Art of Plagiarism

Art of Plagiarism

by Mykyta Isagulov


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Outstandingly informative mixture of theoretical parts and hundreds of examples, this book can help you plunge in the bottomless world of plagiarism, see the well-known cases of adaptation of plots, as well as change your opinion about the world of arts in general.
In case theory has never been your strong side, you can easily find thousands of examples, known and forgotten, from all the historic epochs. They will not leave you indifferent, as they provide the answers to great many questions, among them:
Who of the ancient Greek poets inspired the anthem of the United States?
Who is the most recognisable literary character in the world?
Whose life and works inspired the world's best detective?
What inspired the world's best-selling books, long-running musicals and box-office record films?
Whose work unites Starbucks coffee and the singer Moby?
How many well-known David Copperfields are there in the world?
Which German poet stands among the top-three best-selling poets in the US?
Design of what popular product was made by Salvador Dali and remains unchained?
Who is the photographer who forced 178 celebrities to jump for his portfolio?
Which fictional character is ranked as the most valuable?
Which fictional game turned into a true World Championship held annually?
Whose works got illustrations made by a real Queen?
Which superhero film was the first ever to get acting Oscar?
Which musical became the world's most financially successful?
How ancient Roman poet Horace influenced the development of the world largest tyre production company?
Which character unites Disney's The Lion King and Shakespeare's Hamlet?
Which Italian architect was called the Father of American Architecture by U.S. Congress?
Whose name was given to a paint pigment, a beard and a costume?
How rainy summer of 1818 in Switzerland resulted in the appearance of new and popular characters created by four writers?
Which Russian book is often ranked Number One in many lists of Top World's Books?
Which band got the most number of cover version of their songs?

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