Army Techniques Publication ATP 4-42 (FM 10-27 / FM 42-414) General Supply and Field Services Operations July 2014

Army Techniques Publication ATP 4-42 (FM 10-27 / FM 42-414) General Supply and Field Services Operations July 2014

by United States Government US Army


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This publication, Army Techniques Publication ATP 4-42 General Supply and Field Services Operations July 2014, 4-42 provides logisticians and field commanders an understanding of general supply and selected field services functional principles, organizations, and associated guidance. It provides basic doctrinal discussion on the organization and operations of Quartermaster general supply and field services units.

The focus of Army techniques publication (ATP) 4-42 is operational and tactical level general supply and field services operations which are conducted in support of Army forces in a deployed environment. It discusses these functions through the various support levels of multi-functional and Quartermaster logistics units. From a supporting commander's perspective, it provides information on the functions of general supplies and field services to allow that commander to understand better how to execute support to the force. From a supported commander's perspective, it provides information on the types of support available in order to allow proper planning.

This ATP incorporates modular unit capabilities, designs and concepts, plus updated terminology in accordance with ADP/ADRP 3-0 and other commensurate doctrine. The net effect was to reduce the manual from approximately 300 pages down to approximately 60 pages. The significant reduction in the various types of units between Army of Excellence and modular forces contributed the most to size reduction. Additionally, material that was repeated in/from other manuals was eliminated to comply with Doctrine 2015 content requirements.

ATP 4-42 contains seven chapters:

Chapter 1 discusses the overall concept of support and describes the general supply and field services operational overviews.

Chapter 2 focuses on the roles and missions of strategic partners, joint and multinational support, executive agency and proponency, the general supply and field services units, and the higher level management organizations involved at theater sustainment command, expeditionary sustainment command, sustainment brigade, combat sustainment support battalion, and brigade support battalion levels.

Chapter 3 covers operational planning to include special considerations such as operational contract support and the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program.

Chapter 4 details the general supply concept of support to include automation, inventory and materiel management, property accountability, the specifics of the individual classes of supply, supply support activities, configured loads, and retrograde operations.

Chapter 5 details the field services operations concept of support to include personnel responsibilities, shower and laundry operations, field site selection and layout considerations, and production reports.

Chapter 6 discusses environmental stewardship considerations to include guidelines, training, and hazardous material/waste management.

Chapter 7 outlines fire, toxic, and lifting hazards, security and protection, risk assessment, antiterrorism measures, and information protection.

ATP 4-42 provides guidance for commanders, supervisors, Soldiers and other personnel involved in providing general supplies and field services during deployed operations. This manual is the operational level description the provision of general supplies and selected field service functions. It addresses these operations from the theater sustainment command (TSC) level, where the critical sustainment handover occurs from strategic agencies and commands, down to the tactical level, including applicable operations of the brigade support battalion (BSB).

Commanders and staffs of Army headquarters serving as joint task force or multinational headquarters should also refer to applicable joint or multinational doctrine concerning the range of military operations and joint or multinational forces. Trainers and educators throughout the Army will also use this manual.

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