Architects on Architects / Edition 1

Architects on Architects / Edition 1

by Susan Gray, Paul Goldberger
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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

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Architects on Architects / Edition 1


With the passion of first discovery, today’s most notable architects share their most moving and formative encounters with the art and influence of mentors, models, and heroes.

Full of spellbinding meetings with legendary figures and outstanding works, told by those most touched by their greatness, this grand voyage among the pinnacles of architecture gives you intimate access to the most original structures and minds of our time. Often you will sit beside geniuses at the moment storied works came into consciousness. Frequently you will share seminal exchanges between great mentors and gifted students. Always you will be entertained by true tales of the origins and transmutations of brilliance.



Diana Agrest on Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein
Tadao Ando on Le Corbusier
Henry N. Cobb on H. H. Richardson
Norman Foster on Paul Rudolph
Mario Gandelsonas on Mies van der Rohe
Michael Graves on Le Corbusier
Vittorio Gregotti on Peter Behrens
Charles Gwathmey on Louis I. Kahn
Hugh Hardy on William van Alen
Arata Isozaki on Le Corbusier
Carlos Jimenez on Luis Barragan
Sumet Jumsai on Le Corbusier
Ricardo Legorreta on José Villagrán
William S. W. Lim on Le Corbusier
Richard Meier on Frank Lloyd Wright
William Pedersen on Rockefeller Center
Cesar Pelli on Eero Saarinen
James Polshek on Louis I. Kahn
Antoine Predock on The Alhambra
Raj Rewal on Fatehpur Sikri
Richard Rogers on Maison de Verre
Der Scutt on Paul Rudolph
Robert A. M. Stern on Paul Rudolph
Hans Busso von Busse on Paul Rudolph

Here’s a profound, stirring study of how the world’s greatest architects influenced the lives and work of others—told in the disciples’ own dramatic and awe-filled words. They discuss the career-inspiring achievements of their mentors, designers of some of the most famous structures on Earth. The contributors delve into their mentors’ design philosophy, and tell you how the genius of the masters affected their careers, their goals, and their lives.

This candid personal testimony imparts the emotion, inspiration, and wonderment of architecture and vividly demonstrates the power of mentorship and the potential it can unleash. Each original essay is beautifully illustrated with photographs (most in full color) of both the architect’s work and that of his or her mentors, providing a visually stunning forum for comparison and learning.

In these pages you will hear from Richard Meier on his fruitful association with Frank Lloyd Wright. You will share Diana Agrest’s appreciation for the cinematic and structural genius of Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein. You will read Tadao Ando’s account of his enthrallment with Le Corbusier—and the Chappelle Notre Dame du Haut.

Open this book and meet masters of architecture—Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, William van Alen, H. H. Richardson, Eero Saarinen—and their admirers—Cesar Pelli, Michael Graves, Hugh Hardy, Charles Gwathmey, William Pedersen, and 19 more of the great names of today’s architecture.

In addition, Architects on Architects lets you appreciate great work and great architects from contrasting perspectives. No fewer than four of today’s leading architects—Norman Foster, Der Scutt, Robert A. M. Stern, and Hans Busso von Busse—share awe (and differing reactions) before the mastery of Paul Rudolph. You will also view the highly influential work of modernist Le Corbusier from more than one window.

An ideal book for architecture aficionados, ARCHITECTS ON ARCHITECTS captures the soul, inspiration, and majesty of architecture. On architects and by architects, it is a work that builders, developers, and architects themselves will feel compelled to own.

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ISBN-13: 9780071375832
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2001
Series: Architecture Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 7.80(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.82(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Paul Goldberger

Chapter 1: Diana Agrest on Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein

Chapter 2: Tadao Ando on Le Corbusier

Chapter 3: Henry N. Cobb on H.H. Richardson

Chapter 4: Norman Foster on Paul Rudolph

Chapter 5: Mario Gandelsonas on Mies van der Rohe

Chapter 6: Michael Graves on Le Corbusier

Chapter 7: Vittorio Gregotti on Peter Behrens

Chapter 8: Charles Gwathmey on Louis I. Kahn

Chapter 9: Hugh Hardy on William Van Alen

Chapter 10: Arata Isozaki on Le Corbusier

Chapter 11: Carlos Jimenez on Luis Barragan

Chapter 12: Sumet Jumsai on Le Corbusier

Chapter 13: Ricardo Legorreta on Jose Villagran

Chapter 14: William S.W. Lim on Le Corbusier

Chapter 15: Richard Meier on Frank Lloyd Wright

Chapter 16: William Pedersen on Rockefeller Center

Chapter 17: Cesar Pelli on Eero Saarinen

Chapter 18: James Polshek on Louis I. Kahn

Chapter 19: Antoine Predock on the Alhambra

Chapter 20: Raj Rewal on the Unknown Architect of Fatehpur Sikri

Chapter 21: Richard Rogers on the Maison de Verre

Chapter 22: Der Scutt on Paul Rudolph

Chapter 23: Robert A.M. Stern on Paul Rudolph

Chapter 24: Hans Busso von Busse on Paul Rudolph
Selected Works and References
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Architects on Architects 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿The New York Times¿:Review by Martin Filler 'Practitioners of a wildly competitive art form, architects are always looking over their shoulders, not just at contemporaries with whom they must compete for jobs but also at the great predecessors against whom they'll be measured by history...'n
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Architects on Architects' is such an amazing book where you can learn from the masters. See also Gray's 'Designers on Designers' and 'Writers on Directors' to discover how the pros are influenced by their mentors
Guest More than 1 year ago
Introspecting Influence Who inspired the Whos Who of Architecture? 'Architects on Architects' attempts to address this loaded question in a series of 24 essays by leading architects of the late twentieth century from around the world from Norman Foster to Carlos Jimenez to Tadao Ando. As the essays illustrate, influence is actually not simply a question of 'who?' but rather comes from a number of different sources: a single building, an entire career of an architect,or sometimes just an attitude or way of looking. Many of these influential experiences happened during the architects formative years as students or interns and the impact of how these influences changed the direction of a life are revealed for the first time in these later career recollections. For Richard Rogers, his visit to the Maison de Verre as a student in 1955 would not only determine his thesis project, it would stay with him through the next half century as the symbol of 'the power of innovation itself.' For Tadao Ando, Le Corbusiers words in 'Vers une Architecture' stressing that a journey in ones youth has a deep and strong significance throughout a lifetime inspired the young untrained aspiring architect to visit Le Corbusiers church at Ronchamp in 1965.As the essays attest, the importance of an architect can be measured not only by his or her designs, but also by the architects impact on other architects careers. Based on this criteria, Le Corbusier, Paul Rudolph,and Louis Kahn appear in these essays as some of the most influential architects. However, although five of the 24 essays are devoted to Le Corbusier, we see five very different aspects of the master architect: Ando describes impressions of Ronchamp, Michael Graves talks about Le Corbusiers method of drawing, William Lim discusses him in relation to Frank Gehry, Sumet Jumsai describes his personal meeting, and Arata Isozaki describes the context of his death. While Paul Rudolphs reputation suffered greatly during the Postmodern period, we see his lasting impact through his students who studied at Yale ranging from Norman Foster to current dean Robert A. M. Stern. One of the most interesting aspects of this collection is the great variety of topics that the architects chose to write about. Some easily understandable choices include Cesar Pelli writing about his mentor and former employer Eero Saarinen and high-rise building specialist William Pederson writing about Rockefeller Center. However, it might come as a surprise to see Diana Agrest writing about architect-turned-filmmaker Sergei M. Eisenstein or Richard Meier writing about Frank Lloyd Wright rather than Le Corbusier. For the most part, these short essays are poignantly written -- a refreshing change from the typical arrogance and incoherence of many architects writing about their own work. Nevertheless, the essays shed great insight into the architects inner thinking and also reveal architecture as a collective profession greater than the work of any single architect.The collection serves as a valuable document to understand this generation of architects from the second half of the twentieth century and also begs the question of how this generation will influence future generations of architects.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Architects on Architects' will plainly provide unexpected and sometimes moving shafts of light onto the usually hidden world of architects' inner drives and inspirations. Peter Davey, Editor, 'The Architectural Review'