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Are Those Kids Yours?: American Families with Children Adopted from Other Countries

Are Those Kids Yours?: American Families with Children Adopted from Other Countries

by Cheri Register

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Drawing from her own experiences and those of others who have adopted children from outside the United States, the author here addresses a range of issues arising from the controversial practice. As the single parent of two Korean-born daughters, Register ( Living with Chronic Illness ) is often faced with the query posed in the book's title. How she and other parents help their foreign-born children ease into American society is examined and evaluated. Larger questions, such as the ethics of uprooting children from their heritage, the global issue of wealthy versus poor countries, the racism often encountered by these children, the wrenching issue of the rights of birth parents, are presented in very personal terms. Internationally adoptive parents will find this an empathetic guide. (Nov.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
As the adoptive mother of two Korean girls, Register has often been presented with this remark, either spoken or implied. Yes, the girls are ``hers,'' now, but the question does bring out some of the practical and ethical issues involved in cross-cultural adoption: are the parents in the wealthier nations ``entitled'' to raise children left homeless in other parts of the world by poverty or social stigma? Do adoptive parents have a responsibility to their children's birth countries or to other disadvantaged children and their families? What does it mean to ``own'' a child, anyway, and who can ultimately make that claim? In this sensitive, compassionate guide, Register addresses these and other issues and shows how they are played out in the actual, day-to-day experience of her own and other adoptive families. With the number of these adoptions increasing each year, most public libraries will want to purchase this book.-- Marcia G. Fuchs, Guilford Free Lib., Ct.

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