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Armed For Battle!: Opening Your Spiritual Eyes

Armed For Battle!: Opening Your Spiritual Eyes

by Dr. Tommy Rodriguez Jr.


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THIS ONENESS CHRISTIAN INFORMATIVE THESIS was systematically written with the sole purpose of providing spiritual understanding, clarity, revelation, wisdom, order, confirmation, as well as affirmation in the life of all individuals who have been called, anointed, commissioned, and appointed of God with reference to a slightly unfamiliar Biblical subject matter-"the deep and secret" Things of God. In achieving this objective, I have chosen to utilize a simple, but, yet, highly effective approach to the Biblical principles clearly outlined within the Word of God, including personal experiences that I have gained from attaining a walk with God. In short, I have provided non-contradictory, non-argumentative Scripture texts for attaining full comprehension of such a profound Biblical topic.
I would like to submit the following thesis statement as the central assertion of this entire Oneness Christian Informative Thesis: Opening Your Spiritual Eyes can play a vital part in your Christian life, because such a course of action can lead you to attain as well as establish an unfathomable walk with God; thus, helping you to see, hear, receive, and understand those things that are truly "deep and secret"-those things which are undeniably unsearchable, making you truly Armed For Battle!
The general presupposition, then, rests solely upon the following Claim: Upon further and careful observance of Christianity's current state, perspective, stand, and religious practice with regard to "the deep and secret" Things of God, it may be pointed-out that countless Christians' denominational viewpoint, adherence, and teachings concerning the Spiritual Realm appears to be laden with several Scriptural, spiritual, and practical inconsistencies, leading to faulty doctrine.
Hence, in doing my own Biblical study and research, I have encountered much error being taught within many Christian denominations (Orthodoxy as well as Oneness alike), as being Biblical. Despite this current non-Biblical viewpoint, it is my professional opinion, therefore, that this has occurred due to a lack of Biblical understanding, faulty Biblical research, spiritual blindness and deafness, improper application of hermeneutics and exegesis, and most of all, being found guilty of not having a proper walk with God. This, sad to relate, continues to cause non-Biblical doctrinal teaching, leading to false doctrine, which ultimately leaves a church in the spiritual state as the church in Laodicea-Lukewarm-complacent-distasteful and repugnant-void of Spiritual treasures.
As you carefully read and examine this Theological Informative Thesis, I ask that you sincerely pray-seeking after The Wisdom of God-asking God to reveal His truth, and to provide complete understanding of this life-changing subject matter. But most importantly, to reveal the spiritual significance of "the deep and secret" Things of God, in order to live at the highest spiritual level as well as attain the deepest spiritual walk with God.

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