Argentine Ornithology Vol. II - The Original Classic Edition

Argentine Ornithology Vol. II - The Original Classic Edition

by Hudson P

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Finally available, a high quality book of the original classic edition of Argentine Ornithology Vol. II.

This is a new and freshly published edition of this culturally important work by P. L. Sclater and W. H. Hudson, which is now, at last, again available to you.

Enjoy this classic work today. These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside Argentine Ornithology Vol. II:

Description.-Head, upper surface, and wings greyish olive-brown, passing into dull coppery green on the upper tail-coverts; two central tail-feathers and outer one bronzy green, the others white, narrowly edged externally with brown; throat shining green, bordered below by a band of black with bluish reflexions; flanks olive-brown; breast and sides of belly white; centre of belly black with steel-blue reflexions; under tail-coverts olive: whole length 5·0 inches, wings 2·7, tail 2·1.

...- 4 -Description.-Head, upper surface, wing-coverts, flanks, and abdomen dark yellowish green; ear-coverts rich violet-blue; wings purplish brown; tail dark bluish green, crossed near the tip by a broad chalybeate band, beyond which the tips are of a lighter bluish green; throat and upper part of the breast luminous green; across the breast a gorget of shining bluish green; vent and under tail-coverts pure white; bill black; feet blackish brown: whole length 3·8 inches, wings 2·8, tail 1·7.

...Description.-Crown of head luminous metallic green, changing in some lights to aquamarine, in others to bluish green, and in others to golden green; all the- 6 - upper surface and wing-coverts golden green, the golden hue predominating on the lower part of the back; wings purplish brown; tail purplish black, glossed with dark green; behind the eye a spot of white, and on the cheeks a streak of grey; centre of throat rich metallic purplish crimson, on each side of which is a series of elongated feathers of a rich deep metallic blue; under surface deep green, passing into rich blue on the middle of the body; tuft on each side and vent white; under tail-coverts green, fringed with white; bill black; feet blackish brown: whole length 5·2 inches, wing 2·3, tail 1·7.

...Description.-Head, all the upper surface, wing-coverts, chin and sides of the neck, abdomen and flanks deep shining grass-green; on the centre of throat and breast a large patch of white; lower part of abdomen and under tail-coverts white; wings purplish brown; two middle tail-feathers deep shining grass-green, the remainder bluish black, the three outer ones tipped with white; upper mandible black; basal two thirds of the lower mandible fleshy, apical third brown; feet brown: whole length 4·2 inches, wing 2·3, tail 1·4.

...Description.-Head, upper surface and under wing-coverts, flanks and abdomen rich deep shining green; chin rufous chestnut; fore part of the neck and breast rich sapphirine blue, with violet reflexions; upper tail-coverts bronzy brown; tail-feathers chestnut, the two centre ones with a bronzy hue, the remainder edged with blackish brown; wings purple-brown; under tail-coverts light chestnut; bill fleshy red, except at the point, which is black; feet brown:- 9 - whole length 3·5 inches, wing 2·2, tail 1·2.

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