Architecture Gothic and Renaissance: Large print

Architecture Gothic and Renaissance: Large print

by Edward J. Poynter


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Architecture Gothic and Renaissance by Edward J. Poynter

Abacus.-The upper portion of the capital of a column, upon which the weight to be carried rests.

Aisle (Lat. ala).-The side subdivision in a church; occasionally all the subdivisions, including the nave, are called aisles.

Apse.-A semicircular or polygonal termination to, or projection from, a church or other public building.

Arcade.-A range of arches, supported on piers or columns.

Arch.-A construction of wedge-shaped blocks of stone, or of bricks, of a curved outline, and spanning an open space. The principal forms of arch in use are Semicircular; Acutely-pointed, or Lancet; Equilateral, or Less Acutely-pointed; Four-centred, or Depressed Tudor; Three-centred, or Elliptic; Ogival; Segmental; and Stilted. (Figs. .)

Architrave.-(1) The stone which in Classic and Renaissance architecture is thrown from one column or pilaster to the next. (2) The moulding which in the same styles is used to ornament the margin of a door or window opening or arch.

Ashlar.-Finely-wrought masonry, employed for the facing of a wall of coarser masonry or brick.

Attic (In Renaissance Architecture).-A low upper story, distinctly marked in the architecture of the building, usually surmounting an order; (2) in ordinary building, any story in a roof.

Bailey (from vallum).-The enclosure of the courtyard of a castle.

Ball-flower.-An ornament representing a globular bud, placed usually in a hollow moulding.

Baluster.-A species of small column, generally of curved outline.

Balustrade.-A parapet or rail formed of balusters.

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