Are Common Heart Skip Palpitations Dangerous?

Are Common Heart Skip Palpitations Dangerous?

by James Lowrance

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Are Common Heart Skip Palpitations Dangerous? by James Lowrance

Subtitle: "Premature Ventricular and Atrial Contractions (PVCs and PACs)"

(This eBook is also a section found in my more comprehensive resource titled: "Common Murmurs, Arrhythmias and Myopathies of the Heart".)


Skipped heartbeats occur in most, if not 100% of the general population, at some point during their lives. Some medical sources state that about half of us experience them on a relatively frequent basis. For some people however, these heart palpitations called "Premature Ventricular Contractions" and "Premature Atrial Contractions" (PVCs and PACs), occur at a frequency or forcefulness, that can be concerning to them and that can result in chronic anxiety and/or panic attacks. In most cases these palpitations are benign but the unpleasant feeling they may cause can at times override any reassurance one might receive by a doctor, that their heart is otherwise healthy and normal.

It would seem that some individuals are more aware of their skipped heartbeats than are others, which in-reality are extra heartbeats (extra systole: ectopic heartbeats) that cause the sensation of missed ones. Many people with PVCs and/or PACs, are finely tuned-in to the symptoms these may cause and once anxiety over them is added, they can occur with more force and frequency (in most cases anxiety and stress precedes and triggers them). While this still does not make them dangerous, according to many reputable heart specialists, the fear and anticipation of them can degrade a person's quality of life. It in-essence becomes an anxiety disorder in itself or is added to an existing one, causing a worsening of symptoms.

It is my intention, through the chapters of this book, to inform readers who experience these common but most-often benign palpitations, with facts, that can help them to better-cope with the concerning symptoms they may experience with these strange heartbeats.


Skipped Heart Beats: A Sign of Impending Cardiac Arrest?
(Premature Ventricular and Atrial Contractions)

What I Think about those Devilish Heart-Skip Palpitations
(My Observations regarding Premature Ventricular and Atrial Contractions)

Heart-Skip Palpitations (PVCs) and Cardiomyopathy
(Heart Enlargement Risk with Premature Ventricular Contractions?)

Do PVCs and PACs Increase the Risk for Premature Death?
(Fears caused by Frequent Skips and Thumps)

Common Treatments for Heart Palpitations
(Lifestyle, Pharmaceutical and Natural Solutions for PVCs and PACS)

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I am a husband, father, grandfather and lifetime contract salesman, with experience in health writing that began in 2004. I completed theological studies with Liberty University in 1996. I formerly served as editor and forum moderator of Thyroid Health for a major multi-topic content site and as a general health writer for another, on which I achieved 4 Editor's Choice Awards for my articles on health subjects. In 2003 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism; "Hashimoto's thyroiditis" being the cause. This autoimmune form of thyroid disease that causes destruction of the thyroid gland resulted in my also developing "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome", due to a compromised immune system with severe co-morbid "Adrenal Fatigue". I also suffered severe anxiety symptoms, including panic attacks early into the onset of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (Hashitoxicosis). A common heart murmur I was diagnosed with in my teens called "Mitral Valve Prolapse", also worsened in severity of symptoms, with the development of these other health disorders. My eventual receiving of diagnoses was a difficult process with proper diagnostic testing not being ordered by the first doctors I sought treatment from. These types of issues were inspiration for me to become proactive in my own health care and to self-educate myself on these health disorders, which I have done extensively since 2003. I now enjoy sharing this information with other patients experiencing my same health disorders.

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