodyguards and Protectors 119

A Very Near Miss - Archangel Michael 119

Surviving a Bus Crash - Archangels Michael and Raphael 120

The Angelic Policeman - Archangel Michael 121

Spread Your Wings - Archangel Ariel 123

Chapter 11 Getting to Know the Angel and Devil Within 126

False Light and Discernment 126

False Light Teachers and Beings Masquerading as Angels 127

Psychic Attack - Protection and Self-Defence 128

Chapter 12 Archangelic Protection Rituals and Prayers 136

Prayer for Clearing and Protection 136

Purification with the Angels of Water 138

The Pillar of Light and Inner Sun Process 141

Stand in Your Power with the Tree of Light 144

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram 146

Part 3 Archangels and Our Ascension

Chapter 13 How to Navigate Personal Awakening 157

Symptoms of Enlightenment 157

The Seed of Light Process 160

Chapter 14 Archangel Alchemy and the Angels of the Ascension Flames 162

Channelled Message from the Archangels of the Ascension Flames 162

What Are the Sacred Flames of the Archangels? 165

The 40 Archangels of the Ascension Flames 165

Chapter 15 The Archangel Alchemy Staircase of Ascension 189

Preparing to Embark on the Archangel Alchemy Staircase of Ascension 190

The Archangel Gateway of the Black Ray 192

The Archangel Gateway of the Russet Ray 194

The Archangel Gateway of the Red Ray 197

The Archangel Gateway of the Pink Ray 200

The Archangel Gateway of the Orange Ray 203

The Archangel Gateway of the Yellow Ray 206

The Archangel Gateway of the Green Ray 209

The Archangel Gateway of the Turquoise Ray 211

The Archangel Gateway of the Blue Ray 214

The Archangel Gateway of the Purple Ray 217

The Archangel Gateway of the Violet Ray 219

The Archangel Gateway of the White Ray 221

The Archangel Gateway of the Silver Ray 223

The Archangel Gateway of the Gold Ray 224

The Archangel Gateway of the Platinum Ray 228

The Archangel Gateway of the Rainbow Ray 230

The Archangel Gateway of the Diamond Ray 232

Chapter 16 Purging by Fire 235

Poetry: The Alchemical Healing Language of the Angels 237

Express Your Pure Angelic Soul 240

Chapter 17 Angelic Light Language and Light Codes 245

The Use of Angelic Light Language for Multidimensional Healing 246

Chapter 18 New Angels for the New Earth 252

Channelled Message from the Seven Elohim That Surround the Godhead 252

The Elohim Creator Gods and the New Angels Coming to Earth 255

Channelled Message from the Intergalactic Elohim 256

Angelic Light Language Activation with the Intergalactic and Interdimensional Elohim 260

Part 4 The Archangel Alchemy Healing System

Chapter 19 Preparation and Attunements 267

The Winged Breath 267

The Main Archangel Alchemy Attunement Process 270

The Archangel Alchemy Attunement 270

Chapter 20 The Significance of the Archangel Alchemy Attunement Symbols 276

The Cosmic Diamond and Opening the Divine Vortex 276

Archangel Diamond Light DNA Activation 280

Chapter 21 The Archangel Alchemy Healing Practices 282

Channelled Message: What Is the Purpose of Archangel Alchemy as a Healing System, and How Does It Work? 282

The Benefits of Archangel Alchemy as a Multidimensional System of Healing 285

How to Perform the Archangel Alchemy Healing Techniques 287

Variations on the Archangel Alchemy Healing Practice 291

How to Cleanse and Close Down Your Energy Fields 294

Chapter 22 Healing into Death and Transitions 295

The Gift of a Graceful Transition - A Personal Account of Death and Dying 296

Chapter 23 Why Archangel Alchemy Works 300

The Secret Healing Power Hidden in the Patterns of Nature 300

The Mathematics of Unconditional Love 301

Creation and the Golden Mean 306

Calling on the Angels 309

Epilogue 312

Notes 314

Bibliography 321

Acknowledgements 330

Index 332

About the Author 335

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