Architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Architecture of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

by Stephen H Lekson (Editor)


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The structures of Chaco Canyon, built by native peoples between AD 850 and 1130, are among the most compelling ancient monuments on earth. Recognized as a World Heritage Site, these magnificent ruins are consistently featured in scholarly books and popular media. Yet, like Chaco itself, these buildings are anomalous in Southwestern archaeology and much debated.

In a century of study, our understanding and means of approaching these ruins have grown considerably. Important tree-ring dating, GIS research, and computer imaging point to the need for a new volume on Chaco architecture that unifies older information with the new.

The chapters in this volume focus on Chaco Great Houses and consider three overlapping themes: studies of technology and building types, analyses of architectural change, and readings of the built environment. To aid reconsideration there are over 150 maps, floor plans, elevations, and photos, including a number of color illustrations.

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ISBN-13: 9780874809480
Publisher: University of Utah Press
Publication date: 03/15/2009
Series: Chaco Canyon Series
Edition description: 1
Pages: 296
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About the Author

Stephen H. Lekson is associate professor of anthropology and curator of anthropology, Museum of Natural History, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
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1. Introduction - Stephen H. Lekson
2. Great House Form - Stephen H. Lekson
3. Gearing Up and Piling On: Early Great Houses in the Interior San Juan Basin - Thomas C. Windes
4. Great Kivas in Time, Space, and Society - Ruth M. Van Dyke
5. Architecture Studies of Pueblo Bonito: The Past, the Present, and the Future - Jill E. Neitzel
6. The Changing Faces of Chetro Ketl - Stephen H. Lekson, Thomas C. Windes, and Patricia Fournier
7. Building Social History at Pueblo Bonito: Footnotes to a Biography of Place - Wendy Ashmore
8. Revisiting Downtown Chaco - John Stein, Richard Friedman, Taft Blackhorse, and Richard Loose
9. The Primary Architecture of the Chacoan Culture: A Cosmological Expression - Anna Sofaer


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