Art of Mackin'

Art of Mackin'

by Tariq "King Nasheed
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Art of Mackin' by Tariq "King Nasheed

The Art of Mackin' is the first book that teaches men how to become players and macks and how to use the pimp game to get what they want from women. Former hustler Tariq Nasheed teaches guys how to stay on top of their game when dealing with women, telling them what to say, word for word, and offering fresh advice on:

- The different rules for different sistas
- The dos and don'ts of manipulation
- Overcoming fears of getting dissed
- Peepin' out golddiggers
- How to spot a stank dead on

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ISBN-13: 9780948390593
Publisher: Lushena Books
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Pages: 229
Product dimensions: 5.07(w) x 7.01(h) x 0.50(d)

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Art of Mackin' 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think the book is just like any other you get out of it what you need most. To me it is a truly good read. I think Ytasha L. Womack is just taking an opportunity to vent about a brother who has lived and learned and wants to share his insight on how he has learned to handle different classes of women. I don't see anything wrong with what he has written nor degrading about it. Women are so quick to pull a trigger on a guy who has basically figured them out. Much love to you shorty and give the book to your man and let him read if you have one!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would like to applaud Mr. K-Flex for finally writing a book like this.After I saw his appearance on the Jenny Jones Show,I knew I had to get this book.The game in this book has literally made me a new person.I wished this book would has come out a few years earlier,and I wouldnt have made so many of the mistakes in relationships I made.I also peeped out the Art Of Mackin soundtrack,and even that was tight.I cant wait until K-Flex comes out with his next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Is the subtle art of macking a woman down really something that can be taught in a book? Is the hustle that complex? Tariq ¿K-Flex¿ Nasheed thinks so. Nasheed penned ¿The Art of Makin¿ just for all those brothas trying to brush up on their game. It¿s the answer to the ¿Sista¿s Rules¿ and all those other books aimed at helping women land a mate. ¿The Art of Mackin¿ is for the guys, more specifically the guys with weak game. But Nasheed¿s not trying to help guys find ¿the one.¿ He¿s bent on imparting the wisdom of a ¿playa¿ to the countless men who can¿t bed a woman without doling out unnecessary amounts of cash and romance. Naturally, Nasheed says these are skills to use ¿until you find the right woman.¿ Until then, play on. ¿Square players get played, pimps get paid, macks persuade,¿ writes Nasheed. Alright, dog, whatever. Obviously, this isn¿t a book you can take to seriously, whether you¿re a guy brushing up on linguistics, or a woman who¿s just curious. For every line that rings with truth (learn to read women/don¿t assume you know everything about women) there¿s a line that¿s so wrong you wreak (woman run in packs of four, the smart one, the ho¿ish one, the dingy one and the buzzard). Although some of Nasheed¿s lists are amusing, like the top five dysfunctional women to watch for or 20 ways to identify a chicken head, some of it is just plain disturbing. The book divides Black women into four categories: The High Class Girl, the Homegirl, the Hoodrat and the Hoochie. These categories are Nasheed¿s base for determining how to approach a woman. Dividing the incredibly diverse population of Black Woman into a meager category of four is bad enough, but what is even more compelling is how the definitions of these categories are limited to economic status and whether they grew up with a strong male figure in their life. The Hoodrat and the Hoochie, the lower end of the economic ladder, don¿t have strong male figures in their life, have bad relationship advice and end up in ¿vicinity relationships¿ with around the way guys - thus the guy¿s approach doesn¿t have to be as tight because she has low expectations. Whereas High Class girls have high expectations for mates but are often ¿easy¿ because they have to settle. Whether this ¿observation¿ has merit or not suffers from Nasheed¿s penchant for oversimplification. The same rings true in chapters like ¿Guaranteed Ways to Get Sex From Women.¿ ¿The problem with most brothers is that they often send off vibes that are obviously manipulative,¿ writes Nasheed. He then proceeds with counter lines for the typical female ¿I don¿t want to sleep with you¿ argument that minimizes the clear fact that the woman¿s not interested. Shouldn¿t the questioning stop there? Not if you¿re a true mack, or if you want to land in jail. According to Nasheed, there are signs that women give when they do want intimacy even if they say no. This is followed by a top five list of objections women use when they ¿really¿ don¿t want to have sex. It is me or does this sound like a foray into date rape? Overall, the book suffers from an arrogance from a guy who¿s yet to prove he¿s a true mack himself. It¿s also thwarted by chapters like ¿How to Be a Pimp.¿ a meaningless chapter designed to boast Nasheed¿s close knit relationships with pimps that has little to do with his quest to educate macks. But most importantly, the book really isn¿t all that helpful to its audience, guys who want to be macks. Advice is pretentious, often dangerous, and takes the whole art of macking thing a little too seriously. However, it does serve as a nice resource for women who want to defend themselves from the art of male persuasion. This may be intentional. A true mack - like Nasheed claims to be, would prefer a barrage of female questioning and arguments any day to the meager questions by a bunch of game less guys. A strong female readership would just make his day.Ytasha L.Womack
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gentlemen! If you look hot and dress fly but still have no ¿game¿ when it comes to snaring the fairer sex then something must be wrong with your ¿mackin¿ logic. However, you should hang on to your faith as hope is on the horizon. Tariq ¿K-Flex¿ Nasheed who reputedly once ruled the ¿mackin¿ roost in Los Angeles has written a book The Art Of Mackin which is an instructional manual for all those clueless brothers whose ¿screening¿ methods usually guarantees a diss rather than a miss. Coming from the street savvy Nasheed, the book is of course a little offbeat and oft times the slang-studded language would make the censorship board blush furiously. To Nasheed¿s credit though, the tone is down to earth, matter of fact, brother to brother and soul to soul, which gives it a sense of intimacy and conspiracy. A warning to the more conventional: If ¿flat talk¿ upsets you then you should not read this book. It definitely has a: ¿This is life and this is how you approach it¿ quality. And Nasheed makes no attempts to pander to anyone¿s genteel sensitivities. The book is hardly academic in nature and Nasheed does not pretend to be the overly intellectual type, but, he does know the facts - been there done that etc. He claims to have had forays into the ¿ghetto and the top notch circles¿ and from his descriptions, one is not inclined to doubt. True to form, his book will take you on a ride from the ghetto to the top notch circles. while his smooth tour guide lyrics hums in your ear you will find out exactly how the game is played at each level. Having said all this, Nasheed is surprisingly orthodox. He is an advocate of honesty. He stresses at various points throughout the book that it was important for men to be honest when dealing with women. The unbending rule is that the approach must be ¿logical rather than egoistical¿. What is the point of ¿flashing and flossing¿ if you cannot make a woman smile? A true ¿mack¿ is one who is sensitive to women¿s moods and personas, according to Nasheed¿s definition. However, on the flipside, he also preaches self-awareness: ¿The mack must first come to terms with himself, before attempting to deal with that of any woman¿s.¿ Once this is accomplished the mack must then set realistic goals for himself. Being a mack does not mean that you will get any woman you want. It follows logically that: ¿If you want to get with a female who only dates Eskimos, you are wasting your time, because if you can¿t build her an igloo, then she will not give you the time of day¿. An important gem of advice especially for men is that if you get rejected then you must simply pick up and move on. Beating up on a woman because she does not feel your ¿pull¿ is not at all macho. ¿There will always be ¿game¿, you just have to keep looking¿. Women can also learn a lot from this book, Nasheed casts all men and women into several categories and describes their traits. From reading it both men and women can assess their own type or at least identify their strong traits and from this determine who or what type they may be compatible with. From this too you can assess where you are at, and where you will like to be when it comes to relationships. It is also instructive in helping you attain your relationship goals. For example, if a woman who dresses ¿hoochie¿, (meaning overly long acrylic nails, poorly done weaves and outrageous outfits), keeps wondering why she can¿t find a nice man, the question she must ask herself is: ¿Why would a nice man want a hoochie?¿ Nasheed reasons. Once she realizes that she should look and behave otherwise to catch a nice man, then the book is riddled with lots of details about the qualities in women, to which nice men are usually attracted. Nasheed is particularly open when it comes to men and they are constantly under a microscopic probe. One of the stresses is on hygiene. No straight thinking woman wants to be with a man who smells even though he might be wearing the l
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was caught by the title primarily because it was the first book I have seen that was written about Mackin and not Pimpin. Most people who purchase Pimp books really only have the desire to a Mack or a Boss Player anyway, such as myself. Overall, it is a very good book for those whose game is leakin, such as when I purchased this book. Highlights of the book are the 20 rules of Mackin, instructing instead of asking (great help to me), the top of the line golddigger, which I personally nicknamed the 'Mastadigga', and the 'How to play the clubs' chapter, in which I feel that chapter alone is worth the price of the book. I would like to request that the person reading this letter make a personal request to K-Fkex on behalf of me and all the other 'mediocre players' to write a book based soley on the how to play the clubs/parties/concerts/ special events scene. Laymen such as myself who are doing full-time work/part time college and vice-versa do not have time to be 'chickenhawkin' all day every day like in our high school days. I know that it would be an underground bestseller since I and many others that I know personally would happily buy it... from the merchants on 125th Street, etc. One love to you K-Flex...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I helped K-Flex with the first book. And I really know him on a personal level. Flex keep the good work up, I am so proud of you. I also Love You.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Truly, a helpful and informative book on how to deal and relate to women... 'K-Flex' is true to the game and in a very serious yet funny book he answers a lot of questions...for those who are naive or those who never had a mentor regarding relating to women this should be your handbook...yes, the man is a 'mack counselor'...hey, a lot of women mack all the time and they are good at it...get your life in order...don't be is on the way...Read, THE ART OF MACKIN...
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is yet another bit of literature that America will take and draw sweeping generalizations about African-American Men and African American Women, when being a 'Player' and a true 'Mack', and being 'Played' and 'Macked' on is probably one of the worst things that could happen to any of us.