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Arise and Shine: Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Arise and Shine: Your Journey of Self-Discovery

by Nancy L. Parker


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This book is written to help you remember the way back to harmony, compassion, happiness, inner wisdom and peace.

You have had many experiences of repeating old patterns, but its time to change direction. Your biggest hurdle will be the old ingrained energy of distrust and anxiety.

Now with intent, you can connect to the love within your heart and release the inner heart-centered wisdom to create a life of harmony, peace and abundance.

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ISBN-13: 9781504312431
Publisher: Balboa Press AU
Publication date: 03/05/2018
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Nancy completed a Diploma of Occupational Therapy in the 1960s when this discipline first arrived in Australia. She spent many happy years working as an OT in psychiatry, geriatrics and community health.

After completing a course in shiatsu taught by Denise Linn she became interested in natural therapies and started a natural therapy practice. During a course in kinesiology she discovered her lifes passion creating vibrational essences from the energy imprints within specific shells, and started her current business, Shell Essences in 1991.

Nancy has been a presenter at many conferences and has taught Shell Essences throughout Australia and other countries.

Nancys first book Messages from Shells describes her journey with shells and relates stories from those who used the essences.

Her second book Following the Light is a channelled spiritual self-help book.

The books are available from the Shell Essence website

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Know that each day as you step out of bed, A new day is dawning, new paths you can tread. Lessons are waiting; let these not be a chore. With contentment and love you can open the door. Bless each word and thought with a positive view Then clouds can disperse and the sky will be blue. Create your new day with the greatest of pleasure; Remember to leave enough time for some leisure. With a smile and kind words greet each person you meet; Spread the blessings of peace as you walk down the street. Now as the sun sets and the birds have retired. Know you've created the day you desired. It's time now to take your well-deserved rest, Feel relaxed and at peace; you are truly blessed.

Whenever you feel sad, confused, or don't know which way to turn, remember you have been here before. You know the way back to fullness and love. You just need to remember it and trust.

From the love within your heart, there is a way back to harmony, compassion, happiness, inner peace and wisdom.

The way you are following isn't always obvious to you or to others; however it's there, taking shape as you start your journey. Please allow this knowledge to resonate within your heart and you will know it's true.

There is so much help available for you now. Please don't let memories of previous difficulties arise to darken your vision. Take the hands of Spirit that are held out to guide you. When the time is right, you will guide others.

This is the first step of your journey. You have had many experiences of repeating old patterns. Now is the time to change direction. The biggest hurdle you will face is your own distrust and anxiety from times now past.

Keep your vision only on your own footsteps – not on what your media is showing you, or where others might choose to go.

This book is written to help you remember. It stimulates an energy flow that connects to your heart, therefore releasing your own heart-centered wisdom.

The Promised Land

We are journeying through the Promised Land – that is our Planet Earth. It's called the Promised Land because we've promised to create a land of harmony and peace, however despite what we are often seeing at present, this is what we are creating.

Yes, it may appear gloomy and dismal when you look only at media reports, but move your vision closer to home; there are many acts of kindness to be seen and noticed if you look for them. Surprising as it may seem, these small acts are transforming our planet.

Wars, cruelty and barbaric activity have been the noticeable part of our planetary life for centuries. If there had been world-wide media in those days, what would it have been reporting? Now they often must search for isolated acts of aggression and terrorism to make dramatic news.

It's so important to have our vision and hearing tuned toward love and compassion. Search for those small acts and create acts of love and kindness in your everyday life.

Our life-path will then be a journey through fields of plenty; beautiful flowers will colour our paths, trees will always shelter us from rain, while storm clouds part and disappear as we approach.

Would you prefer your journey to be through fields of plenty, or through streets of warring terrorists? If you look for the flowers, the trees, the fields of plenty, then this is what will surround you. As you expect this peace and beauty, you are creating it, not just for yourself; this path of creation will be followed by many others.

Perhaps some people are hesitant to believe in peace and harmony when they have been taught to look for warring terrorists. They believe they must stay behind strong walls and enclosures to ensure their safety. They see you walking safely in beauty, in peace and may then begin to follow you. As more paths are being created through the fields of plenty, the more peaceful, loving and beautiful our planet will become.

It is always our choice to journey through the Promised Land, and those who see the bigger picture, can see a changing landscape. Slowly but surely global warming and acts of aggression are changing to global peace and harmony. This is being created by our intent and an unshakable faith in ourselves and our abilities.

Will you now reset your channels and see beautiful beings creating and journeying through the Promised Land'?

My life continues to grow with ease and grace Day by day I create a more loving place

Packing Our Backpack

When you begin any journey you will usually pack a backpack to take with you.

What have you packed in your backpack for this life-journey of discovery - perhaps the most important journey you have ever made?

What we must first pack is our intent; our intended destination. Without intent we might just wander around in circles. What is your intent for your life journey? What do you intend to accomplish? Have you given thought to this? Why have you arrived on Planet Earth at this time? Why are you with this particular family? What gifts might you have carried with you?

Do you carry a map? Perhaps a teaching that is meaningful to you, a spiritual book, or maybe a course in meditation? There are many maps available for life - journeys. So now you have packed your intent and your map. What else will you need to carry with you in your backpack? Will you need some international currency?

International currency is a smile. No matter whom we meet on our journey and what languages they may speak – the language of joy or sadness, hope or hopelessness and courage or fear, a smile of kindness and compassion is understood and felt by every person on our planet.

I was employed as a Qantas Hostess in the early years of that airline, and I remember one day as I was farewelling passengers, an elderly man handed me a note as he disembarked. The note was addressed to The Hostess with the lovely smile. He wished me joy and happiness in my life, and hoped that no sadness would ever cloud my lovely smile. I was so touched; I have kept that note among my souvenirs.

No matter what difficulties we may encounter, or how many difficult people we meet who may try to distract us, a non-judgmental smile of kindness will be accepted by all. This is our international currency that will help us through many difficult situations.

Do not rely on the communication of words, as the language of words will not always be understood, and there may be preconceived incorrect notions of what you might be trying to express. Always carry the international currency of smiles.

I also remember a day when I was walking my dogs along an esplanade beside a beach and feeling very sad and despondent. A young man walked past me, looked into my eyes, smiled and said "Have a nice day", then walked on. To my surprise my sadness lifted immediately. I then decided I would always smile and acknowledge each person I passed, and this I've continued to do.

The adornment I wear is always a smile A happy demeanor is my preferred style.

Achieving Our Goals

When we think about creating and achieving our goals, the first question we need to ask is What are my goals? Is it to access more spiritual knowledge? Is it to create better health? A better job? More abundance?

Why do you think you have arrived on this planet at this time? What might you have been hoping to create, and what lessons were you hoping to learn? Will you know when you have achieved your goals, or arrived at your planned destination?

If we have no goals but are just travelling through life from day to day, we may find that we are travelling around and around in circles, retracing our steps from year to year and from lifetime to lifetime. Your life journey is your own personal journey, and I would like you to take out your journal and write your goals; those you intend to achieve on this journey, knowing that they will change. As you master them, new ones will need to be written.

Our intent is already inscribed within our heart, so to access this we will need to meditate, to connect to our heart energy and ask for information; then we can set our goals.

Please do not become despondent if it appears your goals are not being achieved. The time frame you have chosen may not be adequate for everything to fall into place. However if you keep saying your affirmations with trust and faith, and if the goals you have set are in your highest interest and for the highest good of all, then they will manifest as long as your intent continues to be strong.

Do not allow the self-doubt of others to deter you; we have so much more personal power than we currently believe is possible. Perhaps our first goal could be to open our awareness to our powerful abilities that have been denied for centuries, and allow these to manifest without doubt or fear.

As you continue with your life-journey you may find your goals become clearer, or maybe change. As long as you keep your goals in mind, then you will begin to create them, to live them, and to receive the benefits these goals will ultimately bestow on all.

The First Day of the Rest of Our Life

Each day is the first day of the rest of your life. How do you choose to spend it? What will you invest in and what will you gain?

If you consider each day to be one of creativity, what might you require to create your day?

Perhaps you could dispel the feeling of despondency and replace it with a positive feeling? Open your backpack and see what it might contain that you could spend on purchasing the qualities you desire today. Does it contain the gift of more creativity? Whether material, emotional or mind-centered? Great! That's a good start. Does it also contain some special time to spend on that creativity?

Now dig deeper into that backpack; there is something very subtle hidden at the bottom. You draw it out; there is nothing you can see, however there is something you can feel. As you calm your mind you will feel a sense of lovely stillness and peacefulness flowing gently through and around you, something that always lay there waiting for you to uncover and use to create your day.

As you draw out this stillness and peacefulness and wrap it around yourself, your day takes on a very different feeling. You breathe slowly and deeply; any faint feelings of despondency disappear. The question what should I create today? now seems irrelevant; you realise that second by second we are always creating. Now the stillness and peacefulness envelopes you; the creativity is flowing naturally and beautifully. You no longer think I should do this or I must do that. It just seems to happen with no stress or effort.

Synchronicities are a natural part of our day, and we thank and bless them. We now understand that creativity is wisdom, harmony, peacefulness. We have always carried this creativity with us.

No matter what confronting ego demands may cause stress, you can always feel into your bag and take out that wrap of stillness and peacefulness. When you allow these beautiful qualities to flow around and through you, the rest of your life will unfold with the same peace and grace.

Synchronicities are my guiding signs They show me where the Light of God shines.

Following the Stars

We are arriving at the part of our journey where we are beginning to see that anything is possible. Do not allow self-doubt and hesitation to redirect you. If in doubt, watch for the stars, these are signs we can follow. Just as the mariners of old navigated their voyages of discovery by the stars, so we can also direct our journey by stars. These stars are little pieces of light not necessarily seen by our human eyes but felt by our heart, which is our steering wheel.

These stars will be synchronicities of acknowledgement and reassurance. When we become aware of them there will be an immediate oh yes! a little surge of joyous energy. It may only last an instant, so hold onto it; don't allow its memory to become entangled with doubt and distrust.

No one can create our path for us. There would be no lessons learnt, no triumphs. We are creating our path as we set out on our journey towards the Light, following our inner wisdom. However whenever you feel as if your direction is lost, look into the darkness of your night and watch for the star which will be dropped into it. Do not form any expectations regarding how the star will appear or you may miss it. Just know that if our intent is to create love, compassion and peace, no matter how dark our night sky may appear, there will always be a star of reassurance and love.

Remember the stars may come from any direction, yet they are always placed where we will see or hear them, and our heart, our inner wisdom, will respond instantly. If you have missed it, just wait, and when you are ready another star will appear. Like the mariners of old, we are setting out on a voyage of discovery with faith and trust that there will be a way. And so there is; watch for the stars to guide you.

Recently I was feeling rather blocked and despondent, and wondered if I had been sent a star which I had missed. Then I remembered noticing small pieces of chewed paper on the floor beneath one of my bookcases for two consecutive nights. I decided to investigate, and discovered that rats had apparently chewed the back of one of my books, but only one book and the same book each night.

That book was 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne, a book I'd bought many years ago. I decided to read it again. To my amazement and delight its message was exactly what I needed to hear; it meant so much more than previously.

Do you know which word will appear when you spell rats backwards?

I resonate with beauty and peace My life flows smoothly without a crease.

Creating Our Spiritual Journey

Our life journey is actually a spiritual journey – a gathering of spiritual wisdom. This doesn't necessarily come from reading spiritual literature, although within every text we may find a prompt to uncover and rediscover our intrinsic spiritual knowledge.

By spiritual I mean that which we really are; not a 3D human identifying with an ego personality, but an energy being, a multidimensional or quantum being – we do not have words yet to describe that which we actually are.

So little by little, with the help of Planet Earth and all of nature, we are learning to rediscover ourselves. There are many lessons, as we realise what resonates with our heart, our inner being, and what does not. This resonance will keep changing as we experience new adventures. We will leave many old, previously comfortable habits behind. Planet Earth has been seeded with countless opportunities for our growth.

At present we may find ourselves trapped in a very material existence. It could take us a long journey to discover that the spiritual growth we are unconsciously seeking is not found within the material world we are creating. However every small growth and moment of sudden Aha! understanding will help us to see the beauty behind the façade of material 3D existence. When we begin to see the hints of beauty and oneness we can start to create this.

At first we will experience and create within the basic dimension in which we feel comfortable, but gradually we will begin to use other non-3D energies. Initially we may find we are continuing to create our life within the context of old negative patterns of greed, competition and competitiveness. But as our wisdom increases, and our resonance with beauty becomes stronger, more familiar and comfortable, we will automatically choose life paths which encourage this growth of love and oneness.

One day the old negative, basic, and slow energy we found so comfortable will seem strange and very unfamiliar. We will move forward on our spiritual journey with more peace and joy than we could previously have imagined.

Love, wisdom and grace Will always lead us to a better place; A place that's opening in our heart. Enter, and a great new life will start.



When we try to re-join our previous path, The instructions we followed might now make us laugh! They are being re-written, new directions we need, That old Book of Life we can no longer read. Now a new one we're writing, it's held in our heart, With more love and less fighting, at least that's a start! So now that we follow a great new direction, That previous map will need lots of correction. Let's follow a path with more love and light, And begin each day with joy and delight.

As we continue our journey through life we may find many things that we had always accepted as the way things are will be starting to change. Our 3D life was laid out with well known possible destinations and so-called adventures. It's as if there was a Book of Human Life and there was only one volume. We had become familiar with each chapter, and felt very comfortable with the expected beginnings and outcomes.


Excerpted from "Arise and Shine"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Nancy L. Parker.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Dedication, ix,
Acknowledgements, xi,
Preface, xiii,
Chapter 1 Beginning Our Journey, 1,
Chapter 2 Re-writing Our Book of Life, 10,
Chapter 3 Discovering and Recovering Wisdom, 19,
Chapter 4 Recognising and Accepting Change, 29,
Chapter 5 Overcoming Common Obstacles, 42,
Chapter 6 Unexpected Problems, 52,
Chapter 7 Beneficial Difficulties, 58,
Chapter 8 Counting Our Blessings, 65,
Chapter 9 Small Acts of Peace and Kindness, 78,
Chapter 10 The Healing Energy of Nature, 86,
Chapter 11 The Importance of Relationships, 92,
Chapter 12 Reaching the Wisdom Years, 99,
Chapter 13 Entering Higher Dimensions, 110,
About The Author, 121,

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