Arguing With The Bible: A Book Of Questions

Arguing With The Bible: A Book Of Questions

by Lynn D. Talafuse


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As I read my Bible for the first time in years, I began to see verses that do not line up with the idea of a triune god. I am aware that Satan will disguise himself as a good voice, so I prayed about it and asked God to show me if this was from him or not. The more I prayed, the more verses I saw. I told a good friend about it, a real prayer warrior, and she prayed for me. And then even more verses stood out. I've talked to my minister about it and wrote down my thoughts as they developed. Then I started making a list of verses in Excel so that I could lay them out side by side and in columns, depending on the topic. Then I got the idea to write this book. Well, I say write it, but it pretty much has written itself. It has been almost too easy. Ideas come to me, mostly while I'm taking a bath oddly enough, and I started writing as soon as I get to my PC. I guess when I was an engineering tech, all the ISO documentation I generated was God training me to understand and document complex subjects. So what is my goal? Since most churches will acknowledge that there are at least two man-made concepts that came out of Nicaea, I would like it if the churches took another look at things. We should base our beliefs only on what scripture says and what the Spirit opens up to us as we read. Everything that we need to know is there and is clear. For the things that are not spelled out, it is OK to say we do not know. It is one of the traits of a man to try and have all the answers, and we will sometimes invent to cover up that we do not know. This is not the place for that.

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ISBN-13: 9781648036156
Publisher: Westwood Books Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 05/18/2021
Pages: 92
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About the Author

So, you've read this far. My name is Lynn David Talafuse. I was born 26 Feb 1958. During my life, when I attend church regular, I go to a Lutheran Church. At one place that I lived, I visited all the other churches just to see what there was to see. There was a long period when I did not go to church. I made a deal with myself that when I started going again, I would live right and put away my old behavior. For the most part, I am doing pretty well. The Spirit has done and is doing a lot of work on me, kinda like soul surgery. It ain't easy letting go of some of my old attitudes. I have no formal training as far as ministry as of yet. I read a lot. When I was a young child and my sister had already started school, I had a lot of time on my hands and so one of the things I started doing was to sit on the bed, look into the mirror and stare into my own eyes and contemplate the world as I knew it. This is how I trained myself to reason and think. It has served me well. When I moved back to Wharton County, Texas, I returned to the church. I finally settled in a little church that is filled with good, Christian people. I bought an English Standard Bible, as I was told that it is one of the most reliable translations. It is a word for word translation from the texts that were used to create the King James Bible. Years earlier, I had read the book "The History of God'. It was very enlightening concerning what happened at Nicea.

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