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ISBN-13: 9780759611160
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication date: 01/28/2001
Pages: 488
Product dimensions: 8.26(w) x 11.20(h) x 1.04(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Introduction1
Chapter 2Getting Started3
Choosing Commands4
Field Entry6
Entering Dates in ARGUS7
Spreadsheet Field Calculations7
Accessing Detail Windows8
Currency and Measurement Units11
Working with ARGUS Files12
Simplifying the ARGUS Interface15
System Options17
Displaying Sub-lines23
Chapter 3Importing and Exporting25
File Import25
Open ARGUS26
Creating a Database and Data Source27
Importing and Exporting29
Deleting Open ARGUS Properties33
Chapter 4Property Description Windows35
Property Description36
Area Measures40
Inflation Rates43
Additional Data51
Input and Output Preferences52
Chapter 5Revenue and Expense Windows57
Common Fields58
Miscellaneous Revenues75
Reimbursable Expenses75
Non-Reimbursable Expenses77
Capital Expenditures78
Development Costs78
Reference Dates83
Escrow Contributions84
Escrow Distributions84
Escrow Balance85
Escrow Tracking Reports85
Chapter 6General Vacancy Loss, Credit & Collection Loss, & Budgeting Account Codes87
General Vacancy Loss87
Credit and Collection Losses93
Budgeting Account Codes96
Chapter 7Office, Retail, & Industrial Rent Roll99
Chapter 8Rent Changes119
Changing Base Rent and Step Rent120
Porters' Wage120
Miscellaneous Rent120
CPI Rent120
Changing Base Rent and Step Rent Categories121
Porters' Wage Categories124
Porters' Wage Index Categories125
Miscellaneous Rent Categories126
CPI Rent Categories128
Chapter 9Rent Abatements131
Rent Abatement Modifier Categories133
Chapter 10Retail Sales Rent Changes135
Detailed Retail Sales Categories138
Chapter 11Detailed Reimbursement Methods145
Calculation Order157
Group Expenses157
Chapter 12Leasing Costs159
Tenant Improvements159
Leasing Commissions161
Payment Option Categories164
Chapter 13Parking Revenue165
Chapter 14Tenant Sort and Tenant Groups167
Sorting Tenants167
Tenant Groups168
Sorting Tenants in Tenant Groups169
Chapter 15Space Absorption171
Chapter 16Market Leasing Assumptions185
Renewal Probability187
Market Rent189
Months Vacant192
Tenant Improvements193
Leasing Commissions194
Rent Abatements195
Non-Weighted Items195
Rent Changes195
Retail Sales Rent Changes196
Term Lengths198
Chapter 17Property Purchase & Resale199
Initial Purchase Price199
Calculation Method200
Reversion Calculation Method and Report206
Cap and Growth Rate206
Calculate Resale for All Years212
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)212
Modified Internal Rate of Return214
Chapter 18Debt Financing215
Advanced Features222
Chapter 19Present Value Analysis231
Discount Rates and Methods231
Present Value As Of233
Advanced Features235
NPV (Net Present Value) by Source235
Chapter 20Depreciation and Taxes237
Chapter 21Partnerships241
Partnership Equity241
Equity Contributions241
Cash Flow Distribution246
Resale Distribution251
Partner Groups253
Partner Levels254
Chapter 22Apartment & Assisted Living Properties255
Area Measures255
Rent Schedule256
Market Leasing Assumptions263
Renewal Probability264
Market Rent265
Months Vacant266
Preparation Costs267
Leasing Costs269
Rent Abatements271
Non-Weighted Items271
Term Lengths271
Chapter 23Hotel and Motel Properties273
Area Measures273
Revenue and Expense Windows273
Yield & Financing Data274
Room Description274
Room Expenses278
Departmental Revenues & Expenses280
Chapter 24General Properties281
Chapter 25Portfolio Analysis283
Property Description283
Area Measures283
Portfolio Expenses284
Budgeting Account Codes284
Portfolio Selection284
Scenario Calculation285
Multiple Scenarios289
Master Scenarios290
Impact Analysis291
Monte Carlo Simulations292
Consolidation Type295
Property Selection296
Tenant Selection301
Partner Selection303
Portfolio Debt304
Present Value Discounting305
Portfolio Partners305
Chapter 26Unit Sales Properties309
Revenue and Expense Windows: Common Fields309
Development Costs312
The Unit Type Description Window315
The Development Schedule Window317
The Sales Schedule Window320
The Costs Allocation Window322
Purchase Price324
Debt Notes327
Draw Notes328
Present Value Discounting331
Unit Sales Report Data333
Chapter 27Reports and Graphs345
Property Level Reports345
Report Commands346
Property Level Report Options350
Schedule of Cash Flow from Operations350
Hotel Schedule of Prospective Cash Flow360
Summary of Cash Flows - Portfolio360
Schedule of Expense Reimbursement Revenue360
Individual Loan & Debt Service Summary362
Sources & Uses of Capital - Cash Returns364
Prospective Resale and IRR Summary367
Prospective Present Value Summary369
Property Summary Report373
Depreciation and Taxes373
Partner Distributions375
Partner Returns376
Present Value377
Escrow Tracking Reports378
Loss Tracking Reports379
IRR Tracking Reports380
Development Cost Tracking Report381
Room Occupancy and Absorption Rates382
Presentation Rent Roll and Tenant Summary383
Apartment/Assisted Living Presentation Rent Roll and Leasing Summary387
Individual Tenant Reports388
Individual Unit392
Occupied Area Measures Report393
Market Leasing Assumptions394
Supporting Schedules by Tenant395
Input Assumptions402
Exporting Reports402
Report Options and Formatting406
Output Preferences410
Report Packages410
Chapter 28Calculation Switches413
Rent Collection414
Detailed Reimbursement414
Loan Statistics416
UK Calculation418
Chapter 29Input Switches419
Switches Tab419
Enable Budgeting419
Advanced Timing420
Market Rent Abatement Categories421
Use Reimbursable Reporting Groups423
Term Overrides in Market Leasing Assumptions424
CPI Index424
Using the Old Method for Present Value Discounting425
Daily Rent Calculations425
Auto Selection Defaults Tab429
This Property Uses Tab430
Analysis Region Tab430
Chapter 30Global Categories431
Market Rates431
Interest Rates432
Inflation Rates434
Country Currency436
User-defined Property Types436
User-defined Property Labels437
User-defined Lease Types437
Tenant Categories and Industry Groups439
Global Report Packages440
Chapter 31International Files443
Creating International Files443
Making U.S. Files into International Files444
Detailed Monthly Currency Conversion444
Debt Currency445
Symbols for Europe446
Market Reviews446
Rent Zones447
Rent Collection Calculation Switch449
Language Translation450
How to Reset the Language to English450
UK Files451
UK Valuation Only451
UK Valuation and Discounted Cash Flow461
UK Valuation in Portfolios462

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