The Art of Redemption

The Art of Redemption

by Stuart Wilde

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For decades, modern seekers have experimented and studied with many diverse teachers and religions, but Stuart Wilde says in that toward the end of a long spiritual journey we all seek the same thing: redemption. None of us is perfect, and yet through embracing that imperfection and reconciling it, we become a complete being—encompassing both the light and the dark. As Stuart says: "Many mystics, holy people, and even the Hopi Indians have predicted a new age of enlightenment, and they are not wrong in my view. It has arrived, and with it has come a whole host of fascinating phenomena never seen before. We are stepping into a magical new era . . . the age of forgiveness." It is when the ivory tower of the ego’s ideas falls that we can then embrace a new humility, allowing us to become ever more genuine, compassionate, and real. In this fascinating book, Stuart makes the point that the process of redemption and forgiveness comes from incorporating the Three Graces in one’s heart: tenderness, generosity, and respect.

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ISBN-13: 9781401920517
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 08/01/2007
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
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About the Author

Stuart Wilde (1946-2013) was one of the real characters of the self-help, human-potential movement. Stuart thought of himself as an urban mystic, and many believe he was a modern-day visionary. He wrote 20 books, including The Art of Redemption, The Little Money Bible, Silent Power, and Whispering Winds of Change. Stuart’s writings are humorous, poignant, and transformational. Website:

Table of Contents

Redemption and the Holy Grail     1
The Grail Mystery
Findley (1850), the American Camelot
The Strange Phenomenon of Dematerialization
Recovering the Extraordinary Power of the Authentic You
The Invisible You
The Fringe Dwellers
Perceval's Journey to the Grail
The Journey Beyond Enlightenment     21
A Journey to the Void
The Story of Om and Ka
The Ivory Tower
The Embracing of a New Liberty
The Reversal of Misfortune
Enlightenment Transmutes the Dark
The Three Liberations
The Mystery of the Morph, Grace, and Your Mirror-Self     61
Seeing the Morph
The Disappearing Hand
The "C" Vortex
The Eye Twitch
The Download Buzz
The Flutter
The Master Plan
Ascension Goes Sideways
The Sideways Motion of Light
The Memories of Trees
The Perpetual Long-Term Memory of You
The Mystical Kogi People
The Mirror-World
Resonance and the Sound of Your Soul     99
Your Etheric Web as Packets of Light
Etheric Imprints on the Skin
The Karma Loop
Etheric Moves for Processing and Transcending Fear
Discipline Your Mind
Nifty Etheric Moves
On Being of Service
On Silent Talking
Forgiving the Dark
Escaping the Matrix of Control     129
The Inner and Outer Matrix
Invisible Spheres of Influence
Two Bands of Evil
The Outer Matrix
The Beings of the Inner Matrix
A Strange and Powerful Idea
The Temptation of Christ
Shadow Impulses
Defending Yourself Well in the Matrix
The Linden Points
More Etheric Protection
The Presence of CelestialBeings
The Invisible Man
Your Role as the Magical Healer     181
Becoming Part of the Divine Order
The Lady of the Lake
The Power of Embracing the Feminine
The Final Crunch
The Initiate and the Master Builder
The Mark on the Forehead
About the Author     209

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