Armageddon 2015: The Annunaki Enigma Series

Armageddon 2015: The Annunaki Enigma Series

by Dr. E Gaylon McCollough, Dr. Symm Hawes McCord


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ISBN-13: 9780615788562
Publisher: Argus Enterprises International, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/09/2013
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough
Founder of the McCollough Institute for Appearance and Health in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Dr. McCollough is a world-renowned physician, facial plastic surgeon and author.
Author or co-author of seven books providing extraordinary insight into the behavior of human beings, McCollough focuses on the triumph of excellence over mediocrity and good over evil.
Dr. McCollough and his lovely wife, Susan, live on a small ranch with their herd of Tennessee Walking horses.

Dr. Symm Hawes McCord
Symm McCord is a co-author of The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon. He grew up in the southern town of Augusta Georgia where he was educated and attended medical school. After medical school he was inducted into the U.S. Army where he spent two years - one in Vietnam and one stateside. After military service he spent the next forty years as a family physician; practicing in the mountains of North Carolina and then back in his hometown of Augusta. He retired in 2006 and returned to the mountains. He now lives in Waynesville, North Carolina with his wife Jacquelyn. They have six children from previous marriages.
As a child he witnessed the newspaper articles referencing the incident outside of Roswell, New Mexico which intrigued him immensely. His first novel, The Annunaki Enigma: Creation, introduced the concept of the Annunaki, the errant angels, and their relationship to our Creator.

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Armageddon 2015: The Annunaki Enigma Series 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Creative writing mix in extra-terrestrial and Jhowah the creator of what? Creative writing indeed. Fact and fiction, you need to slowly read this book to grasp and understand what in the world is going on. One thing that I could feel what the author convey, peace and humanity towards each other. The story starts with a gathering place called North Bimini in the Carribean, here extra-terrestrial visitors? UFO? God and the angels? U.S. communicating with UFO's? Every possible leaders around the world in attendance. Gigantic starship settled on the beach. Three species descend from the ships wearing Toga-like apparels. The alien leader Jhowah feels the populations of the earth have been desensitized. Now a human individual stands next to Jhowah, handsome long flowing uncut hair communicating with Jhowah never speaking a word. Someone asked, Do you think the human could be Jesus? His name is Metatron. Jhowah explains where they come from, Zeta-1 Reticuli the furthest star system thirty-five light years. Jhowah talks about how they prepared the planet for human inhabitance, intelligent life, animal and plant life. Imbedded code in genetic makeup so subsequent generation could evolve in mind and body. What was he talking about? Creations of humans. Cloned creations, prescribed genetic materials were extracted constructed genome, human genome. They have a traitorous outcast by the name of Sezan, I felt he was the devil, the fallen angel of destruction. Sezan and the Solean could build up great treasures, giving them power over other men and immoral and enjoyable acts of the flesh. Power hungry and greedy. Biblical references from Enoch who was Metatron and then by my only son, known as Jesus of Nazareth, who is Jesus here? Distrust between the three species and free will was exercise. This led to dividing into competing societies, and they began to look at each fellow man as an adversary. Racism and cults, greed, envy, hatred all this ate away at your societies. Hope to chose good over evil. Now this is where I felt I just got through reading the bible. Cast out Sezan , Jhowah said. Metatron is the true all-seeing eye, he will report back to Jhowah assessing their progress in maintaining peace. If all fails the world will cease. This is a small tibit of what I got from this story: General respect from all religions except for the radical ones that resort to violence. Humans place such value on shiny stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds. Missiles and powerful weapon , bombers and jets. Dark ages robbed the masses of knowledge and hope. Only the elite were taught to read and write and learn and think for themselves. Those who controlled the sale and distribution of fossil fuels are, currently, wealthy pawns of the most selfish and destructive individuals who are affecting man. This review can go on and on but what I must say this book brings about the crisis we are facing now and the author diligently wrote it into a story mixed with extra-terrestrial visitors that claims to be the creator of humans. Jhowah who is the same Supreme Being that we have worshipped over the millennia as God, indicated in this book. I can tell you this, what this book contain will be a discussion of unbelievable proportion. Either the reader will agree or either they will stomp on it or simply accept it as freedom of speech or just say, "Hey what if?" My take on this again, superb writing skills, the story flowed smoothly made it easy to read. I was greatly entertained and moved not just the story but the characters he built into the story. Read it slowly though to fully grasp it and you will be entertained. What I look for if the story keeps my mind busy asking questions while reading it, you had managed to hook me in with all the craziness, great job! Won this on Goodreads First Read Giveaway. Thank you, Darlene Cruz