Ars Moriendi

Ars Moriendi

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Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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Release Date: 10/20/2017
Label: Burnt Toast Vinyl
UPC: 0798154874089
catalogNumber: 105


  1. From Dust
  2. Scala Naturae
  3. The Borrowers
  4. The Gown of Green
  5. The Younger Ones
  6. Garden
  7. The Middle One
  8. The Doubtful One
  9. The Art of Dying
  10. Broken Tether
  11. Capernaum
  12. Some Days I Don't Want to Sing (O'Death Where Is my Sting?)
  13. To Dust
  14. Down on the Floor
  15. Hope Remains
  16. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

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