Archie Double Digest #206

Archie Double Digest #206

by Archie Superstars

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"The Archies Return to Beverly Hills": After their first thrilling adventure in Beverly Hills (from December 2008's ARCHIE'S DIGEST #250), The Archies have returned for more fun in the "Golden State!" This time, they're playing a gig at the fabled Beverly Hills Hotel's Crystal Ballroom, where many a movie star, president and other dignitaries have been entertained throughout the years! Of course, they plan to make time for some of the city's other famous landmarks, too, including the Fountain Coffee room - home of grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches and the famous "Orange Freeze" drink, and the many shops on Rodeo Drive, including Guzzi and Dolsay & Cabana! "Do the Right Thing": Archie faces his biggest dilemma: do what's right (keep his date with Betty) or rock 'n' roll all night (at a concert with Veronica)! "Loving the Library": Girls can read boys like open books - especially when those boys (like Archie) volunteer at the library just to meet girls! PLUS: Other new and classic tales!

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ISBN-13: 9781627380386
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications, Inc.
Publication date: 05/27/2013
Series: Archie Comics Double Digest , #206
Sold by: Archie Comics
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 657,057
File size: 64 MB
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BETTY Its my wedding day! I'm so excited. I'm peeking out from some curtains in the church. Adam is already standing at the alter. I'm walking up the aisle, and I'm having to remind myself to breathe. I finally made it to the alter, and I'm just lost in Adam's eyes. Suddenly, I'm jerked back to reality by a voice saying, " I object!!" Of course, it's Archie. "And why do object?" The pastor asked. "Because Betty is my girl, and everyone knows that Adam is the wrong guy for her. Why have that, when you could have this?" He asked, flexing his muscles. After that, the ushers, "ushered" him out. The wedding went on without a hitch. Adam leaned toward me and kissed me. As we went out of the church, everyone threw rice at us. Except Archie. He threw his shoes at us. One hit me on the head, and Adam had to carry me to the car. As we jetted off to Hawii, I got a call from Ronnie. "I'm so, so sorry about Archie, Betts. I hope you and Adam have fun. Adam is such a nice guy. Oh! Guess what? Reggie asked me to marry him! I said yes. The wedding is in three weeks. Will you be my maid of honor?" She asked. "Of course!" Ss he hung up, and I told Adam about it. He was looking at my forehead. "Wow, Archie's shoes are powerful!" He handed me a travel mirror, and I saw a cut in the shape of a shoe on my head. "Oh well. It'll heal." He took my hand, and we both fell asleep, over the Pacific. Next book