Are You Trying To Seduce Me Mrs Daniels?

Are You Trying To Seduce Me Mrs Daniels?

by Don Bull


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Gerry Wilson was born in rural Ireland almost thirty years ago. His family moved to the exotic climes of the industrial West Midlands of England when he was a lad. While his parents have since returned to the homeland, Gerry has got married and divorced. Being a gentle, easy going soul he had little say in either of these events but went along with both for the sake of the easy life. Gerry has also left his safe job in a bank to become a teacher, something he's wanted to do since leaving school and finally made the big break.
All of these things apart, Gerry's life has been fairly mundane, a state of affairs that he was more than happy to remain. Any chance Gerry had of continuing to meander along the backwaters of existence were blown away when a whirlwind called Victoria Daniels decided to place her well-manicured hand on his tiller. Victoria is also a teacher at Gerry's school but is his polar opposite in every other respect. She's a wealthy, confident, attractive older woman... and married. Victoria begins an affair with Gerry but her husband Lenny isn't exactly the understanding type and more important, he has unsavoury friends.
Another worry albeit a less frightening complication is that Gerry's best friends, a lesbian couple Lyndsey and Violet, decide they want a baby and see Gerry as ideal donor material. These problems however are to become minor irritations when Victoria disappears in suspicious circumstances. Foul play is suspected and all of the evidence seems to point straight at Gerry.

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ISBN-13: 9781499377583
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/15/2014
Pages: 374
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Hallo and welcome.
PG Wodehouse, George McDonald Fraser, Tom Sharpe and Sue Townsend would be at the forefront of my own favourite writers and I think they give a good idea of my own approach to writing. As you have probably deduced, I'm not aiming to be the next Cormac McCarthy or Sylvia Plath. I like to be entertained and uplifted when I read and subsequently I hope to do the same for my readers. My main aim is to raise a smile and hopefully make people feel that the World is a slightly better place than when they started reading.
I've been writing for over ten years now having come to it late in life. I'd always wanted to write but people like me just didn't did they? Authors always had a solid background, university followed by a career in journalism or advertising whereas I left school with no qualifications and embarked upon a succession of dead end jobs. I know there has been the odd exception to the academic types monopolising the book world but there weren't enough to convince me that I could join their ranks and so I didn't try. Eventually though it struck me like a bolt from the blue, if I wanted to write no one was actually trying to stop me and luckily not too long after this thought, internet publishing burst through the steel gates that publishers had previously defended against a sea of would-be novelists.
What qualifies me as a writer? I believe that the most important tool at my disposal has been that I've worked all of my life and observed and listened to a vast raft of humanity, every one interesting in their own way. I love my characters whether they be good, bad or downright ugly and it's the characters that seem to decide where the story goes rather than me. I believe that very few stories can't be improved with an injection of humour and my characters often make me laugh involuntarily and I thank them for that.
What's the least enjoyable part of being a writer? It is undoubtedly the death struggle that is involved in getting the words from a lovingly put together novel onto a platform that can be read by anyone else. I am to technology what Brian Sewell is to cage fighting. Perhaps publishers aren't such an evil after all, if you're lucky enough to have one that is.

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