Are You Standing on Shaky Ground ?: Playing the Game with

Are You Standing on Shaky Ground ?: Playing the Game with "The Man You Thought You Knew"

by Dr. Patricia Lyons


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Are You Standing on Shaky Ground? Well, Jerry Newhouse was! I awakened to the ringing of my cell phone. The person on the other end relayed a very distraught message saying, "Jerry Newhouse passed away on Sunday, October 11, 2015." I couldn't believe my ears; Jerry was gone; he had so much more life left to live! Let me introduce myself, my name is Victoria Khakis but people refer to me as "Sasha" because of the fashions I choose to wear. Jerry and I met a while ago, instantly striking a friendship, for we shared many commonalities.
The news spread rapidly for Jerry was a controversial personality; a man leading a deceptive-double life; one of shame and humility. Quite by chance, we discovered, he had been depicted as a "whistleblower;" never respecting individuals on the lower echelons of life, regarding only those in positions of power. Persons assigned to lower-level positions were used; and discarded like trash, as he portrayed the innocence of being the victim. From our perspective, he was a mastermind perfecting the art of luring individuals into his den for the purpose of destroying them by making them feel important, under the pretense of being fond of them! Being categorized as the victim gave him a platform and the ability to strike at individuals without their knowledge. As an attorney, he was privy to the A-listers, enlisting prestigious clientele, those with prominence and wealth; but Jerry's heart was not one of apathy! In revealing this life story, it required researching beyond the limits and the imagination ---- as we had much to learn!

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