Are Catholics Going to Hell?

Are Catholics Going to Hell?

by James Nugent


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I asked him on what he based his opinion. He said he had heard stuff. I asked what kind of stuff? He said, "Catholics worship In the beginning used to let my Protestant friends off the hook. They would bash Catholicism, and make smart a@@ comments, while I would say nothing. Then one day after a friend made a particularly bigoted comment; I realized that "my friend really doesn't know any better and he was being thoughtless and hurtful.

So I quietly told him that his ignorant statement was mildly offensive and definitely unchristian. He said, "Well as far as I can tell you belong to a defunct religion and you are going to hell. " My faith wasn't shaken but my feelings were hurt.

Mary." I just rolled my eyes and said that he really should read the Catholic catechism or at least visit a Roman Catholic Church, before he condemns 1.2 billion Christians to hell.

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