Aristeia: Tree of Liberty

Aristeia: Tree of Liberty

by Wayne Basta

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Aristeia: Tree of Liberty by Wayne Basta, Oliver Wetter

Zeric Dustlighter has been a soldier his entire adult life. Give him a gun and tell him who to shoot, and he'll get the job done. He always knew he was never cut out to be in command.

But now, cut off and trapped behind enemy lines, Zeric faces his worst nightmare: the fate of thousands of lives--and possibly the entire Union--is in his hands.

Tree of Liberty is the conclusion to the award-winning Aristeia series. Get the first two books in the series, "Revolutionary Right" and "A Little Rebellion," today!

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BN ID: 2940016506265
Publisher: Grey Gecko Press
Publication date: 06/15/2013
Series: Aristeia , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 298
Sales rank: 295,965
File size: 486 KB

About the Author

Wayne currently lives in Houston with his wife, son and their dog. He remains a fan of geek culture, board games, video games, fantasy, science fiction and all around silliness.

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Aristeia: Tree of Liberty 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this third installment, Basta concludes the Arestia trilogy. He continues the tale of the resistance against, capturing through the character Zeric the importance of decisiveness and fortitude. Pros: Basta has a really great imagination, and he isn’t shy about showing it. Probably my favorite element of the book is the way in which he manages to capture not only the different attributes of some of the more eccentric-looking characters, but also the way those characteristics would change the way they display emotion. Whether it’s tentacle fingers of antennae, you will not want for description. Cons: Sadly I feel that this book’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. While many of the descriptions are great, some are a bit monotonous.
tsondoku_wordpress0 More than 1 year ago
Brief Summary: The war between the Union and the Alliance has come to its final battles, both wondering how high the costs may be to win. The Tsundoku Scale: Middle of the Pile, 5 out of 10. The Good: The Tree of Liberty is a well-constructed war story. It has its moment of heroism and brashness, mostly found in the General Zeric, and it embraces the hard, grey choices of war that skew a black and what perception of good and evil. As the entire book is basically a battle and/or battle tactics, it does a good job leaving time for perception and indecision among its characters amidst the action. It gives you a truer kind of war story that leans on a more realistic telling of war by stripping war of some of its over hyped fantastical idealism. I enjoyed the moments of wry humor in the story from Lochja and Maarkean's banter while in prison to the insufferable heat at the Dotran conference. The Bad: As a disclaimer, I've never read the other two books of Aristeia and so I may have missed more story than I realized. It is certainly a compliment to that book that I was able to enjoy it without knowing two full stories worth of background. Neverthless, similar to its prose, the book’s story spares no time on extraneous details, and yet does not take the other approach of drastically cutting detail. If anything, the book’s problem is that it is exceedingly average in its approach. The book is like a good soldier in war—a person well worth emulating, but not a person particularly interesting to write about as a more extreme, unusual soldier. What's more, the more unique details such as the different aliens, were never really emphasized and only mentioned in passing which made them feel somewhat more forced than as interesting as they could have been.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tree of Liberty by Wayne Basta is the conclusion of the Aristeia trilogy. Each book has been better than the last with deeper characterization and action. The ending allows for further expansion in to this universe while leaving a conclusion to this trilogy that is satisfying to the reader. I would give this epic story a 4.5. Wayne Basta has done a good job with this tale.
A_Stevens More than 1 year ago
As the third installment in this series, Tree of Liberty did a good job of tying up most of the loose ends. The conflict is resolved and everything is left with a semi satisfying ending, if not a necessarily happy one. Basta did leave the ending open enough to provide for another installment in the series or even another series that has nothing to do with the revolution. As with its predecessors, this was a well written book that kept me interested in the characters and the cause. I was saddened by the losses and encouraged by the successes, anxious during the battles and relieved by their conclusions. I enjoy the fact that I am still guessing about the identity of the traitor among Zeric's men. It definitely added to the sense of mystery which in turn added to the desire to continue reading.