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Around the World in 80 Years

Around the World in 80 Years


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Your piece on white water rafting is better than the one I just bought. You will have no trouble selling it to another newspaper. Editor, Chicago Tribune

I just bought an article similar to the one you just sent. I like your pictures better and intend to use them with the other piece. Editor, St. Petersburg Times.

In all my years of publishing travel articles, this is the first one Ive ever seen on Sarah Island. Editor, International Travel News Magazine. It was published.

After submitting an article on China, the response was, We have a correspondent in China sending us all we need for that Country. Editor, Chicago Tribune. Two years later they published my article on The Tidal Wave in China.

He has looked a lethal Komodo Dragon in the eye from 3 feet, in the wild
Rode an elephant through the Golden Triangle opium fields
Walked among the dead in the Cambodian killing fields
White Water rafted the most dangerous rivers on three Continents
Walked the walls of the Hanoi Hilton
Strolled the land mined areas of Siem Reap
Ignited rockets into a Buddhist Monastery
Engaged in Black Market currency in Burma
Stared down deadly snakes in the Temple of the Pit Vipers
Chewed coco leaves in Bolivia
Climbed to Machu Pichu after an avalanche closed the road
Lost money at a casino in Paraguay but won at a casino in Macao
Been on the worlds deepest lake - Baikal in Siberia
Cruised the Amazon on a river boat
Lived among the San Blas Indians in Panama
Been to the top of the Rock of Gibralter
Swam at the lowest point on land, the Dead Sea
Took a picture of the Worlds tallest falls (Angel Falls), in the middle of the Amazon

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About the Author

Jay J. Stemmer has been to all 50 States and 140 countries. His travel articles have been enjoyed by millions of readers of The Boston Globe, The London Free Press, The Chicago Tribune, Dallas Times, Shoestring Traveler Magazine, Western Photographer Magazine, International Travel News Magazine and many more. He currently resides in Glendale, CA.

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