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The Art Of Love


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Pocket Book edition of The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship by Massimilla and Bud Harris.

Millions of books on relationships have been printed in the last several years. Why do we need another one? We need The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship for the same reasons that over four and a half million readers wanted Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese in a market that already had over 12,000 titles in print on the subject of change. Following Johnson's methods of teaching to a broad, modern audience, The Art of Love presents the profound principles that form a loving relationship in an easily accessible manner. Using a deceptively simple approach, it will help people shift their attitudes and give them the skills to create a loving, long-lasting partnership.

There are so many titles in print on change because it is an ongoing challenge for most of us. So are relationships. With many years of experience working with couples, Bud and Massimilla Harris share vital information, lessons, and insights. Engaging, and easy to read, The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship is packed with wisdom, skills, and ideas that can open the door to a new era of fulfilling relationships.

This forthcoming Fisher King Press publication brings complex material and common sense into a format that is carefully constructed to achieve results by being communicative and consistent, enjoyable and hopeful. Unlike the textbook appearance of many self-help books that include psychological jargon, case examples and exercises, The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship uses stories and dialogue to teach profound insights and valuable skills to handle problems in a way that builds love and trust.

The Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship is for:

• Singles and couples who seek self-improvement, who want to enrich their relationships, and who desire practical advice for helping love and trust grow.

• Singles who are frustrated with their current relationships or have difficulty staying in long-term relationships, and who want to find and develop a more supportive and interactive partnership.

• Couples who need to learn how to understand each other better in order to have their uniqueness affirmed without threatening their relationship.

• Couples who are experiencing relational difficulties and who need to improve their communication with each other and learn how to handle conflicts in a way that brings them closer together.

• Divorced individuals who need support in understanding why their marriages failed and who need encouragement in seeking to get their needs met again.

• People who are interested in cultivating love and closeness in a way that supports individual growth.

• Therapists and counselors who seek an accessible resource for their clients, and for readers who wish to explore the most recent perspectives on relationship dynamics.

• Groups of people, whether religious or educational, who are concerned about the state of their relationships. People who are seeking to understand them and discover the promises of love and joy that being in life together can bring.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781926715025
Publisher: Fisher King Press
Publication date: 05/01/2010
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Massimilla and Bud Harris are diplomates of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and co-authors of Like Gold Through Fire. Bud Harris is also the author of several other publications including Resurrecting the Unicorn, The Father Quest, Sacred Selfishness, and The Fire and the Rose.

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Art of Love: The Craft of Relationship 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
Drs. Bud and Massimilla Harris take a different approach to those readers whose need for intervention in listless relationships encourages the assistance of searching for books that will allow them to 'do it on their own'. But instead of the usual illustrated, diagram-enriched lists of the approaches and avoidances of trying to repair relationships that no longer retain their original sheen and luster, the Harrises (both Jungian analysts and, happily, a couple whose history of relationship integrity has been tested in their own lives) open the doors of their knowledge by inviting five couples with different relationship issues, and in a glowingly simple manner introduce the points in a relationship that provide bumps and in turn share how to fix them. There are several asides of poignant items that are valuable and will give the reader the opportunity to see the value of this book: for example they list Attention Shows Value, Listening Shows Respect, Patience Shows Kindness, and Sharing Ourselves Shows Trust - and while these four statements may sound simplistic, in the course of the text and with interaction from the five couples in the therapeutic session, the importance of these basic values proves very wise. Another series of comparisons in uncovering the secrets of the craft of a relationship are equally helpful: the question is raised as to what energizes partners and that is the definition of differences in personality types that includes Extroversion/Introversion (extroverts prefer action, introverts prefer reflection; Sensing/Intuition (sensing types prefer hands-on experiences while intuitive types prefer hunches); Thinking/Feeling (thinking acts from the head while feeling types act from the heart); Judging/Perceiving (judging types like being organized while perceiving types like being open-ended). At each moment in this fine book each of the ideas raised is discussed among those present and this is one of the secrets of the success of this book - everyone can relate to at least one of the ten people present as they represent the flaws/danger signs/opportunities that every relationship encounters. As for the mythological guests referenced earlier, the Harrises relate - gradually - the myth of Eros and Psyche (the influence of their Jungian background is evident...) and from that story, woven through the book, the aspects of the art of love and the craft of relationships is sealed in a story to which all can relate. If you are in a stressful, unfulfilling relationship, or if you are looking to find the person with whom you can bond in a meaningful way, this very easily readable book is a welcome gift. Grady Harp