Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, Crohn's, Ibd and Ibs: How to Eliminate Pain and Extend Your Life

Arthritis, Inflammation, Gout, Crohn's, Ibd and Ibs: How to Eliminate Pain and Extend Your Life


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According to researchers, the body's failure to produce specific enzymes is the cause of many illnesses and diseases. It is never too early nor too late to improve your health and extend your life. The human body is amazingly resilient. It can repair itself by getting rid of damaged cells and replacing them with healthier ones. Even a slight change in lifestyle can have major impact on weight and health. The inclusion of a regime of the natural enzymes recommended in our book could remarkably accelerate the rate your body heals and repairs itself.

Understanding how your body works and Taking Control of Your Life© are the first steps toward wellness. More than 50,000 enzymes are responsible for every function in the human body. Each enzyme is created for a special purpose and comes with a specific characteristic and unique function starting with opening your eyes in the morning to putting your head to rest on your pillow at night.

Children are born with a full bank of enzymes and continue to produce enzymes throughout their childhood and adolescent years before the aging process takes hold. As people age, the production of enzymes either slows or stops entirely causing illness and disease. Other have a genetic defect that inhibits the production of enzymes causing diseases such as Crohn’s, MS and ALS.

Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the U.S. By 2011, an estimated 60 million adults will have episodes of arthritis. By 2020, the number will reach 79 million. More than 3 million people admit to suffering from gout in the U.S. alone. More than 5 million people suffer from Crohn's disease, IBD, IBS and other digestive diseases. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in the U.S. (behind lung cancer) with nearly 150,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

The body's environmental or genetic failure to produce important enzymes is the root cause of arthritis, gout, Crohn's Disease, IBD and IBS. Prescription drugs do not cure the diseases. Their side effects (heart attacks) are frequently worse than their benefits.

As the incidents of arthritis, inflammation, gout, Crohn's disease, IBD, IBS and cancer increase throughout our nation, it becomes clear that a significant number of Americans are suffering from symptoms without knowing it. Often these symptoms start as early as forty years old and, for some, even earlier. Can you recognize these symptoms? If you do, do you know what to do about preventing and/or treating full blown attacks of gout and arthritis? We offer information, solutions and hope for preventing and controlling the effects of these and other illnesses.

The authors cite more than 1,800 medical treatises, journals, surveys, tests and periodicals covering more than 120 years of scientific research in the References section of this book in support of their facts, theories and opinions. The reader can look up every theory and opinion and read the source material for themselves.

“If the information contained in this book were available to me earlier in life, I would have avoided colon cancer, the removal of a significant portion of my colon and avoided the onset of arthritis, gout, Crohn’s Disease, IBD and IBS.” Mannie Barling, author.

"Mr. Barling's amazing recovery can only be attributed to his research into the history of natural digestive enzymes and his formula limiting the pain and physical limitations of his arthritis, gout and IBD." — Cranford L. Scott, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine

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