Arco Master The Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Exams

Arco Master The Nursing School and Allied Health Entrance Exams

by Marion F. Gooding



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ISBN-13: 9780768918397
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 03/15/2005
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.70(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Part IInformation About Nursing and Allied Health Programs and Entrance Examinations
About the Nursing Profession3
Selecting a Nursing Career3
Selecting a Nursing Program4
Selecting an Allied Health Program4
Financial Aid Sources5
About the Examinations7
Special Features of This Book16
Part IIPractice for Registered Nursing School Entrance Examinations
Unit 1Verbal Ability21
What Verbal Ability Is and How It Is Measured21
Etymology-Key to Word Recognition23
Know Your Roots (or Stems)24
Prefixes and Suffixes26
Increased Word Power from Beginning to End29
Synonyms Test35
Answer Key41
Antonyms Test45
Answer Key50
Skill with Verbal Analogies51
Verbal Analogies Test56
Answer Key63
Let's Put You to the Test64
Final Verbal Ability Examination66
Answer Key74
Unit 2Mathematics75
Tips for Studying Mathematics75
Mathematics Review76
Test 1100
Test 2103
Test 3106
Test 4109
Quantitative Comparisons Test 5113
Quantitative Comparisons Test 6119
Final Mathematics Examination122
Answer Key130
Explanatory Answers132
Unit 3Science153
Characteristics of Organisms153
Concepts Related to Health Sciences160
Science Glossary167
Chemistry and Physics Test 1189
Chemistry and Physics Test 2195
Human Anatomy and Physiology Test 3200
Human Anatomy and Physiology Test 4206
Biology Test 5211
General Science Test 6217
Final Science Examination Test 7224
Answer Key231
Explanatory Answers235
Unit 4Reading Comprehension263
Techniques of Reading Interpretation263
Test 1275
Test 2280
Test 3282
Test 4285
Test 5287
Test 6289
Answer Key290
Part IIIPractice for Allied Health School Entrance Examinations
Unit 5Verbal Ability293
Synonyms Test 1294
Antonyms Test 2297
Answer Key300
Unit 6Quantitative Ability301
Nonverbal Arithmetic Test 1302
Problem Solving Test 2305
Algebra Test 3307
Quantiative Comparisons Test 4308
Answer Key313
Explanatory Answers314
Unit 7Science321
Cells, Structure, and Function Test 1324
Biology Test 2329
Biology Test 3332
Human Anatomy and Physiology Test 4334
Chemistry Test 5342
Chemistry and Physical Science Test 6344
Answer Key349
Explanatory Answers352
Unit 8Reading Comprehension367
Reading Passage 1368
Reading Passage 2370
Reading Passage 3372
Reading Passage 4374
Answer Key377
Part IVPractice for Practical/Vocational Nursing School Entrance Examinations
Unit 9Verbal Skills381
Antonyms Test 1383
Antonyms Test 2387
Synonyms Test 3389
Synonyms Test 4393
Spelling Usage Test 5395
Answer Key397
Unit 10Arithmetic and Mathematics399
Review of Basic Operations399
Solutions to Practice Exercises414
Arithmetic Test 1425
Arithmetic Test 2427
Final Arithmetic and Mathematics Test429
Answer Key432
Explanatory Answers433
Unit 11Health and Science439
Health and Science Glossary439
Test 1447
Test 2450
Test 3453
Test 4456
Answer Key462
Explanatory Answers464
Unit 12Reading Comprehension473
Test 1474
Test 2476
Test 3478
Test 4481
Test 5483
Answer Key485

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