Around the World in 50 Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth

Around the World in 50 Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth

by Albert Podell
Around the World in 50 Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth

Around the World in 50 Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth

by Albert Podell


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The New York Times Best Seller

“Amazing . . . the most original travel narrative ever written.” —CounterPunch

Around the World in 50 Years is the inspiring story of an ordinary guy who achieved two great goals that others had told him were impossible. First, he set a record for the longest automobile journey ever made around the world, during which he blasted his way out of minefields, survived a serious accident atop the Peak of Death, came within seconds of being lynched, and lost three of the five men who started with him: two to disease, one to the Vietcong.

After that, Albert Podell set another record by going to every country on earth. He survived riots, revolutions, civil wars, trigger-happy child soldiers, voodoo priests, jihadists, robbers, corrupt cops, and Cape buffalo. He traveled through every kind of earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, volcanic eruption, snowstorm, and sandstorm that nature threw at him. He ate everything from old camel meat and African field rats to dung beetles and the brain of a live monkey. And he overcame encounters with crocodiles, hippos, anacondas, giant leeches, flying crabs—and several beautiful women who insisted that he stop this nonsense and marry them.

Around the World in 50 Years is a remarkable and meaningful tale packed with some of the most memorable, frightening, and hilarious adventure stories you have ever read.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250094223
Publisher: St. Martin's Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/19/2016
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 649,583
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

ALBERT PODELL has had successful careers as a magazine editor, director of photography, advertising executive, freelance writer, adventurer, author, attorney, theatrical investor and producer, and philanthropist. He recently became the oldest person to visit every country in the world and one of the very few people to ever achieve this feat. He is a graduate of Cornell University, was a graduate fellow in international relations at the University of Chicago, and holds a J.D. from NYU.

Table of Contents

Foreword Harold Stephens 1

1 Between a Croc and a Hard Place 5

2 A Late Start 10

3 The Land of a Thousand Horrors 16

4 Weighed Down in Egypt's Land 42

5 Into the Teeth of the Tiger 60

6 Changing Goals 75

7 Making a Splash 80

8 "Just Call Me God" 98

9 So, When Is a Country Not a Country? HO

10 Doing God's Work 117

11 Travels in SPAM Land 128

12 Hanging Chad 140

13 "Do Not Kidnap Anyone Today!" 162

14 Your Man in Havana 169

15 You Are What You Eat 177

16 Snow Beneath the Southern Cross 184

17 A Poke in a Pig 193

18 No Countries for Old Men 199

19 Into the Indian Ocean 210

20 On the Whims of the Dragoons 221

21 Murphy Moves to Tomorrow Land 225

22 To the Land of the Great Leader 239

23 In the Steppes of Genghis Khan 250

24 On the Wings of the Dragon 260

25 A Tropical Depression 275

26 Second Thoughts 286

27 My Meddle in the Muddle East 293

28 Guerrillas and Gorillas 305

29 Plan X and the Gray-Blue Eyes 337

30 …And One More for the Road 342

Countries Visited: In Chronological Order 347

I Gratefully Thank 351

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