Armored Hearts

Armored Hearts

by Pauline Creeden, Melissa Turner Lee

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When a crippled young lord rescues a girl falling from a tree, it reveals a secret about himself and his mother's side of the family that could put him at the center of a war with beings he thought only existed in fairy tales.

Tristan Gareth Smyth lived his entire life stuck at home at Waverly Park and left behind while his Grandfather makes trips to London, all because of his blasted wheelchair.

Then an American heiress falls in his lap, literally, and he must find a way to keep her at a distance to protect not only his secret, but everyone around him from an assassin sent to kill him.

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BN ID: 2940016407487
Publisher: AltWit Press
Publication date: 04/30/2013
Series: Fantasy Steampunk , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 210
Sales rank: 698,682
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Armored Hearts 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
MarcyRachel More than 1 year ago
‘Armored Hearts’ is the perfect book for me.  I love fairies and steampunk.  Pauline and Melissa merged these two concepts so awesomely that I just fell in love.  Besides that, it has some mystery and action, and everything is set in a historical era, which was described very accurate for the time. I think the characters are well developed and the storyline was seamless.  The book ends giving room for a sequel, but does not leave anything unresolved or plot holes. The only thing I didn’t like is the fact that the story felt a little bit rushed because the book is short!  I think they could’ve stretched it more without losing the audience.  Also, if any of the characters had died at any point, I wouldn’t have been too torn by it because I wanted to love them more than I did.  Yes, we can tell that Gareth has an emotional wall; we can see that Jessamine is independent and determined, Tabitha is sweet yet very intelligent and focused, but I wanted more depth.  The villians are dealt with too easily (it reminded me of ‘The Difference Between Night and Day’).  I need more sense of urgency to be stretched out longer.  I hope the authors are not scared of adding an extra 100 pages, lol. I loved the “Bonnet Club” and I hope they get deeper into it in another book *hint, hint* All in all, it’s a great story full of romance, action, fantasy and sci-fi.  What else can you ask for?
EmberCW More than 1 year ago
Armored Hearts was a fun but surprisingly short read. This is the first steampunk I have ever read and the authors did a great job of weaving that together with the fantasy elements, although how some of the creations seen in story never do get a truly plausible explanation for how they were ever able to work. You just have to suspend disbelief on a few of those. The characters weren't bad, but they weren't particularly great either. The romance felt rushed and a bit unrealistic. I was also very disappointed to find that there was also a small amount of foul language in this book, so it probably isn't the best for younger readers. These points are the two biggest reasons I can't rate the book any higher. The plotline was good, but the story was much shorter than I would have liked. It leaves readers on a terrible cliffhanger. I do hope the authors release the sequel soon, preferably without the language.
CiannaElizabeth More than 1 year ago
This was a wonderful book! :) It's so nice to see steam punk mixed in with other genres. It's refreshing. This story centers on a boy, a cripple, which I thought was nice, it's tiring to always have perfect people in books. But he's not letting what's wrong with him define him, he is a wonderful person, and he soon discovers so much more! This book is well written, it weaves fantasy and steampunk together perfectly, and it's just such a good read. Nothing to heavy, nothing scary, or hard to hard, just a really enjoyable book with a solid storyline. It's such a great read. I think the characters they created are fresh, insightful, and definitely a little outside of the mold which is wonderful as well. All in all, this is a great read, and you won't regret it! :) *I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story! I have never read anything by either of these authors and didn’t really know what a “steampunk” novel would be about (automatons, building automatons). I was undoubtedly, and pleasantly surprised. I have read steampunk before, only I didn’t know that’s what it was called, or that there was an entire genre devoted to it. There were some very clever aspects to the story and the characters worked really well together. Not surprisingly, Gareth acts bitter and angry most of the time due to his wheelchair, and only seems to care about his aunt, Tabitha. Under the façade, is an individual that has spent his life looking after his town and protecting its citizens from those looking to harm them. Jessamine, the heiress, has spent her life thinking about the boy who saved her as a child. She is determined to find him again, and not only attempt to share his secret, but also get him to fall in love with her and marry her! Neither of these prove to be too difficult with her and Tabitha scheming together. Gareth never had a chance! Luckily, the two are made for each other. The fantasy aspects are pulled in near the end of the story, and make for a great set-up for future books. It looks like it will be a neat series, and I look forward to continuing their story. I’ve already ordered the prequel on Amazon! Rating: 4 HEAT Rating: Mild Reviewed By: Daysie W. Review Courtesy of: My Book Addiction and More
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Short but interesting read. I would have preferred more to the story line. I liked the characters, woule have liked to see a little more developement. Ioh, and there's a proper amount of steampunk! I look forward to another!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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SerendipityReviews More than 1 year ago
After reading Winter Fae, I was dying to read this novel. It did not disappoint, I can tell you that! The writing style seemed a bit different from Winter Fae, but the overall feel of the novel was still there and it worked. Wonderfully. In Armored Hearts we enter into the life of Gareth, a disabled young gentleman unable to walk. However, when he is just a boy, a young girl at risk of hurting herself prompts him to learn that he can fly. Since that day he has made use of his powers to protect the town in which he resides. Nevertheless, Gareth is still bitter due to his disability and shuns most people, accept for his young aunt, Tabitha. It isn't until Tabitha's new American friend Jessamine appears that there is perhaps someone who can finally see through this armor that Gareth puts up. This is a magical story filled with fairies and action. I loved it so much. It was a beautifully fun read. Overall a great story. Even when Gareth seemed annoying, I still felt for him. He is a great main character full of depth. Also, I love historical fiction, so that played a role in me loving this novel. I look forward to another book in this story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, love the fae so had to read it. The only bad thing is I think more 'beef' could have been added and it would of made it longer. The story line was wonderful, you won't go wrong with this book! Need more!
Danielle_C_Smiley More than 1 year ago
This is such a unique and intriguing read!  The first half of the book is slower paced, but flows really well.  I enjoyed all the characters, even with Gareth's grumpiness.  The mystery unfolds and the action ramps up about 65% into the book.  From there on in I was completely glued to my e-reader.  I love the twists and turns in the plot and am excited to read the next in the series! I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  See more of my reviews on my blogspot blog, Known to Read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This an awesome story!I love the way God is subtly worked into the story.The interaction between the charaters is phenomenal.One boy whose only goal in life is to be invisible learns there maybe more to life than just surviving.One girl turns his life upside down and shows him how to live.Things at his home with his grandfather aren't all what they seem to be.Unknown to him,he is destine for a greater purpose.
k2sgal1 More than 1 year ago
This book is full of action, love and fantasy. The characters are wonderful Jessamine is independant and caring. Lord Gareth well he is a pip really hard on himself due to his disability and a tad bit RUDE lol. It does take a bit to get into the book but once it has you, you won't want to put it down you'll be begging for the sequel. The story kept me captivated. I can't wait to read what happens next for Gareth and Jessamine.
ToManyBooksNotEnoughTime More than 1 year ago
Lord Gareth is an upper-class twit, who is about to be married off to an American heiress. And like a spoiled child he doesn't want her - and this before making any effort to get to know her. However for some unknown reason Jessamine (said heiress) likes him despite his deliberately rude & obnoxious behavior. He is clearly a product of his class and times, believing women are brainless decorations. Granted Lord Gareth is fairly young, and part of his intense resistance to marriage is his fear of his secret being discovered. To prevent that very thing he feels he must give up what he so desperately wants to hide. Additionally Lord Gareth has been in a wooden wheelchair his entire life, and though he can stand and hop, for some reason his is incapable of walking. This alone could be behind his prickly persona, for he hates standing out due to a deficiency. Meanwhile Jessamine hits it off straightaway with Lord Gareth's aunt Tabitha. She is actually his half-sister, but his father didn't see the errors of his ways until it was too late to marry her mother, whom he loved. Had he married her Tabitha would have been a legitimate heir, rather than a bastard with no money nor title. Gareth does love Tabitha, and reluctantly agrees to the marriage because Jessamine's father will return to America with Tabitha. This will give her not only a clean slate as far as her history, but he is willing to gift her with a dowry as well. There were two things I found redeeming - the female characters were strong-willed, smart and funny, which was a vast contrast to the whiny Lord Gareth. I also found the last sixth or so of the story entertaining, but getting there was an exercise in sheer willpower. It took me days to read what should have taken an hour or so. No matter that the ending picked up, it isn't nearly enough to make me read the next installation in the series.
PrincessJen77 More than 1 year ago
I am very sad that this book has ended.. I need more! Can't wait to read what happens next for Gareth and Jessamine... I love how close they became near the end! The author really keeps you wanting more, I never would have put this book down had I not had to sleep and work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I haven't read much in the steampunk genre, but I can say that Armored Hearts has captured my interest in it. Tristan Gareth Smyth's mother's family is full of secrets, many of them unknown to him because of her passing years ago. After her death, he began living with his grandfather from his father's side of the family. Sadly for him, his grandfather doesn't know much about his mother's family. Tristan(or Gareth as the book always calls him) has lived his whole life(basically) in a chair. He's never had any friends except for his younger aunt, Tabitha. He absolutely adores her and puts her happiness before his own. Then, one day, a mysterious girl he's never known climbs a tree and falls. Shockingly, Gareth saves her. During the first few chapters, I have to admit, I was a bit annoyed with the years passing-by after whatever events had happened-very quickly. Thankfully, that only happened for some chapters. In the main year the story is taking place in, Gareth is around his 20s give or take a few. His family is quickly running out of money and his grandfather is trying to ensure Tabitha a good future by having her find someone to marry. Of course, things aren't as easy as they seem. Pauline Creeden and Melissa Turner Lee have created an interesting story about a crippled hero that's just trying to save everyone but himself. Truthfully, the book was pretty slow BUT they had written it so that you couldn't possibly stop reading. The characters are one of the many things I loved about this(especially Jessamine) and the culture(for lack of a better word) of England was maintained very well. This is an amazing historical-steampunk novel that you won't want to miss!
Valshemi More than 1 year ago
This was a very enchanting tale.  I was quite surprised and the story line was nicely written.  Gareth is a man trapped in a wheelchair, burdened by his grandfathers's financials that leave them in a predicament, on top of his young aunts future goal leads.  Gareth very much displays a core of grumpiness that you just want to smack out of him... no one seems to make him smile not even Jessamyn who he may now need to marry in order to make everyone else's situation better.  This story is filled with magic, fae, treachery, and ultimately love.    I feel this book must mean there's another one coming out as it does leave you kind of umpph.  3.5star!!
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. Steampunk is not something that I have ever really truly read before. I think maybe I have read a few books and didn't realize that is what they were lol. I know pretty sad. But after I read the novella Winter Fae I just knew I had to get my hands on reading Armored Hearts and I am so glad I did. It was a wonderful read, I did have to get use to the language that a few of the characters use since they were Scottish? So can not was cannae. You are taken right into the story where Winter Fae left off. Tristian also know as Gareth lives with this grandfather and his young aunt Tabitha, he has grown up as a young boy/man who can not walk. He has literally turned into one of those bitter old men, the one you know always has a negative outlook on things and is always rude. Even though his Aunt Tabitha treats him like nothing is wrong with him. He truly cares for her and is the only person he really is not rude to. That is until a young girl Jessamine falls into his lap at a young age. Little does he know that she is looking for him years later, that is until she gives him a small gift and says you will now know where to find me. Lets just say she has got some smooth moves on that part lol. When Gareth caught Jessamine he discovered that he had a special ability that he never knew before. So he decides to put this ability to good use and keep an eye on the shire from thieves. But there is something more out there that wants to stop Gareth! There is a relationship that is kind of forced but you can tell there is love between the two characters even if one doesn't see it right away. I liked how it was a growing love and not just wham bam two people fall in love at first sight. Two of his servants are not all that they seem and he doesn't learn about this until later on. Gareth has a destiny that he is to fulfill. Will he do it? Will those he love be protected? Who will all learn about his ability? There does seem to be more fae and magic involved than more steampunk, but I did like the inventions that were mentioned. Especially the ones made by Jessamine. The authors keep you hooked and wanting to read more. I can not wait to read book two as I want to know what happens with all the characters
NikiMattes More than 1 year ago
Lord Tristan Gareth Smyth is cripple and moves around in a wheelchair, when he one day is going to his tutor's house, he sees a girl she asks huim to watch for people and climbs in a tree. When Gareth sees her fll he doesn't know what to do but suddenly he is there and catch her. He realizes he can fly but how is that possible. He lives with his grand father the Earl and his young aunt Tabitha in the mansion. Tabitha soon knows his secret, they are very close. When people in the village get robbed, he decides to protect them and flies out at night. Soon there is a girl with her father from America to visit and the family isd in bad financial shape, the business man has a solution. He will help them financial if Gareth marries his daughter, but he doesn't want to get married,  but there is no choice when they want to survive. When Tabitha gets kidnapped after the wedding, Gareth will do anything to rescue her, things suddenly do not seem what it was his whole live. He has to do with Fae and also Bad Fae who are after him. Will he find out the whole truth and be happy after all? Buy the book and read for yourself. It is worth it, I love the steam punk in it!!  
LenPhelps7 More than 1 year ago
Armored Hearts by Melissa Turner Lee and Pauline Creeden is a Steampunk Fantasy book and is the first in the series. This is the first time I have read this genre and I think it is an awesome read. It is very different from any of the books I have read so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not but from the very beginning it had my attention. Gareth Smyth is a young British Noble who has a disability from birth and is confined to a wheelchair. He is the grandson of Earl of Pensees. His whole life he has had to live with his disability and it has made him not a very happy young man. His young aunt Tabitha is the only person that he is very close to and lets in his life.  One day, Gareth saves a young girl and that is when he finds out that he has a special ability that he did not know exists. He now has a secret that no one else knows about except for Tabitha. What is this special ability that he is keeping a secret?  Gareth met Tabitha’s new friend Jessamine one day while she was at the house visiting. He thinks that she is a very pretty young woman but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He tries to avoid looking at her and talking to her.   One evening, his grandfather has a talk with him that has to do with Tabitha’s future. What his grandfather is expecting out of him is not what Gareth wants to do. What will he do? Will he make the right decision? Gareth’s journey with Tabitha and Jessamine has begun. Where will this journey take them? Can Gareth be able to accept Jessamine in his life? Melissa Turner Lee and Pauline Creeden are two fabulous authors who have done an awesome job writing this book. I am really looking forward to reading the sequel. I definitely recommend my friends to read this book. 
lady-junior2012 More than 1 year ago
This is amazing novel that will keep you in your seats till the very end. The book has very strong characters that make the story so amazing. Tristan has a secret that he has kept for a long time and he will not tell anyone. As time goes on his handicap hampers his life he can't go to London due to his wheelchair. As he is bitter and soon discovering he can do more but can't understand why nor how. As tabitha and Tristan grow up together and as money grows short what will the future hold. Jessamine comes into Tristan's life and upsets his world. Will Tristan find happiness with jessamine? Can he find out what he is? Will he know who is after to kill him before it is to late? To find out get your copy today of this amazing novel you will not regret it.
AriellaH More than 1 year ago
Amazing read! I love the characters. This book is beautifully written and beautiful story. I can't wait to read book two. I highly recommend this series.
j2starshine More than 1 year ago
It is the story of an orphaned boy who cannot walk, but discovers he can fly, and a whole new world is opened up before his eyes complete with a love he never thought possible and a danger he never saw coming. Gareth Smyth is a cripple living with his grandfather in a world on the verge of steam powered automatons but many still cling to their traditions, superstitions, and prejudices, thus they look down upon someone like Gareth, so to protect himself, he despises everything but his little aunt who sees past his wheelchair and loves him for who he is. Then he discovers he can fly by saving a girl's life. The story world felt like it was set in an alternative history flavored with steampunk and fairies who sound a bit Scottish. The slight use of the Scottish dialect was done well enough to flavor the language, but not make it difficult to understand what is being said. Gareth's sour attitude could be somewhat off putting but I was so intrigued with the story that I had to find out what happens and how he would change. If you've read Winter Fae, a short story about his mom and him when he was two years old, it really helps to set the stage of the possibilities to come. Which, I loved Winter Fae so much and wanted to know more about his mother's story, so I wasn't sure how I would like his story, but I was not disappointed. But I have two complaints. One, the story felt rushed and in that some things felt too easy to me, but that's coming from someone who loves long, epic stories, ha! The second complaint, it was too short! I can't wait to see how the rest of the story will unfold. *I received an advanced reader copy for an honest review.
Shadowplay4u More than 1 year ago
Armored Hearts by Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden is a brilliantly measured and perfectly blended mix of romance, sci-fi, and fantasy. I was swept away into a world across the ocean and dazzled by the amazing story that played out before my eyes. My hunger for an original storyline, imaginative twists and turns, and an edge-of-your-seat page turner was far exceeded in this beautiful masterpiece. The characters that I discovered within the pages of Armored Hearts are fun and thought-provoking. They truly captured my heart, and I was torn when the story ended. The main characters of this outstanding work of art are Gareth and Jessamine. While we come to know Gareth very well, we get to know Jessamine at the same time that Gareth does. It's so fun to see her through his eyes as she turns his world upside down. If that isn't enough to shake up his world, Gareth discovers a piece of his past that will never leave him the same again. The wonderful and mesmerizing themes that run through Armored Hearts will leave you contemplating them long after you have finished reading. This is a very uplifting yet challenging story. Your heart will soar above the clouds as battles are won and love is found, and your heart will plummet to its lowest depths when the journey is found to be just beginning and dangers lurk in hidden corners. If that isn't enough to pique your curiosity to read Armored Hearts, then you don't know what you are missing. Armored Hearts is a creative marvel that will leave you in awe as to the artful and precise brush strokes with which these artists have used to birth this spellbinding tale. I can't wait until I can join in on the next part of this amazing journey. I recommend this book to all readers who want something that will challenge their thinking, broaden their minds, and touch their hearts.
TeenBlurb More than 1 year ago
Armored Hearts is a fantastical story that is a combination of two author’s coming together and creating a Steampunk Paranormal. So first there is Steampunk, which is just intriguing in itself, and then you add the Paranormal aspect that just happen’s to be the Fae! I know right! AWESOME! I love the fact that this story is not the normal, girl meets boy, they fall in love, and they live happily ever after. I mean I know that is what we all hope for, but sometimes I would like to see a little more in the journey. Armored Hearts definitely gives you more! The hero of this story is Gareth, who has been in a wheel chair for most of his life. He finds out that he has the ability to fly when he rescues a girl falling out of a tree. Years past with Gareth being left behind because of his condition. He becomes, essentially a eccentric rich hermit. His only escape is flying. Enter the heroine, Jessamine. Jessamine is an American Heiress that is a definite feminist. She is not the stay at home, raise the babies type. She wants to be apart of the action, not be left behind. Something that Gareth longs for more then anything is not to be left behind. As Jessamine and Gareth get to know each other, it is interesting to watch as their feelings start to change. As Gareth starts to realize that Jessamine does not care about his money, and Jessamine realizes that Gareth is not like every man. This is a beautiful love story that will conquer your heart and have you wanting more! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Book_Bling_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Love the mood of Steampunk and the what-if enticement of fairies? This book's for you!  It's a great YA leisure read--an inspirational love story lightly flavored with Steampunk elements and a secretly- fey hero plot line.  It's a great personal growth story, examining the angst and trials of the young wheelchair bound Lord. Jess's genuine strength and kindness, her unfailing sticktoitiveness, are inspirational. The Ying/Yang of the main characters will draw you into their lives and make you root for Jess to chip away at Lord Gareth's armor until she captures his heart.  If this story has any draw-back, it would be that there are too many loose ends, even for a series opener. It would benefit from a couple extra chapters.