Armored Units of the Russian Civil War: Red Army

Armored Units of the Russian Civil War: Red Army


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By 1920 the Red Army fielded an overwhelming array of armored cars and armored trains, while tank detachments had begun forming in earnest. These armored units played an important part in consolidating the newly won Bolshevik empire in the early 1920s; as a consequence of the fact that railways were the strategic arteries that essentially controlled Russia, armored trains have never played such a significant role in military history as they did in the Russian Civil War. This title details their management, construction and repair, personnel and training and combat on all fronts, as well as discussing Trotsky's armored train, in which he conducted 36 tours.

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ISBN-13: 9781841765457
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 04/25/2006
Series: New Vanguard Series
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 7.24(w) x 9.82(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

Dr David Bullock has a PhD in European Military History specializing in the period 1870-1920. Previously an officer in the US Airforce, he now works as an historian for the Department of Defense and an Associate Professor at Colorado Technical University. He has published one book and over 60 articles on military history, travelling in over 40 countries, including Russia, to do his research.

Table of Contents

Introduction · Tanks · Armored Cars · Tachanka · Armored Trains · Operational History · Conclusion · Color plate commentary · Index

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"Osprey's books on armored trains and units of the Russian Civil War (RCW) are simply awesome. The Armored Units books have information about each side's tanks, armored cars and train information... [and] discuss all of the armored vehicles... used by the Whites and Reds during the RCW... The information in these books is incredible; the photos provide invaluable information to allow gamers to construct or convert vehicles or additions to trains to suit their wargaming needs." -Michael Koznarsky, Historical Miniature Gamer (Issue 11)

"Very few books have been written, even in Russian, on armor in the Russian Civil War. This book, along with its companion volume from Osprey, David Bullock's ARMORED UNITS OF THE RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR: WHITE AND ALLIED, shed much new light on an overlooked phase in the development of armored fighting vehicles." -Military Vehicles

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