Arctic Bound

Arctic Bound

by Tigris Eden


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ISBN-13: 9781508751328
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/18/2015
Pages: 376
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

One of Tigris' fondest memories, was in the sixth grade, when her teacher read her story, "The Case of The Missing Pepperoni", out loud to the class. It was then she decided she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. But like all childhood dreams, reality has a way of crashing in and disrupting plans. But her imagination and the voices inside her head never stopped talking. Every dream she could remember was jotted down in her dream journals.

Tigris writes the Shadow Unit Series, featuring hot immortal men who police their kind, and women who love them. She also co-writes the Romantic Tales: Bedtime stories, which have included, The Genesis Project, a Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance, featuring Genesis Blackmore, the last remaining human on New Earth. In Season 2 or Romantic Tales, Tigris has Red Hawk Mercenary group. This is also a Sci-Fi, but Erotic Romance featuring female assassins with very little moral codes.

Tigris is currently working on the Shadow Unit Series, Romantic Tales: Bedtimes Stories, and has expanded on the Genesis Project which will now be a trilogy introduced in 2014.

Tigris is a military brat who's done her fair share of travelling, thanks to her Army father. She's married to the infamous LL and has three boys. She currently resides in Houston and is actively seeking a book-buddy for the end of the world.

You can find Tigris on Twitter, Facebook, and at her website.

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Arctic Bound 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
TinaB0917 More than 1 year ago
4.75 stars Another wonderful book by Tigris Eden. I loved Nerina. She's sassy, intelligent, damaged, and all around kick-a%%. Regardless of the things that she has been through, she doesn't compromise herself. Victor seems arrogant, cold, uncaring at first. Considering all of the "rules" that he has to follow, I can understand why. I enjoyed watching him try to control Nerina and her actions.  The secondary characters definitely added depth and feeling to the story. We are left with questions, but not necessarily a cliff-hanger. I am anxious for more in this world! He craves her submission, she craves his body and her freedom.  *Warning ~ contains bondage, submission, and more. ***I received an e-ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.***
ReesesSH More than 1 year ago
First off HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO ARCTIC BOUND!! I received an ARC of Arctic Bound and it’s definitely one of those books where getting an ARC is a blessing and a curse. I was so excited to get an ARC and read Tigris Eden’s new book early, and then I finished and all I could think was “now I have to wait longer than everyone else for the next one.” Sad I know, but I know the wait will be worth it. Nerina is in hiding. Having escaped New York after the fire that killed her parent she’s hiding from the people she once called family. Burned and injured Nerina hides out in a small town in Alaska. All Nerina wants is a private life and that’s what she got until she meets Victor. The two butt heads instantly and Victor knows she’s hiding something. Victor and his pack have formed a life up in the mountains secluded from humans and Hunters. Victor is soon to be Alpha and with is comes all kinds of responsibilities, like marrying Sasha. While he knows his duty he wants Nerina, and so does his warrior.  Arctic Bound was definitely not what I expected at all. I don’t want to give too much away so I kept what happens in the story at its minimum. Arctic Bound is definitely one of my favorite books this year. I cannot wait for more. Acrtic Bound has the supernatural with all diferent kinds of lore involved. We have Egyptian lore combined with Ancient Greek mythology. Seriously it can’t get better than this.  Nerina was a completely badass character. I loved her right from the start. Even though she’s injured she never lets it slow her down. She works hard to be independent and keep her strength up. Her personality is just amazing too. She’s straight up with everyone about who she is. She doesn’t back down and she goes after what she wants. Honestly Nerina is my absolute favorite type of character. She grows throughout the story, but is strong beginning to end. Victor is a dick at the beginning of this book but explains is in a way where it would be understandable in the animal kingdom. Weakness isn’t tolerated in the animal kingdom which is why at first he doesn’t “like” Nerina. Victor is all Alpha male (in every sense of the word) and while he is a sexy and lickable character I liked that his character is the one that grew the most. Arctic Bound was action packed. I enjoyed the fight scenes and that things blew up and or course how our two amazing main characters kicked major bootay. The sexy scenes where Nerina was BOUND he-he get the name now? No? Okay then anyway bondage was a huge part of Victors and the wolves’ lifestyle which was a definite surprise. You are going to need a fan for this one peeps. Honestly there were so many twists and turns and the surprise that happens near the end, which changes the entire way I looked at the story and characters before was a huge mind blowing moment. I was definitely kept on my toes and am desperate for more of this series. I love Tigris Eden as an author and here’s why. She puts everything I want in a book without it being too much. I am a huge fan of adding diversity into books and Tigris delivers. Nerina is biracial which is so freaking cool since I rarely ever read about biracial characters. Her female characters sometimes come across as weak, but in the end they take the most hits and keep getting back up to kick butt. She adds humor, action and has realistic characters in a fantasy world that you wish was real. She never overwrites because I loathe endless amounts of description and everything in the book comes across as natural. Tigris is definitely fantastic, so if you haven’t picked up her books yet, you should seriously start.
K_P_Knupp More than 1 year ago
HOT! The mystery and romance surrounding Nerina has you engulfing the book as quick as you can take in air. The entire book I kept guessing what would happen with Nerina, but luckily it's one of those books that doesn't give it away until the time is right. With twists at every turn I couldn't stop reading. I was shocked when I finally checked the time and found out it was 5AM!!!! I didn't even realize, I was submerged in this world, and the outside world couldn't get to me. This is a must read for Romance fans!! The Novella that goes with it (will be linked below) is just what you need to ease the heartache that the next book won't come out until 2017!!! Highly recommend!
Charity1007 More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Tigris Eden. I didn't know what to expect from her books or her as an author and I was pleased with her imagination. The plot of this book was excited and action packed. Her take on the lore was fun and different. I liked the characters even though I felt they were a little under developed emotionally. I do need to mention that this book is very raw as far as editing, I hope that she will have it redone for future readers because I am afraid that readers wouldn't give the series a chance based solely on that. If you can get past the raw editing, this book has a lot of potentially to go in amazing directions as a series and I am excited to see what she does with it and which other characters we met in book 1 will get their stories :) I want to make sure I mention that this book has explicit sexual content and can be listed as a BDSM genre book. I did not see that listed or noted any where before I bought the book. Actual Rating is 3 1/2 stars, Arctic Bound is new and fresh and has amazing potential but as an avid reader I expect more form the editing and beta readers working with an author and I felt that some of the "holes" and content took away from the story and the characters development. there were times I was confused and I know that a good redo as far as editing would skyrocket this book!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love it, can't wait for the next one...
Denise23b More than 1 year ago
Intense, descriptive reading material. Even though it is paranormal, it felt real through out the book. The writing was believable and very detailed that makes the book a must read for any paranormal fan or for any one wanting to take a walk on the dark side. Nerina and Victor love hate relationship was one so hot that chemistry could not be denied. I cannot get over the how descriptive this book is, that is what I enjoyed most about the book. It felt real at every turn in the page.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this kind of book and this one has me hanging on every page as I am reading it in bed and am still awake at 3am as I cant put it down so ready for next in this group. Keep up the great work.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My first with her n love it. Highly recommend it :)
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
Ms. Eden brings us an amazing story. Artic Bound kept me guessing! Dosen’t happen often but I was stunned and speechless a few times with plot twists I never saw coming. Nerina, is a hiding in a small cabin in Alaska. She was badly burned in a fire and her scars are both physical and emotional, however, she is strong and independent. She has a secret past that unfolds through the novel. She is working on living and healing in the harsh climates of Alaska, with the two dogs the previous owner had. Victor is a werewolf and is meant to be the pack Alpha come spring. He is all Alpha and a lot of jerk at times. He has the future of the Pack on his shoulders and he takes it seriously. I was happy when we got to see him care – he cares about his family, friends, and his pack. But, can he care for Nerina. The two together is combustible! They will make you laugh and make you want to smack some sense into them now and again. Altogether, Arctic Bound is meltingly passionate and explosively sexy! I will note this novel isn’t for the meek. It is full of adventure, arguments, fighting, it has rope play (which I must say was vivid), BDSM and hot as the 4th of July! I look forward to reading the rest of the series to see what adventures and passion flair for the Alaska Pack.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago