Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?: How to Prevent Dangerous Interactions, Avoid Deadly Side Effects, and Be Healthier with Fewer Drugs

Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?: How to Prevent Dangerous Interactions, Avoid Deadly Side Effects, and Be Healthier with Fewer Drugs

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Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?: How to Prevent Dangerous Interactions, Avoid Deadly Side Effects, and Be Healthier with Fewer Drugs 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I walked down the bus aisle, noticing everybody staring. Nervous, i was about to sit in the back seat all alone when i heared someone call, "Hey! New girl!" I turned to see a cheeky boy with glasses bright blue hair spiked with gel waving at me. A girl with brown hair waistlength was sitting next to him at the window. Her hair was wavy like mine and the same length, but hers was more beautiful. - I nervously sat down next to blue-haired boy, waving shyly at him and the girl. The boy smiled, showing perfect white teeth, but the girl just scowled and looked away. - "Hey new girl!", the boy said in a deep friendlly voice. "Im Josh, and this is my stepsister, Julia." I smiled shyly. "Hey", i said to him. "Hi", i said to Julia. Julia just looked out the window. "Aw come on Julia", Josh said. "Say hi to the new girl." Julia grunted. - "Dont worry", Josh whispered in my ear. "She has an attitude problem." I laughed, already feeling like i belonged. - "By the way", said Josh. "Whats your name?" I looked down at my feet, already embarrased. "Um... its... Ivy", i said quietly. Josh grinned. "Thats a pretty name", he said kindly. "You dont need to be embarrased just cuz its different." I smiled up gratefully at him. - The bus pulled up to the school. As everyone started to get off, i just sat there, afraid to get up. Josh noticed. "Its okay", he said. "Me and Julia will be with you to help you. Right, Julia?" Julia didnt say anything. "Isnt that right, Julia?", he repeated through his teeth. "Whatever", Julia said sharply, flipping her hair over her shoulder. I smiled at them, glad that they both will be by my side, even though Julia doesnt like me. - I walked off the bus and across the parking lot towards the school, Josh and Julia by my side. I didnt dare look around, knowing everybody will be staring. When i walked into the school building, i paused, not knowing where the office was. "This way", Josh said, walking towards a door at the left hallway. He opened the door for me. - "We will wait out here", he said. "You go on in and ask for your class schedule." I went over to the counter. The secretary looked up. "How may i help you, miss?", she asked. "Um, im Ivy, you know the new girl. Im here for my class schedule. And a, um, school map." The secretary looked through a manilla folder, pulling out a couple sheets of paper. - "Here you go, Miss Ivy", she said, smiling and handing me the map and schedule. "Your first period class is Math in room 103 with Mrs. Corall. We have lunch at 11:30. There are three lunchrooms, so go to whichever you want. There is also an outdoor area where you can have your lunch. See you later." - As i walked out the door, Josh jumped out from behind it. I squealed in surprise, then started to laugh as he tickled my stomach. I pushed him away, laughing and gasping for breath. When my laughter died down, i lightly punched his shoulder. He grinned. "So, did Ms. Trisha talk you to death?", he asked. "Oh you mean the secretary? I guess she did", i answered. Julia scowled and said, "Come on, Ivy. Room 103 is this way." - I followed her and Josh through the crowded hall. We came up to a door at the end that said above it: ROOM 103 MRS CORALL SUBJECT: MATH(ALGEBRA). I sighed. I was gonna fail this class for sure. "Well", said Josh. "You and me have this class together, Ivy. Julia is upstairs. But this class isnt too hard." I squared my shoulders, and got ready to face my next challenge, which is sure to be humiliating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an eyeopening book. It should be must reading for anyone and everyoen who takes prescription medication and even over the counter medicines. The information provided has enabled me to make sense of many of the side effects of the mediations I take - and I only take three, so imagine if you are taking many more than three, and has opened my eyes to the fact that my doctor and the medical profession in general really doesn't attempt to find out what your (the patients) problems are,they just treat the side effects which leads to more side effect and more treatment/drugs, ad infinitum. I highley recomend everyone read this book regardless of age and drug use. It is an eye opener and really full of necessary information. It it very ewll written, easy to read and most informative