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Art Fairy: Flower Sea

Art Fairy: Flower Sea

by Floras Athena


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A magic world in the Flower Goddess Fairyland. Snow and ice, flower sea and the pixie forest......Path of music and art, wonderland and great journey......

On the border of the Dark Land and Light World, there is a great war burning grandly......A handsome boy in silver fairy armor, with a light spear in hands, was fighting hundreds of the dark knights......On the far side of the battlefield, the Moon Goddess is fighting hundreds of ice dragons and fire dragons......The mighty forces of light are fighting fiercely against the mighty forces of darkness......Millions of evil demons and enormous dragons, against millions of brave knights and great fairies......

In the brilliant nebula sea, there is a huge Souls Tree blooming gorgeously in the Flower Goddess Fairyland, on this holy Souls Tree, every bud of soul will split in two light pixies and fly to different worlds, fall in different bodies, then growing and shining. They always have the same beginning, but finally get in the different paths......

Long long time ago, in the Phoenix Nebula, there was a blue white star burst into pure gorgeous light, in the world of snow and ice, there was a little boy devoutly praying to the nebula sea......

"Even if let me live in the brilliant Mermaid Sea all my life, and eat thousands of the dazzling moon jellyfishes every day until choke me to death, I still must be a great musician of the whole fairy world! And in the world of countless evil demons, fire dragons and ice griffins, I will fight them with the lyre of Apollo, the sword of Athena, and the spear of the Valkyries!"

Once Ori lived in a tragic world of ice dragons and fire dragons, he wanted to be a great musician when he was very little, but he was tortured by his fire demon father and ice griffin mother in the Dark Sunflower Sea Pixies Castle. At six years old, he got in the Diana College of the Moon Goddess Magic, but always bullied by his iceberg demon wolf classmates and evil siren teachers. When he nearly died in the flying snow pixies, he was just saved by the Art Fairy Florithena, she takes the child's hand then fly to a new gorgeous world of shining pixies, beautiful peris and flower fairies. Forget everything you ever knew, just don't be surprised at everything you will see, everything of everything......

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ISBN-13: 9781977210487
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 02/22/2019
Pages: 286
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