Art of Living: Timeless Wisdom Is in Healthy and Joyful Mind, Body, Spirit

Art of Living: Timeless Wisdom Is in Healthy and Joyful Mind, Body, Spirit

by Tadeusz Nowicki


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We all desire a good and balanced life full of freedom, wellness, and fulfillment. But how do we acquire understanding and the timeless wisdom needed to help us attain that goal?

Tadeusz Nowicki is a thoughtful truth-seeker who has made it his passion to study life and share his extraordinary findings with the world. In a fascinating study of life’s conditions and human nature, Nowicki shares his perspectives on ancient and modern wisdom, the purpose and secrets of life, the processes of the mind, unhealthy lifestyle habits, eco-sustainability issues, and the future of humanity in an effort to help inquisitive thinkers find order and meaning in their own lives. Included are introspective questions that prompt reflection, carefully researched facts, and valuable resources that will help anyone find contentment and inspiration while on their own unique journeys through life.

Art of Living shares wisdom that encourages others to embrace the essence of human nature and become open-minded travelers passionate about finding their own truths.

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ISBN-13: 9781504309714
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 08/29/2017
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.47(d)

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True wisdom comes to each of us when we realise how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

— Socrates

Timeless wisdom comes from life, nature, truth, and ancient and modern times. It is wisdom about the principles of evolving energy and matter in the single atom and the entire universe. Timeless wisdom comes from loving life, acquiring nature's truth every day, and understanding yourself and life. Universe information and life forces are the matrixes of nature wisdom. Timeless wisdom connects what seems unconnected.

Timeless wisdom accepts completely the gift of life, rectifies each day, and creates the balance, joy, purpose, and wellness of existence. Wisdom is unified with the continuity of conscious living, which interacts with the whole of nature and the universe. Wisdom comes from honouring and absolute truthfulness to life and yourself. Self-honouring will prompt the honouring of all living in harmony, honesty, and wisdom. You are already wise if you know what you don't know, and if you also know you will never know everything.

Our minds, hearts, guts, and biofields (auras) are the processors and recollection of our internal and external realities. We must be careful what kind of gut microbiota we have. We should act through our food, bodies, minds, and spirits before an imbalance happens. We are powerful generators of energies, influencing and creating reality around ourselves. The goal is to put wisdom and virtuous life into the attitudes of nations and civilisations. Wisdom explains itself and is the way to embrace life, the universe, and many civilisations. Wisdom is the only fortune that will never lose its greatness. The timeless secret of wisdom is living the essence of nature truth in nature's way. Wisdom's secret is timeless, and it's unified with the continuity of conscious humanity living and surviving in the way of nature.

The Power of Wisdom Comes from the Universality of Truth

The power of wisdom creates envy in others, but all of humanity has an equal right to retrieve information and learn. All goodness comes from good information stored and used by the mind, spirit, and body. To know that old things are stores of information is great, but knowing that ancient wisdom brings illumination is much more important; this is the base of everything in our lives. A worthy life is available only for a learned, inquiring, open mind.

Nature's way is simple and easy, but men prefer what is intricate and artificial.

— Lao Tzu

Wellness is the outcome of true, useful information; positive thoughts; ideas; and actions. In modern times, we must also find natural, unspoiled, nutritious food. Without it, we cannot function properly on any level. A good life needs regular exercise and enough rest and sleep. Let us create consciously, better, and with pleasure, knowing that we create a new thing in each moment. You can trust only Mother Nature, who never cheats and always supplies true information.

Truth is nature's conduct; it is the way of life. The ultimate truth is alive in nature. The conscious human lives the natural way, learning from life's endless manifestations, which lead to oneness and the unity of truth. The truth, with its consequences, guides itself and arrives at reality. Truth and wisdom speak for themselves. Search for wisdom as you would search for food and security. Everybody uses different ways to search for the truth, and all roads are good or necessary for different individuals.

If we respect the truth and wellness of life, the rest takes care of itself.

Life asks you to make a choice for reliability, to live and speak with truth. Elevated thinking creates equilibrium, love, and a beautiful life. Peace comes to those who appraise and follow the truth. Humanity is the effect of the many fusions of the truths, so consciously grow and stand for all. The universe and life are waiting for you to create your good life. Do not wait for things you ought to create through wisdom and right actions.

Ancient and modern wisdom collect life essence. Find the extract of ancient and modern wisdom to create your life wellness.

Ancient and Modern Wisdom for the Present

- First, learn how to learn.

- Learn to ponder.

- Learn by asking questions.

- Questions are sometimes more important than the answers.

- Learn by listening, reading, observing, and taking notes.

- Learn by sharing and exchanging.

- The more we give, the more we receive.

- Use relaxed, unhurried, modest, constructive ways to explore life.

- Meaning is temporary on the road of life.

- All ways are temporary and endless.

- If there is change, there is life.

- With peace, balance, joy, and wisdom, you can grow; maturing is acquired.

- Your best home is where the mind, body, and spirit are at peace and in balance.

- Respectful harmony with the nature creates a prospering whole.

- Closeness with nature rebalances our lives.

- Alignment with nature's cycles maximizes wellness.

- Greatness starts with self-control and acceptance.

- In difficult times, the inner self becomes wiser and stronger by whispering with the universe.

- We can find the light of wisdom in human faces. Predictably, virtue follows the light of wisdom. Wisdom, with wonder and love for the life, leads to wellness.

- Knowledge and wisdom are included in nature.

- The love of nature is a natural preparation for wisdom and fulfilment.

- Nature is the best teacher; we can obtain knowledge we understand.

- We can imitate nature and reflect the truth.

- Nature and truth are present all the time in everything. Each of us has a separate mind and different levels of understanding, so we have different needs. We are the form of life's complexities; we have different clarities, visions, and limitations.

- Knowledge cannot be locked up. It is cosmic and open to every thinker. Knowledge is limited only by one's curiosity, ways of searching, and intellectual ability.

- Wisdom includes sensitivity and compassion that is widely learned and accepted by all.

- Do anything to be close to serenity and balance.

- Collect thoughts of truth endlessly so that your mind will become full of wisdom.

- The ruler of life, science, art, and wisdom is the truth, screened by the flood of ordinary things and events. The truth made the way a proper one, freer and more joyful.

- A little insight opens whole wisdom. If you will not understand it, you cannot use it, and you will never remember it.

- The ocean of information overloads us. We need to make proper selections.

- The art of living is being in balance and being useful to one's family, one's social circle, and humanity.

How to Acquire Knowledge and Ageless Wisdom

1. Develop a reliable mind-spirit-body and love for life.

2. Provide optimal whole care for the body-mind-spirit.

3. Consciously and constantly connect yourself with life and nature.

4. Discover yourself.

5. Collect true information from the past and present.

6. Learn about life's mastery and ways.

7. Actuality, truth, nature, and life create wisdom.

8. Every inquiry is designed and restricted by your knowledge.

9. Logical thinking on the basis of reason becomes knowledge, or wisdom, for people with higher consciousnesses.

Additionally, we need:

- the desire to know and honestly work on it

- a positive, rational attitude towards everything

- to be unafraid to think

- proper thinking, seeing the world, and creating our lives

- all kinds of useful information and understanding of ourselves and our world

- to concentrate on the most important subjects; study yourself, others, and life

- accessibility to information

- to be fully submerged in the present

- mindfulness united with the intellectual insight and improved awareness and consciousness about nature and its beings

- progressions of knowing, storing, and processing information

- to develop and control practical circumstances, which secures balance, peace, gratitude, and contentment

- to go to the past only for valued memories, information, joy, and teachings

- to not dwell on regret, grief, disillusionment, defeat, and indecision

- to unlock unlimited potential in order to attain maximum performance during life

- to know we are not always right, but we have the chance to evolve

- to grow through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better; the great news is that possibilities are truly endless

- to know that we can design our destinies and live the lives of dreams

- the processes of creative endeavours with an extensive vision beyond the human body

- to avoid depending completely on any belief system, but to incorporate our own views

- to increase awareness of the real power of our minds and remodel ourselves and the world

One who will not respect life or think constructively and positively about life does not deserve it. Life itself composes the power of attraction in quantum levels to create life and spread it in the universe. The universe and conscious life are in the eternal process of becoming.

How many people can produce new ideas, innovations, and unique ways of creation? Not the majority. A small number of people achieve the highest flights of intellect.

Ancient and modern wisdom complete each other to obtain easier wellness and enlightenment, and to create sustainable existence. Wisdom comes through the balance of perception, acceptance, reflection, and serenity. Most ancestral wisdom is collected in the subconscious memory. All known sages, thinkers, and philosophers are merely transmitters of earlier knowledge. Nobody knows where and when the human mind was awakened and started to consciously collect information and produce original thoughts.

The natural life is the outcome of the universe's law and its energy. Wisdom is the discovered, understandable truth from the natural life.

We are here to learn, share, and combine our forces. It's our duty to discover and develop all that is best in us. Discover something new every day. Even a little bit will make you more content as you crave more knowledge. Realizing your dependence on knowledge, learning, and action will make you freer. These aspects start with curiosity. Seek the source of the mystery and wisdom. Stop and listen, think about life and the universe, concentrate, and understand the truth.

You cannot control yourself and have a pleasing existence until you understand yourself and correct all that's inexcusable.

Mastery of wisdom starts with knowing ourselves. Knowing all kinds of relationships with nature and humans is the way to reach fullness of life. Mastery knows the simple fact that sometimes we are in control, and we must accept when we are out of control. Mastery is about controlling our attitudes. Regarding what we can't control and do not understand, we should accept it with smile and humility. Mastery of wisdom offers an extensive understanding of the changeable reality, constantly inquiring into its unpredictability with a positive and respectful attitude. Knowing that there is no end towards mastery, but being on such a journey, is the ultimate, joyful destiny.

Mastery asks you to use willingness in order to gain control over the fears of the unknown and the unknowable.

Wisdom is the difference between man's insignificance and human greatness. Can you open the book of nature to learn the truth? Wisdom can saturate only the open heart, mind, and spirit in a lifetime of exploration.

All life is about myriad good, bad, neutral, and extraordinary experiences. Experience it, expect it thankfully, and live joyfully with all. Your life is about understanding more raising your consciousness. Dwell on the essence of life and truth, matured from ancient time; it will bring the best of life and the best of you.

Ask yourself honestly, "What is the most essential issue for everybody? What is the first, most important responsibility?" The answers to these questions are inseparable from each other. In order to have a good quality of daily existence, we need health, so we should take a proper care of our body-mind-spirit every day. The universe exists only through mind, which is the foundation of human individual existence and existence of outside world. For the searchers and for the man of wisdom, the best way is the mind practice. Mind is an effect of computing gathered information by mind-body universe. Mind power is enormous; it creates our daily existence and relations with the external world. However, it relies on healthy gut microbiota and good natural nutrition.

The Quintessence of Knowledge Creates the Immortalized Words of Wisdom

The best way to have more pleasure from the disease of curiosity is by asking more questions and studying more.

Ancient philosophy realized the vital ability to see the world and ourselves. We are rediscovering natural, universal wisdom and its application in the daily routine of our lives. It is an art to create a natural way towards wisdom, securing our harmonious existence with ourselves and nature. With ancient and modern wisdom, we all will be able to live and dance amongst the stars. Many answers will change in time because we change, and our knowledge will change too. Vast, collective wisdom started in ancient times does not change. Ancient, ageless wisdom and the modern era of the digital world saturate each other. Wisdom supremacy lies in constantly exploring the mysterious and the familiar. Living with wisdom finds that everything is connected, and living without wisdom isn't worth the effort. Living without the light of wisdom is living in darkness. You can learn from ancient and modern wisdom that our attitude is more important than reality. Ancient wisdom mixed with modern, true information can secure our future. This blend can work for the world goodwill towards proper human relationships and cooperation. The more consistent, harmonious, and correct with the natural law human life is, the better quality of life and joy that will emerge. Imagination, inspiration, and intuition are the language of wisdom through which man and the universe communicate. Collective subconsciousness is our inner wisdom; it is the universal awareness, which is unique for every man. Subconscious information stored within man is unlimited because it stands for not only him but also all his ancestors. Subconsciousness connects all humans and higher animals.

Love and Wisdom Create the Wellness of Life

Pursuit of wisdom means creating a wiser, healthier, and more joyful mind and body.

The most fulfilling travel is discovery within our inner selves In order to discover anything, we need curiosity, and then knowledge will develop, saturating and guiding us. In our confused world, we need true information, and then true knowledge can develop. We will be on the way towards life with real wisdom.

True wealth is the wisdom in healthy mind and body; it involves exchanging our energy, love, friendship, knowledge, compassion, cooperation, and favour. We can become a better civilization by using ancient and modern wisdom from all cultures, all traditions, all nations. With respect for nature, life, and ourselves, through wisdom we can secure all and create all.

Love and wisdom, with the right actions, build completeness in conscious being. Wisdom exists beyond the choice of information and knowledge; it is a living process.

There is a saying that those who do not learn from wisdom are condemned to be confused and repeat their mistakes. You are wise if you know what you don't know. Wisdom is so universal that it can easily predict. Real, usable wisdom is the highest empowerment. There is no measure for wisdom because there is no measure for ignorance. Conscious ignorance, negativity, lying, pretending, untruth, and disinformation are infamous human inventions, poisoning the mind, heart, body, and spirit. Unfortunately, the inferiority of humanity will never fix itself. Our power of the vision, knowing, and understanding can create balance and contentment. Enjoy it and love your life by loving your body-mind-spirit. Create your health and worldwide balance. Self-love and respect towards life will positively renew people and all life around the globe.

"Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life."

— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Wisdom recognizes the power of the human's extensive mind, which regulates our destiny. Our thoughts mark our lives' journeys. Therefore we will never be lost in our ways. Wise and constructive living is knowing and doing the right thing. Wisdom is vitalised from the vast fountain of collected mental powers. Part of true wisdom is knowledge from within. It is an inner knowing, a collected wisdom in our genes. There is also the spiritual collective wisdom of humanity. In conclusion, we are a complex of information, like the universe. There is a lifetime lesson to find and develop our inner treasure, our wisdom.

True information leads to the true science and real wisdom. Wise men don't dwell on any belief system — he carefully creates his own.


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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements, vii,
Introduction, ix,
Chapter 1: Timeless Wisdom, 1,
Chapter 2: Empower Your Mind, 61,
Chapter 3: Art of Living Foundations: Air, Water, Food, 97,
Chapter 4: Unity of Man, Life, Nature, and the Universe, 145,
Chapter 5: Eco-Sustainability, 151,
Chapter 6: Humanity's Future, 159,
Our Extreme Faults and Our Chances, 173,
My Story, 197,
For My Readers, 201,
Bibliography, 203,

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